Newt Gingrich: Why the Mueller probe is really five scandals, not one

The current Robert Mueller-Justice Department-Russia mess is almost impossible to understand because it is made up of five parallel scandals.

For months, as I wrote my new volume, “Trump’s America, ” I tried to better understand news as it emerged from the Justice Department- and I still am trying. There are so many moving portions, personalities and dates that it is difficult to track. However, as a trained historian, I began creating an orderly outline for people, dates and events.

I realized that the scandal is so big, so complex, and involves so many people with power that codifying it actually involved me to draw from my experience write fictions. There are so many egos and there is so much manipulative behaviour, deceit( and dishonesty about the dishonesty) that it is very difficult to explain it as a straightforward history. It could be more easily explained as a narration of aspiration, illegality and criminal plotting.

Finally, it reached me that the real problem is that there are five parallel and often interlocked scandals going on in concert šŸ˜› TAGEND

1. The Clintons have been violating the law and getting away with it at the least since Hillary Clinton attained virtually $100,000 from a $1,000 investment in cattle futures in 1978 -1 979. For 40 years the Clintons have acted as though there were no laws that applied to them. They have surrounded themselves with lawyers and simply muscled their route through every scandal. The scale of Clinton illegal activity is so large and so widespread that no one has been able to fully describe it- although Peter Schweizer made a pretty good start with his book “Clinton Cash.”

2. The extraordinary deep nation defense of Hillary Clinton, combined with the systematic avoidance of exposing and dealing with her illegal behaviors while protecting her staff member when they subsistence and participate in her illegality, is beyond anything we have seen in American history.

The reason for this deep nation resistance is simple. Transparency is going to get a lot of people in trouble- and it goes to the very top.

3. The calculated effort to undermine and discredit then-candidate and now-President Donald Trump is actually a continuation of a deep anti-Republican bias in the Justice Department. This Justice Department tradition is well catalogued in Sidney Powell’s stunning volume, “Licensed to Lie: Uncovering Corruption in the Department of Justice.”

If you have any illusions about the Justice Department’s objectivity, keep in intellect that employees of this department devoted 97 percent of their 2016 campaign donations to Hillary Clinton- while government departments was supposedly investigating her for illegally using a private email server to send and receive classified information as secretary of state. With each passing week, we are learning more about the extraordinary abuses of power designed to undermine President Trump and punish his supporters( a direct contrast to the treatment of Clinton and her staff ). The aggressive abuse of power has led both Alan Dershowitz and former Clinton adviser Mark Penn to advise that limitless police power is a danger to all of us.

4. The scandal of the deep nation resistance to accountability and transparency has also been astounding. As a career deep state member, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has consistently resisted investigations by Congress. Documents requested by the Senate Judiciary Committee were heavily redacted for supposed national security reasons- which turned out to have nothing to do with national security( including the fact that the FBI had expended $70,000 on a seminar table ).

Meanwhile, more than 1 million documents were withheld from the House Judiciary Committee for so long which the commission has had to issue a subpoena. The reason for this deep country resistance is simple. Transparency is going to get a lot of people in difficulty- and it goes to the very top. When Lisa Page wrote Peter Strzok in September 2016, “POTUS wants to know everything, ” there is good reason to believe President Obama was the one she was referring to as POTUS. If President Obama wanted to know everything, given the style his White House ran, it is very likely his senior adviser Valerie Jarrett knew everything. The more we learn, the bigger the scandal web gets.

5. Panic is breaking out among senior people who engaged in illegal activities because they guessed President Hillary Clinton would protect them. Abruptly, they find themselves in danger of criminal charges. That is why people like former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan grow increasingly hysterical in their Tv appearances.

I did my best to succinctly capture this moment in American history in “Trump’s America, ” but each one of these five scandals is worthy of its own detailed volume. Taken together, they are a knoll of illegalities, abuses, dishonesty, and manipulation- on a scale that has never before occurred in America.

I suspect when all these scandals are unraveled, a political and cultural reckoning in Washington will follow.

Newt Gingrich is a Fox News contributor. A Republican, he was speaker of the United States House of Representatives from 1995 to 1999. Follow him on Twitter @NewtGingrich. His latest book is “Understanding Trump.”

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