A leaked look at Facebooks search engine for influencer marketing

Facebook’s next money-maker could be this tool for connecting marketers to social media creators so that they are able to team up on sponsored-content Facebook ad campaigns. The Branded Content Matching search engine lets advertisers select the biographical characteristics of creators’ fans they want to reach, watch stats about these audiences, and contact them to hammer out deals.

Leaked screenshots of Facebook’s promotional materials for appropriate tools were first attained and published in German by AllFacebook.de. TechCrunch has now confirmed with Facebook the existence of the test of the search engine. Facebook first vaguely noted it would build a creator-brand tool in March, but now we know what it looks like and exactly how it works.

Even though Facebook will not actually broker or initially take a cut of the deals, appropriate tools could equip brands with much more compelling and original marketing content. That could in turn encourage them to spend more on Facebook ads to spread that content, while also inducing more entertaining and tolerable the ads users insure so they expend longer on the social network. By getting inventors paid, even if not immediately by Facebook, they’ll invest more in the quality of their content and sizing of their following on the app instead of with competitors.

How Facebook’s influencer marketing search engine works

A Facebook spokesperson explained the motive behind the tool like this. Facebook wants to help industries find creators who can reach their target audience in an authentic style, while allowing inventors a path to monetizing their Facebook content and fan base. Inventors opt in to participating in the test and set up a portfolio showcasing their audience sizing and metrics plus their best branded content. Facebook is starting the program primarily with a decide of lifestyle brands and creators.

Advertisers in the test can search for inventors with specific audience demographics using a wide range of targeting alternatives. Those include both general and industry-specific parameters, like 😛 TAGEND

Top countries where they’re popular



Education history

Relationship status

Life events

Home ownership status

Home kind


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