The entire Myst series will be re-released for Windows 10

Myst holds a special place in the hearts of many. Released in 1993, it was unlike any video game most had seen at the time — and yet, its Dna lingers in countless games released today. It was also video games that induced thousands and thousands of kids pray their parents for a Cd drive.

With the game’s 25 th anniversary only months away, Myst has procured itself in a place no one could have predicted in’ 93: Kickstarter.

The game’s original developers, Cyan, have managed to get the rights to all seven games in the Myst universe, and have turned to Kickstarter to re-release it as one big box situated. After launching this morning with a target of creating $247,500 dollars, it’s already smashed through its objective and is currently sitting a bit shy of $500,000.

The games included in the decide 😛 TAGEND

Myst: Masterpiece edition

Riven: The sequel to Myst

Myst 3: Exile

Myst 4: Revelation

Myst 5: End of Ages

Uru: Complete Chronicles

realMyst: Masterpiece( the 3D Myst re-make released in 2000)


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