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82 Generic White Guy Names And What They Say About His Personality

1. Todd : Wears loafers. Knows specifically what Ralph Lauren line looks best on him.

2. Garrett : Wears glasses, doesnt need them.

3. Will : From the Northeast, played lacrosse in high school and thought he would be recruited, but wasnt. Always slightly shorter than you want him to be.

4. Chad : Evil.

5. Brian: Super picky eater. His girlfriend will always end up financially supporting him.

6. Bryan : Totally different from Brian. Wears a lot of Hawaiian shirts.

7. Ryan : Never texts you back because hes perpetually on some comedy tour.

8. Ross : Not conventionally attractive, but super fucking funny.

9. Chase : Joined, like, a super niche indie band and plays the bagpipes and some other instrument nobody has ever heard of. Lives in Europe now because Europeans appreciate the arts. Whatever,.

10. Colin : Lives in Patagonia fleeces , no matter what temperature it is outside.

11. Greg : That guy who shows up uninvited to things. The target to be roasted in all group texts. Manages it like a champ.

12. Phillip : Literally always at GameStop.

13. Kurt : Youre friends with him because he has a vehicle and never seems to be doing anything so he always will give you a ride.

14. Connor : Perpetually heartbroken.

15. Jack : Republican.

16. John : Got straight-As in high school and then started drinking in college. Hasn’t stopped drinking since.

17. Ian : Plays World of Warcraft and drinkings Monster energy drinkings . .

18. Spencer : Went surfing once, sets the surfer guy emoji next to his name where reference is sets his name into your phone.

19. Martin : Is uncomfortable not wearing some kind of argyle print somewhere on his person.

20. Adam : Hes that guy who comments in public Facebook event pages why he cant attend. Adam , nobody in The Chainsmokers: Metro Nashville Area cares that youre bummed you cant go because youll be visiting household in Seattle that weekend.

21. Rob :

22. Cam : Always texts you about was intended to drop-off acid on a weekday.

23. Cameron : Puts Feminist in his dating app profiles so he can get laid.

24. Josh: You likely satisfied him at a music celebration. He will use any opportunity given to take his shirt off. He owns and wears colored, plastic wayfarers.

25. Jeremy : Only owns sleeveless shirts.

26. Aaron : Utilizes Magnum condoms, doesnt have to.

27. Chaz : Always trying to bring Chaz back.

28. Austin : Works at Equinox, didnt actually* officially* alumnu from USC( one unit short ). Every profile picture he has on Facebook is with girls.

29. Jared : Loves vodka Red Bulls a little too much.

30. Michael : Peaked in high school,.

31. Mike: Will shame you for getting too drunk.

32. Matthew : Always threatens to” write about you” in his future book.

33. Matt : Hits on girls who are way out of his league.

34. Paul : Has a 401 k straight out of college. Has a Bible verse tattooed somewhere.

35. Blake : Will literally do anything to construct people laugh at parties. Once licked a banana slug on a dare.

36. Dillon : Thinks he’s a lot hotter than he actually is. Never successfully use “there/their/they’re” correctly.

37. Dylan : Parents are stoners.

38. Dave : A you dont ensure it coming fuck boy.

39. Daniel : Somehow always playing an acoustic guitar.

40. Dan : Hot. Can cook.

41. Sam : Constantly telling people that he’s a really good guy. He’s pretty mediocre.

42. Stewart : Wears a lot of sweater vests.

43. Alex : Will sing for a girl on the first date.

44. Alexander : Has been doodling anime on random pieces of newspaper since he was in 5th grade.

45. Alec : He invites you to his DJ gigs all the time.

46. Beau : Total goofball.

47. Zachary : Big fan of.

48. Ben : You cant say anything bad about him, but at the same timeYou cant actually find anything great to say about him either?

49. Derek : Still in his skateboarding phase.

50. Tom : Gets, like, personally offended when people cheat or play even the simplest games the wrong way. Use to sobbing when his secondary school basketball team lost.

