The world is grinning from ear to ear over this hilarious queer double proposal.

When Becky McCabe proposed to her girlfriend, Jessa Gillaspie, she had no idea that her response would be … fairly darn remarkable.

It all went down at the Memphis Zoo, the place of the couple’s first date. Bringing friends along to capture the moment, McCabe had arranged for one of her friends to capture the proposal on video. But, as she knelt down to propose, the response from her girlfriend wasn’t what she expected.

Gillaspie giggled and turned to pull out her own involvement ring for McCabe. She’d planned to propose to the love of their own lives that day, too.

There were tears of elation. Lots of them.

Image via CBS News/ Twitter.

Is that not the most heartwarming response to “Will you marry me? ” ever ?!

The world is in awe at the beautiful, adorable, downright loving proposal.

The responses to the video show just how important representation is and that lifelong love for queer couple is possible.

The number of same-sex marriages has continued to rise in all regions of the U.S. since it was legalized in 2015, as have the positive responses to queer couples.

Still, that representation sometimes doesn’t make its style into mainstream culture. The Trump administration continues to try and roll back LBGTQ rights, including protection for LGBTQ workers, and removing LGBTQ-friendly language from government documents. Wedding companies still cater to straight couples, fag people fights to navigate their route through dating spaces, and same-sex couples often find few examples of themselves in television and in pop culture.

But, that’s slowly changing, and it’s extremely important that queer young people know that love is possible .

Love is often the thing that moves us forward. If these lovebirds are any show, our world is doing just that.

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