Stormy Daniels set to be honored in West Hollywood

Adult-film actress Stormy Daniels, who is entrenched in a lawsuit with President Trump, will receive the key to the city of West Hollywood on Wednesday as officials honor for her legal strife.

Daniels will make an appearance at Chi Chi La Rue’s as the city attains the day “Stormy Daniels Day, ” according to KABC-TV.

“In these politically tumultuous times, Daniels has proven herself to be a profile in gallantry by speaking truth to power even under threats to her safety and extreme intimidation, ” the city said in a statement.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, is suing Trump and his attorney Michael Cohen in federal court in Los Angeles over a non-disclosure agreement and a $130,000 payment she received to keep quiet about it.

“Trump administration has been a direct menace to the people of the city of West Hollywood – our LGBTQ community, our immigrant community, women here in this community – so Stormy Daniels has really indicated up as the woman to save the Republic, ” West Hollywood Mayor John Duran said.

Daniels will have an autograph session and a meet-and-greet later in the day.

Ryan Gaydos is an editor for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @RyanGaydos.

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