51. Jim : Peaked playing intramural frisbee in college.

52. James : Either is British or wants to be British.

53. Zack : Raised in a super nice upper-middle class suburb and got two daughters( who were friends) pregnant.

54. Mark : Accidentally snuck into a really cool group of friends. Nobody knows how.

55. Jesse : He loves the Fast and Furious franchise.

56. Billy : Peaked when he was 14, still acts like he is 14.

57. Dick : Lives up to his name.

58. Jeffrey : Reeeeeally loves his Mom.

59. Reid : Named his bong Mike Wazowski.

60. Alan : Always sounds like hes talking through his nose.

61. Andrew : The guy you fall in love with. Wears a lot of flannel.

62. Kyle : Wears white mid-calf socks , no matter the occasion.

63. Jason : Wants to date you, but you dont want to date him.

64. Jacob : Constantly talking about how much he loves San Fransisco. Can speak French.

65. Jake : Instantly tells you youre dividing the check at dinner.

66. Nathan : Does improv.

67. Eric : Always wants to take you on a hike. Loves to bring his golden retriever who is great off leash .”

68. Erik : Constantly telling you its Erik with a K. Supposes hes the most unique person in the world. Always in a beanie.

69. Steve : Super into climbing. Just a touch granola, but it would take getting to know him really well to figure that out.

70. Stephen : Went to Duke, won’t shut up about it.

71. Steven : Cannot help himself and needs to argue with people in the comments section of things.

72. Travis : Has a butt chin.

73. Trevor : Has an Apple Watch.

74. Brady : Great Instagram aesthetic. Plenties of pictures of him on a boat.

75. Brenden : Wrote you a song about how he loves you.

76. Kevin : Settles down really fast, is the first of his friends to be a father.

77. Ethan : Will wear a backwards hat until he is 45.

78. Tucker : Shaves his head whenever his sports squad wins anything.

79. Nick : Constantly refers to himself as a “legend,” rarely does anything that qualifies as legendary.

80. Chris : Your boss.

81. Peter : Refers to sexuality as making love.

82. Patrick : Likes every post you put on your social media.

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Chester Bennington, Linkin Park lead singer, dies of suspected suicide aged 41

Police say that the vocalist, who fought with substance abuse, is suspected to have killed himself in a private residence in Los Angeles County

Police have confirmed that Chester Bennington, the lead singer of band Linkin Park, has died.

His death at his private residency in Palos Verdes Estates in Los Angeles County at approximately 9am Thursday morning was confirmed by the coroner and is being treated as a suspected suicide.

Bennington, who was 41 years old, joined different groups in 1999 and became a household name the year after with the release of the bands debut album Hybrid Theory, which was nominated for a Grammy award for best stone album. Their second album, Meteora, has sold over 27 m units and the band cooperated with Jay-Z for 2004 EP Collision Course.

Bennington also fronted the Stone Temple Pilots from 2013 to 2015 and stimulated small appearances in the films Crank and Saw 3D. When his close friend and fellow musician Chris Cornell, lead singer of the bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, killed himself this past May, Bennington honored him on Twitter and performed at his funeral.

Chester Bennington performing at Chris Cornells funeral earlier this year. Photograph: Chris Pizzello/ Invision/ AP

You have inspired me in many ways you could never have known, Bennington wrote. Your talent was pure and unrivaled. Your voice was pleasure and ache, rage and forgiveness, love and sorrow all wrapped up into one. I pray you find peace in the next life. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life.

In past interviews, Bennington has spoken candidly about his struggles with drugs and alcohol. Its not cool to be an alcoholic its not cool to run drinking and be a dumbass, he said to Noisecreep in 2009. Its cool to be a part of recovery. This is just who I am, this is what I write about, what I do, and most of my work has been a reflection of what Ive been going through in one way or another.

He also shared details of an abusive childhood. In a 2011 interview with the Guardian, he said: When I was young, getting beaten up and pretty much raped was no fun. No one wants that to happen to you and honestly, I dont remember when it started … My God , no wonder I became a drug addict. No wonder I only ran completely insane for a little while.

Bennington is survived by six children, Jaime, Isaiah, Draven, Tyler Lee and twins Lily and Lila, and his wife Talinda Ann Bentley.

