Actors will respect women on Lena Waithe’s set during sex scenes or else.

Producer, novelist, and all-around wonderful human Lena Waithe recently participated in a roundtable with The Hollywood Reporter.

Chatting with other producers, Waithe — the mastermind behind Showtime’s “The Chi” — investigated a variety of Hollywood hot topics, like how to write sensitive storylines, “pitching while black, ” and which inventors should be able to tell which stories.

Photo by Tibrina Hobson/ Getty Images.

At one point, discussions swirled around the sensitivities and standards of filming sex scenes.

As Waithe explained, the #MeToo movement has pushed her to think more critically about how those scenes are filmed and what she can do to ensure everyone feelings respected on set.

“I’ve been very involved in Time’s Up and that motion, and for season two[ of “The Chi” ], we’re making sure that females feel safe on the decide, and we’re hyper-aware of what that entails because there are sexuality scenes there, ” she told.

And if any actor intersects a line, Waithe explained, their time on the indicate will come to a grisly objective :

“We wishes to make sure we’re talking to these actresses and also talking to our male performers and attaining sure they’re aware. Because I don’t play. I’m like, ‘Look,[ the display takes place in] the city of Chicago; people succumb every day. So if you wanna play that game and be disrespectful or misbehave on-set with an actress or anyone, I will blithely call Showtime and tell, ‘This person has to go, ‘ and you will get shot up and it’ll be a wonderful finale.'”

Waithe has been flaming trails in Hollywood for women, the LGBTQ community, and people of color.

In 2017, Waithe became the first black girl to win an Emmy for slapstick write for her is currently working on “Master of None.” Her latest endeavor, “The Chi” — a show about black people make use of black people — investigates the racial and social dynamics at play on the south side of her hometown, Chicago.

On May 7 of this year, Waithe — who is openly gay — attained waves for rocking the updated LGBTQ pride rainbow on a cape at the Met Gala. “Can’t no one tell a black story, particularly a queer story, the way I can, ” Waithe recently explained to Vanity Fair. “Because I see the God in us.”

Photo by Jason Kempin/ Getty Images.

Now, Waithe is doing what every power player should be doing: ensuring everyone working on her projects feels safe, respected, and empowered .

“I guess the biggest thing is just to create a roadblock around not only women, but anyone who’s othered in any way, shape, or form — to make sure they have a place to go or someone to call if they’re in an uncomfortable place or abusive situation, ” Waith told Vox in January 2018. “They require a line of defense, and I suppose Time’s Up actually has the potential to be that.”

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