Instagram now lets you mute accounts

Instagram today introduced a style to mute accounts, dedicating users a style to continue following accounts without watching their posts all the time.

Muted accounts will not be made aware that they’ve been muted, and users can unmute accounts at any time. Users can still assure posts on the muted account’s profile page and get apprise about remarks or posts they’re tagged in.

Users can mute accounts by tapping the “…” in the corner of the post and choosing between muting posts, tales, or posts and stories.

First and foremost, this continues Instagram’s endeavor to block bully and harassment on the social network. While users have had the ability to block accounts for a long time, muting is a next step in blocking out person without any of the consequences that might come from blocking them.

This could also come in handy for folks “re going through” a break-up or some other social split, as they don’t necessarily want to see every single post from their ex but don’t want to be seen unfollowing them either.

Of course, the broader demographic will simply have more control over Instagram’s algorithmic feed, which prioritizes accounts and posts it thinks you will like( read: promotes engagement at all costs ).

The algorithmic feed has added a layer of intricacy to Instagram, inducing users think more cautiously about the style they throw around likes. Posts, and accounts, that you like may very well get top billing in your feed because of it, even if you only liked the post to display friends some love.

Muting devotes users a bit more control over what they find regardless of what they’ve liked or what Instagram’s algorithm deems relevant.

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