His Linkin Park bandmate Mike Shinoda tweeted that he was shocked and heartbroken at the news while other tributes have arrived from Rihanna, Nikki Sixx, Stormzy( with whom Bennington lately worked ), Ohio governor John Kasich and Chance the Rapper.

Mike Shinoda (@ mikeshinoda)

Shocked and heartbroken, but it’s true. An official statement will come out as soon as we have one.

July 20, 2017


Nikki Sixx (@ NikkiSixx)

I am in tears.Chester simply told me how happy he was..He was such a sweet and talented manIfeel so sad for his family, band mates and fans

July 20, 2017

#GSAP (@ Stormzy1)

I am heartbroken you do not know what someone’s “re going through” serious. Prayers up for your family right now my brother

July 20, 2017

John Kasich (@ JohnKasich)

I’m still a big fan of @LinkinPark. Met Chester in Columbus& he was kind enough to call my daughters on the phone. This is a sad day.

July 20, 2017

Lil Chano From 79 th (@ chancetherapper)

RIP Chester. Tragic objective. Condolence his family and friends and Linkin Park

July 20, 2017

Linkin Parks most recent album One More Illuminate was released in May; Benningtons death came just days before the band was due to kick off the US section of their latest world tour. A new video for Talking to Myself, featuring Bennington, was released this morning.

In the US, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255 .

In the UK, the Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123.

In Australia, the crisis support service Lifeline is on 13 11 14.

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ACLU enrolls in startup school Y Combinator

The American Civil Liberties Union will learn how to turn the $24 million it created over the weekend into growth and advances with help from top Silicon Valley startup accelerator Y Combinator. The ACLUwill be part of the wintertime batch of companies in YC, where it will receive mentorship, a network of powerful connects in tech and a chance to present itself to investors on Demo Day.

Y Combinator will also offer some funding, though it wont take an equity stake in ACLU because its a nonprofit. ACLU will not pay to participate.

After opposing to procure a bide of the executive heads order signed by President Trump barring entry to the country for people from seven Muslim countries, the public rewarded the ACLUs vigilance with a windfall of money. It raised six periods its yearly online fundraising median in simply a few cases days, in part thanks to public figures and tech executives offering to match peoples gifts.[ Correction: $24 million is six days the ACLUs median yearly online fundraising , not total fundraising .]

But how will the ACLU spend that fund most effectively? Thats one ability YC specializes in teaching. It could give the nonprofit guidance on how to use the cash to attract talent, make investments in technological infrastructure and marketplace itself to grow its donor base and influence.

Y Combinator chairperson Sam Altman

The ACLU is far from a startup even far from the nonprofit startups like Watsi that YC has backed in the past. But its not the first matured organization to go through the program typically set aside for young companies trying to find initial growth. Y Combinator previously admitted Q& A site Quora, which had been around for five years at the time.

The partnership came about after YC partner Kat Manalac reached out to ACLU executive director Anthony Romero for feedback on a forthcoming request for startups in the civic tech space. The ACLU asked for help with a project, and YC figured it is unable to do the most good by formally admitting the ACLU to its accelerator.

YCs nonprofit program is an excellent way for Silicon Valley to most directly do good in the world. But it also highlights a conundrum facing for-profit startups trying to make a positive difference in politics. Without many big exits for democracy startups, venture capitalists are hesitant to invest in them. Nonetheless, TechCrunch has put out a call for startups to build democracy tech and reach out for potential coverage.

Some critics have been concerned that YC refused to cut ties with part-time partner and mentor Peter Thiel because of his role in the Trump administration. At the time, YC president Sam Altman tweeted that Thiel is a high profile supporter of Trump. I disagree with this. YC is not going to fire someone for supporting a major party nominee. Thats a dangerous track to start down.

Yet, in the meantime, Altman has repeatedly spoken up about the need to take a stand against Trump. And this morning he noted 😛 TAGEND

Typically, startups move to Silicon Valley to participate in the YC program. But devoted its well-established New York City headquarters and its mammoth responsibility of fighting the Trump regime, Altman tells me the accelerator will send its mentors to NYC, given how busy they are right now.

