Who won ‘Dancing with the Stars: Athletes’?

After four exciting and nail-biting weeks, “Dancing With The Superstars: Athletes” crowned its newest ballroom champion.

[ Spoiler Alert: The remainder of such articles will discuss the winner of “Dancing With The Stars.” ]

Remaining contestants Tonya Harding, Josh Norman and Adam Rippon were left to battle it out with just two more dances in the big finale. After receiving a perfect rating followed by a less-than-stellar review freestyle follow up, Olympian Adam Rippon and his partner, Jenna Johnson took home the win.

Their first dancing, was an incredibly theatrical jazz number done to “Anything You Can Do” from “Annie Get Your Gun.” Not merely did the two dance flawlessly together, but they never failed to continue lip syncing the duet as they performed. They earned a perfect score, but were followed rapidly by Tonya Harding and her partner, Sasha Farber, who scored similar marks.

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Next, the soon-to-be winning duo returned with some more glitz and glamor and … wigs. His new dark-haired bowl cut didn’t distract the magistrates from noticing that he seemed hesitating for the first time in the competition, giving them merely a combined score of 28/30.

Tonya Harding ( ABC)

Fortunately, that was all they needed to captivate the voting public as by the time the votes closed, the American public decided that they wanted to crown the duo over their competition.

Despite Harding’s incredible comeback tale and Norman’s perseverance as the only remaining non-figure skating athlete left, they and their partners went home without the win.

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