This touching music video showcases moms of all identities for Mother’s Day.

When a Houston-based band, The Suffers, wanted to show their mamas some love for Mother’s Day, they decided to sing to them.

In an adorable, tear-jerking music video, The Suffers brought “Mammas” to life by celebrating their own mothers — and featuring fag parenting too.

All images from “Mammas” by The Suffers, used in conjunction with permission.

The heartwarming video highlightings mommies and their love for their children. It focuses on the eight band members’ own experiences with their mamas, but kicks off with a queer couple who are now featured throughout the video . All the band members fell in love with this approach.

“The family unit as we know it is evolving, ” says lead singer Kam Franklin. ” There is no one way to be a mom. So we have this representation because it exists and lesbians can be moms only in the same way straight moms and single parents can.”

As LGBTQ parenting continues to become normalized, The Suffers’ bold festivity of fag parenting is more important than ever. Roughly 6 million American children have LGBTQ mothers, a number that will likely rise in coming years .

“I hope that we’re evolving as a society to where people are either just going to get over it or realize that they’re going to be that person, and the world is going to keep turning.”

Set to some unbelievably powerful vocals and instrumentals, the music video features adorable clips of each band member telling their mommy just how awesome they are.

The idea for the music video came to lead singer Franklin after a few holiday beverages with family.

“I merely became actually aware of how much I appreciated[ my mother] and everything that we’ve gone through as a family, ” Franklin tells. “It took me some time and some growing to learn that she’s not this perfect person, but at the same period she is because she’s my mother. She’s my hero.”

“Do you know?
Oh, do you know?
Do you know how loved you are? ”

According to Franklin, the band attempts to recognize that moms are not these perfect, untouchable humen, and coming to terms with this reality induces the love between a mother and child all the more powerful. To further that message of authentic human experiences, each mom reads a letter from their child on camera. Some of the letters ask for forgiveness and wisdom; others offer forgiveness for past mistakes and arguments.

The music video devoted the band members a rare opportunity to recognize their mommies as the humans they are — both flawed and wonderful at the same time.

“There’s this saying that ‘parents merely don’t understand, ‘” Franklin tells, “I feel like that’s a lie. I feel like it’s us, the children, that don’t understand because we haven’t lived this life. We haven’t been through this yet. I know everybody’s mothers aren’t great, but for the most part, what you should ensure[ in your mom] is someone that only wanted the best for you and only wanted to protect you in this crazy world .

Franklin’s point rings true for many. While every human being has unique experiences with their mother, the impact of motherhood is simply invaluable.

Many moms work full-time, are often still responsible for many domestic responsibilities ,~ ATAGEND and have an array of other different tasks and responsibilities to maintain. Yet, through it all, they find a way to offer a maternal love that comes in all ethnicities, sexualities, and identities.

While not everyone might have a great relationship with their mama, it’s important to recognise mommies who have given their lives to being badass, awesome, empowering mothers. Their sacrifices and love are invaluable.

Do you know how loved you are ?

Call your mama, and I bet you’ll find out .

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