Altman concludes that I think theyre an incredibly important organisation. Weve been funding nonprofits for years now and have generally find weve been able to be helpful, especially on the tech side.

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Everything Wrong With The World In 2.5 Minutes. Sorry If This Offends You.

So, this guy believes:

…the world is coming to an end.

“The air is polluted. The ocean’s polluted. The animals are running extinct.

The economy’s collapsed.

Education is shot.

Police are going corrupt, ” he says.

Seriously, tell me, because this is a LOT.

Listen. I’m glad you listed all the world’s problems on a * uniquely * broken home on the north side of St. Louis … but that whole ~*~*~ love ~*~*~ thing voices a little clich!


OK, I’m listening. Time for a Robert Kennedy quote to give ya all the feelings.


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Johnny Depp talks about assassinating Trump

At an appearance in England on Thursday, actor Johnny Depp joked about assassinating President Trump.

Depp was at a drive-in movie theatre in Glastonbury, where he introduced his 2004 movie The Libertine, where reference is began talking about the president, according to The Guardian.

I think he needs help and there are a lot of wonderful darknes, dark places he could go, Depp said.

Depp , noting his comments would be in the press, began discussing prior assassinations of presidents.


When was the last time an actor assassinated a chairman? he asked, referencing John Wilkes Booth assassinating President Abraham Lincoln in 1865.

I want to clarify, I am not an actor. I lie for a living, Depp told. However, it has been a while and maybe it is time.

Depps comments come a week after the politically-motivated shooting of Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise.

In recent weeks, a production of Julius Caesar in New York Citys Shakespeare in the Park triggered dispute when the play indicated the Roman dictator, seemingly illustrated as Trump, being viciously stabbed to demise on stage.

Sponsors subsequently pulled out of the event due to the graphic nature of the show.


Comedian Kathy Griffin also sparked disagreement after a photo of her holding a bloodied Donald Trump mask was released to the public.

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Google employees rally against Trumps immigration ban

Over 2,000 Google employees rallied against President Donald Trumps executive order that bans immigration fromseven majority Muslim countries today. Googlers all over the country, including at campuses in Mountain View, San Francisco, New York and Seattle, are rallying against the immigration ban.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai and co-founder Sergey Brin, who was spotted at one of the protests at SFO over the weekend, both spoke at the rally in Mountain View. TechCrunchs sources provided us with records of their remarks.

I find many results from Google here today, Pichai told the crowd at Googles Mountain View headquarters.We spend two hours this morning talking about all of this. Theres a lot of work which remains to be done. I think its important we stay the course and achieve an outcome. I think to do that we all need to learn to reach out and communicate to people from across the country. And I think its really important with anything like that we take the extra step to reach out, to have a dialogue and thats what leads to right outcomes too.But genuinely I think today is about hearing from other voices. Weve spoke up but I think its great to hear the stories so hopefully there will be more and the fight will continue.

Brin kicked off his statements with the story of how he first came to the U.S. at the age of six with his family from the Soviet Union, which was at that time, you know, the greatest enemy the U.S. had, Brin said.

He went on to say that it was a dire period of the Cold War and that the Soviet Union was under the threat of nuclear obliteration and yet, even then, the U.S. had the gallantry to take me and my family in as refugees.

Ultimately, Brin stimulated the point that its important not to frame this debate as being liberal versus Republican.

Its a debate about fundamental values, about thoughtful policy making and many of the other things that I think are apparently not universally adored, but I believe the great majority of the country and of our legislators and so forth support, and I think its important to frame it that way and to be inclusive about it, Brin told. Sometimes it might be difficult because I know we have many, many values here that are not necessarily universally shared but I suppose these are really special days and I think its important to form friendships with many different people.

