The first concert of Taylor Swift’s new tour was an epic night for these kids.

Are you a Taylor Swift devotee?

If so, you already know that the artist whose most earnest pop ballads you belt out at karaoke is about to embark on a huge tour in Springtime 2018. And if not — “youre supposed to” still know.

Thanks to a load of publicity about the tour’s commencement, all of us probably know at the least something about Swift’s upcoming worldwide extravaganza — such as that she’s use something called a “rocket sled” to torpedo herself from one side of backstage to another. Sounds scaring. But hey, she’s the professional.

Swift’s first demonstrate of the tour was done for a select group of VIPs — a very special group of superfans.

On May 5, Swift played a private show in Arizona. The attendees, all of whom had been sworn to privacy, were 2,000 local foster children and their families. And if you’re thinking, “oh my god, ” let me assure you that’s what was running through the invitees’ minds as they opened the email from Arizona Association for Foster and Adoptive Parents( AZAFAP ).

“We first supposed this was a spam[ email] or something, ” Janine Waldera tells me. She took her grandchildren, whom she’s adopted, to the display. When she accepted the invite, she says, she also agreed to abide by strict rules of confidentiality. No telephones , no cameras, and no telling anyone about the specifics of the present.( So if you came to this post looking for a setlist, friend, bide for the feelings instead .)

Photo by Janine Waldera, with permission.

The show itself? Like nothing anyone expected . AZ Central reports that concert-goers were greeted with tables of snacks and drinkings at the University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Then Swift came out, said hello, and asked if anyone would mind if she did her entire two-hour display. Unsurprisingly, everyone held their peace.

“It was overwhelming to see so many people that arrived, ” Waldera told AZ Central. “[ Swift] told all of us that we had more energy than if the stadium was filled and a sold-out concert. Kids were so excited, calling, dancing, and they let everybody walk around.”

But no one had considered anything yet: Swift, who’s been a illuminating rod in popular culture( “do we love her or do we detest her? ” seems to be the concept behind her latest album) had a few more astounds. After giving the kids and their families even more sugar — she served pizza and brownies and, oh my god, this depict sounds amazing because do you know how much that stuff costs at the stadium? — she took the time to meet with everyone. In the parking lot, AZ Central reports, Swift’s parents handed out souvenirs.

The concert was may more than only amusement.

Sure, the kids had a great time with Swift, but they also got to meet other kids who have had similar experiences. And the invitation, AZAFAP president Kris Jacober told reporters, was “like a miracle.” One that’s especially poignant in May — National Foster Care Month.

“The association’s been around for 13 years, ” she told, “and nobody has ever constructed us an offer like this. I know this doesn’t happen every day. We simply are deeply appreciative of her kindness toward our families.”

Swift was sending an important message with her reveal: Foster families deserve to be seen and recognise.

Waldera tells me that one of the best parts of the evening was families building connections with each other. “It was a great style of networking with other households, ” she tells. As for the children? “It’s a memory my children will always cherish.”

“There was no way we could have afforded to take our children to this amazing concert, ” she enthuses. “Taylor was so generous with her day, and she made all the kids there feel like they were boulder starrings! “

Photo courtesy of Janine Waldera.

Call it what you want( isn’t that a Taylor Swift sung ?), but the night was genuinely magical. And even if you aren’t a fan of her music, we can all be fans of the fact that Taylor Swift is an artist who gives back to the community.

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