Centenarians’ secrets for a long life: cigars, gin and tonic, coffee … don’t die

Want to know the secret to a long and healthy life? Weve rounded up lifestyle advice from some of the worlds longest-lived people.

Happy birthday to Richard Overton, who is celebrating his 112 th birthday on Friday. Overton is the oldest human in America, as well as the oldest US veteran. The Texan is still very much in fighting shape, telling reporters from Dallas News that he has ” no aches , no aches “.

So, what’s his secret to living a long and healthy life? Well, Overton told reporters sagely: ” Don’t die .”~ ATAGEND Also, it would seem, early starts, cigars and a medicinal tipple. Overton tends to get up with the lark and sometimes smokings more than 12 cigars a day. He’s also fond of a little whiskey, telling Cigar Aficionado that putting a little bourbon in your morning coffee is” like medication “. Caffeine fans will also be glad to know that Overton is fond of a cup of coffee or four.

Overton isn’t the only centenarian to have shared their, occasionally instead dubious, advice for a long life. Here’s some health and diet advice from some of the world’s longest-lived people.

Emma Morano on her 117 th birthday. Morano attributed her longevity to genetics and raw eggs but had no comment on bacon. Photo: Alessandro Garofalo/ Reuters

Stay away from men

In 2015, Jessie Gallan, then Scotland’s oldest girl, told reporters that her” secret to a long life has been biding away from humen. They’re just more difficulty than they’re worth “. Gallan, who passed away later that year at the grand old age of 109, also advised regularly feeing porridge.

As it turns out, recommendations that you stay away from humen if you would like a long and healthy life are rife. In 2011 Gladys Gough, from England, put her longevity down to never getting married or having a boyfriend.” That probably had something to do with it. I just couldn’t be bothered with humen .”

Then there’s Leandra Becerra Lumbreras, who died in 2015 at the impressive age of 127. According to her family, the Mexican woman credited her long life, in part, to never getting married.

Lots of chocolate and naps

Earlier this year Eunice Modlin, from Indiana, celebrated her 102 nd birthday. A milestone marked by a lifetime of chocolate and snoozing apparently. ” She has two pieces of dark chocolate a day and takes a nap ,” her granddaughter explained. Modlin also never smoked or drink, and always got a lot of exert. But I’m going to swear it’s the nap and chocolate that kept her running.

Gin really is a health tonic

When Mabel Jackson turned 100, she told the Suffolk Gazette that the secret to her long life had been gin and tonics. The British girl told:” I have two at lunchtime, one at tea time with a biscuit and then three more during the course of its evening while I do my knitting. I swear the gin maintains me young !” Jackson’s daughter added:” Mum has always been a bit of a character. She loves a tipple, and to be honest it seems to have preserved her, like a good pickle .”

A glass of Guinness a day keeps the doctor away

Doris Olive Netting celebrated her 100 thbirthday last Friday with a glass of Guinness. The centenarian from Britain says she’s had a glass of Guinness a day for virtually 70 years.” She refuses to go a day without drinking it ,” her granddaughter told the Sun.

Bacon maintains you going

When Ruth Benjamin of Marshall, Illinois, turned 109 she set her advanced age down to a stable matrimony , not drinking, and a love of bacon. Good news if you’re more of an egg than a bacon person: Emma Morano, who died aged 117 last year, attributed her longevity to good genes and three eggs a day. Two of which were raw.

Basically, don’t die

For the record I’d advise against immediately incorporating six G& Ts and lots of chocolate into your daily diet. All of the advice above should probably be taken with a pinch of salt( not too much- sodium is bad for your heart ). Ultimately, the only iron-clad advice is Overton’s. Try not to succumb!

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