The rally at Googles Mountain View headquarters also featured Google employees talking about their experiences as a result of the ban. The keynote speaker, Google Assistant Product Manager Soufi Esmaeilzadeh, shared her story about being on a plane from SFO to Zurich when rumors first started circulating about the executive heads order. Esmaeilzadeh, an Iranian-born Canadian citizen who has lived in the U.S. for the last 15 years, didnt know what to induce of the order, which was legislated the working day she landed in Switzerland. After a federal judge ruled in favor of the ACLUs request to hold off on the implementing the ban, Google flew her home right away.

Brin mentioned in his remarks that he heard many really powerful narratives during the rally and appreciates everything Google employees are doing.

I hope this energy carries forward in many different ways, beyond what simply our company can do, beyond what only companies can do, Brin said. But is a really powerful force-out and really powerful movement.

Word of the rally spread through different means, according to sources. Alphabet CFO Ruth Porat sent out an email to some administrative employees, who then forwarded it to other employees, encouraging them to run. Another source said she received a message from a colleague saying, Lets indicate our solidarity with fellow Googlers, immigrants, refugees, and muslims worldwide. Monday, January 30 th, 2:30 pm PT, MTV, on the patio outside Charlies. Please spread the word with your squads and fellow Googlers.

Ive reached out to Google and will update this story if I hear back.

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I Flat-Out Refuse To Marry Anyone Unless These Are Our Vows

Marrying you is not the end of my liberty; its the beginning of it.

Youre the person I want to dive headfirst into life with. When I go out on the weekends, it is you I want shutting down the club with me. When I plan an adventure it is you I want holding the map. When I theorize about the future, I want to see you in every outlandish fantasy I plan for myself. Youre the person I want to rant excitedly to over happy hour beverages. Youre the person or persons I want to dance around the house with in my underwear with. Youre members of the public who builds countries around the world feel wide-open to me and I want to take advantage of that. I want to plunge into the future with you because it looks bigger and brighter by your side than I ever could have imagined.

I dont want to settle down with you. I want to take off with you to far-away countries, foreign sceneries, gems and corners of the world that would only have seemed half as astonishing without you by my side. When I strap on a backpack and head to the airport, I want you to be boarding that airliner with me. Youre the person or persons I want to get lost with, put up camp with, stumble through dark streets with at 5a. m. with after a long, rambunctious night in a city that we cant pronounce the name of. When I get home and have tale after ridiculous narrative to recite to my friends, youre the one I want there to back up my asserts. Youre the person or persons I want to come home to and the person or persons I want to escape with. I want you on every escapade I take for the rest of my life. I want to do everything on ground with you.

I dont want to be the person you always agree with. I want to be the person or persons you challenge to change, to grow, to expand in ways that wouldnt had already been occurred to me before I met you. I want heated debates at 3am. I want stark discrepancies when Im acting out of line. I want passionate debates about the route were living because your fire gasolines mine and I never want that triggered to die out. I want to be someone you arent afraid to challenge because sometimes I need that extra pushing. And you can bet your ass that Ill push you right back.

I dont want to let myself go now that I have you I want to build myself up alongside you. Something about you inspire me to be bigger, brighter, bolder than I ever knew that I could become. And I hope that I inspire you, too. That together we can promote one another to grow into the fullest, strongest, fiercest versions of each other. That ten years from now we will be prouder than ever to be standing beside each other and that twenty years later well be even prouder still. I hope youre not expecting to grow stagnant in love because something about you constructs me feel like my best ego on steroids and I do not plan to let that feeling die.

If theres anything I am not worried about, its us falling apart. The truth is I never fell in love with you anyway; I strolled into love surely, purposely and without a backwards glance. I preferred you from the first day I fulfilled you and baby I promise to keep choosing you. Through every battle, Ill opt you. Through every temptation, Ill opt you. Through every twisting and bump in the road that threatens to tear us apart I will choose you with the ferocious certainty Ive felt since the first time I ever laid eyes on you. Im not worried about falling out of love with you newborn, because I never fell in. Loving you was a waking, conscious choice and its one that Im going to keep constructing until the working day my heart stops beating.

Now lets stop with these frivolous pledges theres a party to have! We have gifts to tear open and champagne to chug and a whirlwind honeymoon to go embark on. This whole marriage thing is old and tired but we most certainly are not. After all, youre only young and wild once. And baby, our wildest days are just beginning.

