These DIY necklaces for teachers are hilarious. But they also reveal sad truths.

If you’re scrambling for last-minute gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week, don’t fret!

Gerry Brooks has you covered.

The YouTuber — a self-proclaimed “fun maker” and school principal — published a video on May 8 proposing three easy, affordable DIY necklaces for the special educators in your life .

They’re pretty fantastic.( Story continues below .)

1. A “hugs and kisses” necklace.

Hugs and kisses, as in, the chocolate candies.

But let’s not overlook the delicious symbolism at play here.

Most educators don’t feel as though society values their work. And that’s awfully unfortunate because they’re molding the brains that will create the future . It seems like pretty important run, yes?

Teachers deserve all the hugs and kisses they can handle.

2. A “workday” necklace.

It goes equipped with scissors, a glue stick, markers — whatever you think your teacher would appreciate most.

It’s a cute gift — but, sadly, one that might be more useful than it should be.

The vast majority of Americans believe the teachers in their community are underpaid, according to a CBS News poll released in April 2018. Yet those same educators with those same salaries are expected to reach( deep) down into their own pockets to provide school renders for their classrooms so they can do their jobs.

According to NPR, many educators spend up to $1,000 of their own income each year on items like notebooks, pencils, and art supplyings for their students.

That’s a whole lot of workday necklaces.

3. A “get me to the summer” necklace.

It’s a necklace with a mini-bottle of wine attached to it.

That’s it. That’s all.

Most teachers say they are overly emphasized — and understandably so. They simply might appreciate a drink to take the edge off( to be devoured off school property and after work, to be clear ).

And, just to say it: While summers may serve as a brief respite from the chaos of the official school year, they are hardly a three-month vacation. Most teachers still run throughout much of the summer, prepping next year’s syllabu, coordinating or moving classrooms, attending professional development sessions or conferences, and more. And because they’re underpaid, many teachers take summer tasks simply to make ends meet.

It sounds like they need a real vacation — which may or may not include a few bottles of wine.

While teachers across the country go on strike or conduct walkouts to demand better for themselves and their students, keep in intellect just how underpaid and overworked they genuinely are .

They deserve style more than one week of appreciation a year. But let’s start with these necklaces and go from there.

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