Why parents are being warned about disturbing ‘private parts’ scenes in ‘Show Dogs.’

Social media has been blowing up with reviews of “Show Dogs” — for a disturbing reason.

Reviewers are voicing concerns about whether the new PG-rated kids’ cinema “Show Dogs” is subtly conditioning kids to be groomed for sexual molestation. Yes, really.

In the film, an anthropomorphized police puppy named Max( played by Ludacris) goes undercover at a puppy depict to gather intelligence on a crime. As part of the operation, he has to prepare to compete in a dog show.

One of the requirements of the show is an “inspection” of a dog’s “private parts” by the judges. While rehearsing for this portion of the present, Max is uncomfortable and says so. His trainers coach him on how to go to a “happy/ zen” place while it’s happening so that he can get through it. He resists at first, but by the time the reveal was coming — with everything riding on his ability to get through the inspection — he successfully disassociates from the fondling as viewers get a look at his happy place.

Um, yeah. That’s problematic.

Parents and child advocacy groups alike have voiced their concerns over the scenes.

Terina Maldonado at Macaroni Kid wrote, “During the movie, I kept guessing, ‘This is wrong, it doesn’t need to be in a kids movie. Everything else in the movie is good fun except for this.’ Afterward, my husband mentioned that he picked up on this message too, as did my mother who watched the movie with us. My daughter, on the other hand, said her favorite part of the movie was when Max got his privates touched and the funny reaction he had.”

And therein lies their own problems. It’s not that children will recognize that there’s a number of problems with the scenes — it’s that they won’t . They’ll giggle about how it’s uncomfortable to have your privates touched, and then get the message that “going to happy place” is a good way to deal with that discomfort.

Dawn Hawkins, executive director for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has spoken up about the film. “The movie ‘Show Dogs’ sends a troubling message that grooms children for sexual abuse, ” she said in a statement. “It contains multiple scenes where a dog character must have its private parts inspected, in the course of which the dog is uncomfortable and wants to stop but is told to be done in order to a ‘zen place.’ The dog is rewarded with advancing to the final round of the dog display after passing this obstacle. Disturbingly, these are similar tactics child abusers use when grooming infants — telling them to feign they are somewhere else, and that they will get a reward for withstanding their discomfort.”

The movie makers have released a lukewarm apology statement that highlightings their own problems: They don’t see the problem.

The statement released by the filmmakers says, “It has come to our attention that there have been online discussion and concern about a particular scene in Show Dogs, a family slapstick that is rated PG. The dog present judging in this film is illustrated completely accurately as done at demonstrates around the world and was performed by professional and highly respected dog present judges. Global Road Entertainment and the filmmakers are saddened and apologize to any parent who feels the scene sends a message other than a comedic moment in the film, with no hide or ulterior meaning, but respect their right is responding to any piece of content.”

It has come to our attention that there have been online discussion and concern about a particular scene in Show Dogs, a…

Posted by Show Dogs Movie on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Sounds an awful plenty like “Sorry you’re offended.” That’s not an apology nor is it taking accountability. Intentional or not, there’s a problematic message here. And especially in the age of #MeToo, where sexual assault has been a hot topic of conversation and education, it’s unfathomable that no one in the final production of this movie would have recognized the questions or pointed it out.

Bottom line for mothers: If you choose to see this film, please use these scenes as a dialogue starter about grooming and permission.

Bottom line for filmmakers: Do better.

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