Anyone who’s been afraid to take antidepressants needs to hear this actor’s story.

There are a lot of misconceptions about taking medication to manage depression .

Some assume antidepressants are simply “happy pills” while others believe all antidepressants construct you devoid of feeling. For the individuals who find antidepressants helpful, drug can be a good weapon against depression. No one should be ashamed of using a tool that works for them.

But not everyone understands this — and it can be hard to explain why medication is an important part of your mental health treatment.

In an interview with The Star , “Big Bang Theory” and “Star Trek” actor Wil Wheaton offered a metaphor that might help.

“I realise I had been living my whole life inside a really loud, dark room, ” Wheaton told. “Seeing a doctor and taking medication let me to consider the exits from that room, and being treated allowed me to walk through that door and get out of that loud room.”

Wheaton told The Star he was officially diagnosed with depression and an nervousnes ailment years ago. Since his diagnosis, the actor has been more open about his mental illness.

In a video for Project UROK, Wheaton offered a similar metaphor and described what it felt like when his drug started working for the first time.

“After I started therapy, my spouse and I were just having a walk in the neighborhood, and I realized that it was a really beautiful day. And it was warm. And there was this wonderful little bit of a breeze. And birds voiced really beautiful. And blooms smelled really great. And my wife’s hand felt really good in my hand, ” he told. “And we’re walking and I only started to cry, and she was like, ‘What’s wrong? ‘ And I told, ‘I merely realized that I don’t feel bad. I just realized I’m not existing, I’m living.’

Whether or not drug is the right option for you, we hope everyone who battles with depression gets a moment like this. Don’t let anyone, especially yourself, say you don’t deserve it.

This tale originally appeared on The Mighty and is reprinted here with permission .

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