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Processed meats rank alongside smoking as cancer causes WHO

UN health body tells bacon, sausages and ham among most carcinogenic substances along with cigarettes, alcohol, asbestos and arsenic

Bacon, ham and sausages rank alongside cigarettes as a major cause of cancer, the World Health Organisation has said, placing cured and processed meat in the same category as asbestos, alcohol, arsenic and tobacco.

The report from the WHOs International Agency for Research on Cancer said there was enough proof to rank processed meat as group 1 carcinogens because of a causal link with bowel cancer.

It places red meat in group 2A, as probably carcinogenic to humans. Eating red meat is also linked to pancreatic and prostate cancer, the IARC says.

The IARCs experts concluded that each 50 -gram( 1.8 -ounce) portion of processed meat eaten daily increased health risks of colorectal cancer by 18%.

For an individual, the risk of developing colorectal cancer because of their consumption of processed meat remains small, but this risk increases with the amount of meat ingested, told Dr Kurt Straif, head of the IARC monographs programme. In opinion of the large number of people who ingest processed meat, the global impact on cancer incidence is of public health importance.

The decision from the IARC, after a year of deliberations by international scientists, will be welcomed by cancer researchers but it triggered an immediate and furious replies from the industry, and the scientists it monies, who repudiated any comparing between cigarettes and meat.

Chart depicting per capita meat consumption

What we do know is that avoiding red meat in the diet is not a protective strategy against cancer, told Robert Pickard, a member of the Meat Advisory Panel and emeritus professor of neurobiology at Cardiff University. The top priorities for cancer prevention remain smoking cessation, maintenance of normal body weight and avoidance of high alcohol intakes..

But the write has been on the wall for ham, bacon and sausages for several years. The World Cancer Research Fund has long been advising people that processed meat is a cancer hazard. It advises feeing products such as ham, bacon and salami as little as is practicable and having no more than 500 g a week of red meat, including beef, pork and lamb.

Prof Tim Key, Cancer Research UKs epidemiologist at the University of Oxford, said: Cancer Research UK supports IARCs decision that theres strong enough evidence to categorize processed meat as a cause of cancer, and red meat as a probable cause of cancer.

Weve known for some time about the probable is connected with red and processed meat and bowel cancer, which is backed by substantial evidence.

This decision doesnt mean you need to stop feeing any red and processed meat. But if you eat lots of it you may want to think about cutting down. You could try having fish for your dinner rather than sausages, or choosing to have a bean salad for lunch over a BLT.

The statement from the IARC, published as an article in the journal Lancet Oncology, substantially toughens the line, especially against processed meat. But while cancer scientists are concerned about the risks of eating too much meat, some nutritionists maintain that the extra risk is relatively low and that meat has other benefits.

Dr Elizabeth Lund an independent consultant in nutritional and gastrointestinal health, and a former research leader at the Institute of Food Research, who recognise she did some work for the meat industry in 2010 told red meat was linked to about three extra cases of bowel cancer per 100,000 adults in developed countries.

A much bigger risk factor is obesity and lack of exercising, she told. Overall, I feel that feeing meat once a day combined with plenty of fruit, veggies and cereal fibre, plus exercising and weight control, will allow for a low danger of colorectal cancer and a well balanced diet.

Prof Ian Johnson, emeritus fellow at the Institute of Food Research, also said the effect was small. It is certainly very inappropriate to suggest that any adverse effect of bacon and sausages on the risk of bowel cancer is comparable to the dangers of tobacco smoke, which is loaded with known chemical carcinogens and increases health risks of lung cancer in cigarette smokers by around twentyfold.

The North American Meat Institute told defining red meat as a cancer hazard eluded common sense.

It was clear, sitting in the IARC meeting, that many of the panellists were aiming for a specific result despite old, weak, inconsistent, self-reported intake data, told Betsy Booren, the institutes vice-president of scientific affairs. They tortured the data to ensure a specific outcome.

