The money bail industry harms the most vulnerable. John Legend wants to end it now.

Imagine doing something dumb but relatively harmless in your youth.

Maybe stealing a T-shirt or smoking marijuana with a friend.

Instead of a reprimand and a route to attain things right, you’re thrown into jail at 15 years old to await your trial. Maybe if you’re from a lower socioeconomic family in a larger city like New York or Los Angeles — where bail can run $2,000 – $5,000 or more — neither you nor any close family members can afford to make bail.

So you’re stick, sitting, waiting, and expending some of the most important point years of your life in a space that’s historically inhumane and unsafe and a foundation for anger, loneliness, and depression.

This is the reality for thousands of adolescents and and adults across the country, and Grammy-winning musician John Legend wants to stop it.

Photo by Roy Rochlin/ Getty Images.

In a compelling video, Legend partnered with Color for Change to demand that the U.S. objective the money bail system now.