Brett Favre reveals Vicodin addiction, multiple rehab stints during Hall of Fame career

Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre disclosed Monday that he once took 14 Vicodin at one time and ended up in rehab three times during his NFL career.

In 1995 with the Green Bay Packers, Favre said he was taking big dosages of Vicodin daily to keep him wired. Favre, who won the NFL MVP that year, told Sports Illustrated that his first believed in the morning was to “get more pills.”

“I took 14 Vicodin, yes, one time. I was get an hour or two of sleep many nights. Maybe 30 minutes of quality sleep. I was the MVP on a pain-pill buzz, ” Favre told the magazine. “The crazy thing was, I’m not a night owl. Without pills I’d fall asleep at 9:30. But with pills, I could get so much done, I only figured,’ This is awesome.’ Little did I know[ fiancee and now spouse] Deanna would be detecting some of my pills and when she did, she’d flush them down the toilet.”

Brett Favre said he had to go to rehab three times during the course of its career. ( USA Today Sports/ Reuters)

Favre expended 72 days in a Kansas City rehab facility starting in May 1996. He told at a news conference that year that he became addicted to painkillers because of numerous surgeries and it wasn’t until after he suffered a seizure in the hospital that he asked the NFL for help, according to The New York Times.

The legendary quarterback revealed to Sports Represented that the Kansas City stint wasn’t the only period he had entered rehab. Favre said he was in a facility in Louisiana for pill addiction before 1996 and then in 1998 he was back in Kansas City for alcohol addiction.

“I was back. 1998. Guess who was waiting there when I strolled in — that same nurse. This time it was strictly for drinking. I didn’t go back to the pills, ” Favre told. “I acknowledged my problem, I was in there 28 days, and it ran. When I got out, the toughest thing was the first three months, because I had to change my thought process. When I played golf before, I realise the only reason I wanted to play was to drink. After a while, instead of thinking,’ How many beers can we drink in 18 pits? ’ I fell into a pattern of what could I do to get good at golf. I realized with each passing day I actually didn’t like drinking.”

“I took 14 Vicodin, yes, one time.”

– Brett Favre

Since retiring, Favre has revealed an extraordinary decide of health issues.

He told NBC in April that he might have had “thousands of concussions during his career and that he’s experiencing short-term memory issues. He also said he worries about developing chronic traumatic encephalopathy as he gets older.

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