Red and processed meat are among 940 agents reviewed by the IARC and found to pose some level of theoretical hazard. Only one substance, a chemical in yoga pants, has been declared by the IARC not to cause cancer.

The IARC says you can enjoy your yoga class, but dont breathe air( class 1 carcinogen ), sit near a sun-filled window( class 1 ), apply aloe vera( class 2B) if you get a sunburn, drink wine or coffee( class 1 and class 2B ), or feed grilled food( class 2A ). And if you are a hairdresser or do shift run( both class 2A ), you should seek a new career.

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Have you ever heard of the Ludlow Massacre? You might be shocked when you see what happened.

The early 1900 s were a period of great social upheaval in our country. During the years leading up to the Ludlow Massacre, miners all around the country looking to make a better life for themselves and their families set up picket lines, coordinated massive parades and rallies, and even took up arms. Some succumbed.

I’ve always wondered why history like this was never taught in school when I grew up. Could it be that the powers that be would rather maintain this kind of thing under wraps?

Here is Woody Guthrie’s tribute to the good people who fought in the battles of Ludlow to help make a better tomorrow for everyone you can just start the video and then start reading, if you wish:

Coal Country, Colorado

100 years ago, the Rocky Mountains were the source of a vast supply of coal. At its peak, it utilized 16,000 people and accounted for 10% of all employed employees in the state of Colorado. It was dangerous work; in only 1913 alone, the ours claimed the well-being of over 100 people. There were statutes in place that were supposed to protect employees, but largely, management dismissed those, which led to Colorado having double the on-the-job fatality rate of any other mining state.

It was a period of company townships, when all real estate, housing, doctors, and grocery stores were owned by the coal companies themselves, which led to the suppression of disagreement as well as overinflated prices and an extreme dependence on the coal companies for everything that induced life livable. In some of these, workers couldn’t even leave town, and armed guards constructed sure they didn’t. Also, if any miner or his family began to air grievances, they might find themselves evicted and run out of township.

Union Parade, Trinidad, Colorado, 1913. Images via Colorado Coal Field War Project/ University of Denver Library.

The Union

The United Mine Workers of America( UMWA) had been organizing for many years in the field, and this particular company, Colorado Fuel and Iron, was one of the biggest in the West and was owned by the Rockefeller household , notoriously anti-union.

Put all this together, and it was a powder keg.

The Ludlow Colony before the massacre, 1914.

Strikers, Ludlow Tent Colony, 1914.


When a strike was called in 1913, the coal company evicted all the miners from their company homes, and they moved to tent villages on leased land put up by the UMWA. Company-hired guards( aka goons”) and each member of the Colorado National Guard would drive by the tent villages and randomly shoot into the tents, leading the strikers to dig pits under their tents and the wooden rays that supported them.

Why did the union call for a strike? The workers wanted:

Recognition of the union as bargaining agent, An increase in tonnage rates( equivalent to a 10% wage increase ), Enforcement of the eight-hour work day, Payment for “dead work” that usually wasn’t compensated, such as laying coal car tracks, The task known as Weight-checkmen” to be elected by workers. This was to keep company weightmen honest so construction workers got pay money their true run, The right to employ any store rather than just the company store, and choose their own houses and doctors, Strict enforcement of Colorado’s laws, especially mine safety statutes.

WhatsApp to share user data with Facebook for ad targeting heres how to opt out

Facebook-owned messaging giant WhatsApp has announceda big change to its privacy policy which, once a useraccepts itsnew T& Cs, willsee it start to share some user data with its parent companyincluding for ad-targeting intents on the latter service.

[ B] y coordinating more with Facebook, well be allowed to do things like track basic metrics about how often people use our services and better fight spam on WhatsApp, WhatsApp writes in a blog on the change today.

Facebook can offer better friend suggestions and show you more relevant ads if you have an account with them. For instance, you might insure an ad from a company you already work with, rather than one from someone youve never heard of.

WhatsAppwill also be sharing the data with the Facebook family of companies so presumably its user datacould also be fed toVR firm Oculus Rift, another Fb acquisition, and photo-sharing networkInstagram.

