36 sizes and 7 shades of nude: People are going gaga over Rihanna’s lingerie line.

Rihanna’s new lingerie line, Savage X Fenty, is here. And women of all sizes, shapes, and shades are running gaga over it.

Whether you’re spectacularly slim or fabulously full-figured, Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty line has you covered.( OK, maybe not wholly encompassed — that’s kind of the point .) The lingerie comes in 36 different sizes, 32 -A4 4DD in beaker size and XS-3X in panties.

It also comes in seven different tints of nude. Remember when “nude” was all one color?( That may still be the case, actually, but who wears nylons anymore ?) With tints like “honey, ” “tobacco, ” and “caviar, ” every woman can find a bra that won’t stand out.

Twitter is having a field day, both over the lingerie itself and the long lines to get it.

People are loving the diversity of the models on the Savage X Fenty site. How often do we ensure thighs that touch in underwear ads? How often do we insure a wide variety of skin hues all in one spot?

Rihanna is definitely onto something with this: So many people want her undies they’re willing to wait in long lines to get it. Many would-be purchasers lamented online wait times of an hour or more following the launch of the line.

Inclusion and representation matter because all women deserve to feel beautiful in their own bodies.

So often, women who don’t fit the model mold feel disappointed when they put on a nightgown or a negligee and find the fit and style all wrong for their body. Insuring what a bra or panties actually look like on someone your sizing is important. And so is including diverse body sizes and shapes as models in advertising; real women buy things, so real girls should be shown using them.

More and more companies are making such move toward inclusion, and people are loving it. Unabashedly including models who don’t fit the “standard” model brand expands everyone’s perception of what’s considered beautiful. And it acknowledges that everyone deserves to see people who look like them as sexy.

I’m here for this new era of representation. Thanks for pushing it forward, Rihanna.

Make sure to visit: CapGeneration.com


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