7 ways to finally end robocalls

Robocalls are the worst. That phony voice. The unstoppable message. At least you can get sassy with a telemarketer. Some robocalls are so persuading that you think you’re talking with an actual person, and they’re even programmed is in response to your voice.

Thanks in big part to advancing technology, robocalls are easier than ever to construct. Here’s the shocker. It’s about to get worse. Click here to learn what’s coming next, spam voicemails.

According to an FTC report, here are the top six spam call types reported by customers in 2017 😛 TAGEND

* Reducing your indebtednes( charge card, mortgage, student loans)

* Dropped call or no message

* Vacation& timeshares

* Warranties& protection plans

* Calls pretending to be government, business, or family and friends

* Medical& prescriptions

So how do you shield yourself from these robocall and telemarketing scams?

I will warn you; this article is very comprehensive( read: long ). It’s also one that you should most definitely share with your family and friends. You’re not alone cursing the endless creek of robocalls.

More on this…

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