WhatsApp data that will beshared for the purposes of the new T& Cs includes thephone number a user used to verify their account, and the last day theyused theservice.

Two pieces of data which on a creepinessscale of personal intelyoud instead not hand over to a data-mining tech giant are both right up there.

You can read the full WhatsApp privacy policy here.

There is an option to opt out of some of thedata sharing( specifically for ad and product intents) watch lower down this post for more details although most users will only tap I agree to WhatsAppsnew T& Cs without reading them andrealizing what they are agreeing to.

This is why, as weve said before, T& Cs suck. And why user consent to a massive privacy shifting like this shouldcertainlynot default opt people in.

Privacy vs data

This is undoubtedly a huge step-change for a service that has typically prided itself on championing user privacy, including completing a rollout ofend-to-end encryption across its entire service earlier this year, and continuing to fight requests from authorities to hand over user data.

But once WhatsApp agreed to be acquired by data-mining social network giant Facebook, back in February 2014, the penning was arguably on the wall for any pro-privacy stance.

Facebook is in the business of monetizing usage via interest-based ad fed by harvesting the personal data of its users. WhatsApps original business model, of charging users a small yearly subscription fee for an ad-free messaging service, was discontinued after Facebook took over ownership of the service.

The annual$ 1 fee was ditched in January this year, but WhatsApp still does not have a replacement business model dedicated its anti-ads stance, although itislaying the groundwork toopen up business accounts. And theintelit will be sharing with Facebook under itsnew T& Cs will likely be used to further its plans there.

At the time of the acquisition Facebook said itwould be keeping the messaging giant independent, despite some obvious overlap with its own Facebook Messenger app.

WhileWhatsApp founder Jan Koumclaimedthere would be no changes.Heres what will change for you, our users: nothing.WhatsApp will remain autonomous and operate independently, he wrote at the time, adding: There would have been no partnership between our two companies if we had to compromise on the core principles that will always define our company, our vision and our product.

Fast forward a couple of years andone core principle privacy is now being, if not entirely compromised, at the least loosened given that Facebook will now be able to link users of its own social service with WhatsApp users. It will also be able to track relative usage of its services vs activity on the messaging app, as WhatsApp feeds it engagement intel via the last used signal.

Its not clear from the WhatsApp blog post if other user data will be shared with Facebook. The wording suggests this is entirely possible, although if a user has updated to the latest version of the app, which end-to-end encrypts all content, then their messaging content at the least cannot be shared, so long as the person or persons they are messaging has furthermore updated.

WhatsApp also makes this point in its blog post , noting: When your messages are end-to-end encrypted, merely the people you are messaging with can read them not WhatsApp, Facebook, or anyone else.

But thats kind of missing the phase about letting Facebook triangulate users across two massive services, with over a billion active users apiece. It remains to be seen whether that collapsing of boundaries between two distinct services will catch the attention of data protection regulators in Europe, which has more stringentprivacy rules, and where Facebook has already faced multiple data protection related investigationsand legal action and continues to do so.

Weve asked WhatsApp for an exhaustive list of everything it intends to share with Facebook, and for a comprehensive list of everything Facebook intends to do with the data it will be receiving on WhatsApp users and their usage of the service and will update this post with any response.

As well as phone number and last seendata, TechCrunch understands Facebook will also be fed intel on a WhatApp users operating system, mobile country code, mobile carrier code, screen resolve and device identifier. All of which open up plentiful tracking/ ad-targeting possibilities.

But this looks very much like Facebook trying to fill in missing mobile phone number data via the more comprehensive WhatsApp address book given that the latter requires users to render a number to verify anaccount, whereas it is possible to use Facebook without supplying your mobile number( albeit, Facebook might well have grabbed your digitsvia your friends uploading their contacts books to the service anyway And the serviceperiodically nags those who havent to add amobile number ).

WhatsApp says the data is being shared to coordinate more and be enhanced experiences across our services and those of Facebook and the Facebook family going on to cite the following three particular examples 😛 TAGEND

We will be able to more accurately count unique users

We can better fight spam and abuse

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