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Scuffles break out as artworks removed from Catalan city’s museum

Police clash with protesters in Lleida as 44 works of art at centre of disagreement between Catalonia and region of Aragn are removed

Scuffles broke out between police and demonstrators after hundreds of people met outside a museum in the Catalan city of Lleida to protest against the removal of 44 works of art that have been at the centre of a long-running dispute between Catalonia and the neighbouring region of Aragon.

The pieces, which include paints, alabaster reliefs and polychromatic wooden coffins, were sold to the Catalan government by the nuns of the Sijena convent, in Aragon, in the 1980 s.

The Aragonese authorities have been trying to recover the works through the courts, arguing they were unlawfully sold.

At the end of November, Spain’s culture minister, Inigo Mendez de Vigo, received a judicial order for the return of the works.

With Catalonia currently under the control of the Spanish government after Madrid sacked the regional government over its unilateral declaration of independence, Mendez de Vigo authorised their return on behalf of the administration. The move has exacerbated tensions in Catalonia, which were already running high in the buildup to next week’s snap regional election.

In the early hours of Monday morning, experts accompanied by officers from the Guardia Civil and the Catalan police force, the Mossos d’Esquadra, entered the Museum of Lleida to begin packing up the pieces.

Around 500 people congregated outside the museum to demonstrate against the removal, some chanting” Hands up! This is a theft !” and expressing fury over the Spanish government’s decision to assume control of Catalonia using article 155 of the constitution. Scuffles broke out between police and some protesters and a cordon was set up to allow the artworks to be loaded on to a lorry.

The mayor of Lleida, Angel Ros, have asserted that article 155 could not to be used to” sacred art” and called for common sense and wisdom to prevail.

” There is still a long way to go to resolve the litigation over these goods ,” he wrote in a local paper on Sunday.” We will use all legal means to show that the purchase, by the[ Catalan government] was made in accordance with the law and that the works were transferred to the Museum of Lleida with full legality and legitimacy .”

The former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, who fled to Belgium after he was sacked, attacked the move on Twitter.

He accused the Spanish government of using the cover of night and the Guardia Civil to” take advantage of a coup d’etat to plunder Catalonia with absolute impunity “.

A poll published on Sunday in the Catalan daily La Vanguardia indicates Catalan separatist parties will narrowly fall short of a majority in the election on 21 December.

The survey said Puigdemont’s Junts per Catalunya party, the Catalan Republican Left party and the anti-capitalist Popular Unity Candidacy( CUP) would win 66 or 67 seats in the 135 -seat regional parliament, one or two shy of the 68 needed for a majority.

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California fires: largest blaze threatens Santa Barbara and prompts evacuation

Residents of coastal towns ordered to evacuate early Sunday, as Thomas fire edges closer to Santa Barbara after blackening 155,000 acres

The largest California wildfire advanced on coastal towns near Santa Barbara on Sunday, stoked by gusty breezes and dry conditions that have fueled destructive blazes across the south of the state.

Authorities ordered residents in parts of Carpinteria and Montecito to evacuate early on Sunday as the Thomas fire edged closer to the city of Santa Barbara, about 100 miles west of Los Angeles. The blaze had already blackened 155,000 acres and consumed hundreds of structures.

Half a dozen fires have raged across California since early the coming week. Governor Jerry Brown issued emergency proclamations for Santa Barbara, San Diego, Los Angeles and Ventura counties, freeing up additional resources to fight the infernos.

Officials said smoking from the fires was causing unhealthy air for large parts of southern California. The flare-up on Sunday in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties sent up a new plume that added to heavy smoke already choking regions around the cities of Ventura, Oxnard and Santa Paula.

The Ventura County Air Pollution Control District said air quality was especially bad in the Ojai Valley, where it has at times reached hazardous levels. To the south-east, regulators cautioned on Saturday of unhealthy air across parts of greater Los Angeles. The South Coast Air Quality Management District urged residents to avoid vigorous outdoor activities.

Brown visited Ventura County on Saturday and said deadly and destructive wildfires in wintertime were” the new normal “.

At a news conference, the governor said drought and climate change meant California faces a” new reality” where lives and property are constantly threatened by fire, at a cost of billions of dollars. He added that there was a good chance of ensure” firefighting at Christmas” this year.

It will take “heroic” efforts in the US and abroad, Brown said, to stem climate change. The governor, who strongly criticised Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate deal in an interview with CBS due to be broadcast on Sunday evening, exhorted US lawmakers to pay more attention to dealing with natural disasters such as fires, deluges and earthquakes.

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Why are California’s wildfires so out of control?- video explainer

This week, Trump issued a federal proclamation that enabled agencies to coordinate relief efforts in southern California.

At least one home in Carpinteria burned down on Sunday, the Santa Barbara County fire department said. The flame was only 15% contained as of Sunday morning, in agreement with the California department of forestry and fire protection( Cal Fire ).

Top wind velocities were forecast to increase to 55 mph on Sunday from 40 mph on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service( NWS ). Such gusts, coupled with the rugged mountain terrain above Santa Barbara and Ventura districts, have hampered firefighting efforts, authorities said.

The flames have forced the evacuation of some 200,000 people and destroyed nearly 800 structures. A 70 -year-old woman died on Wednesday in a car accident as she tried to flee the flames in Ventura County.

The Thomas fire, the largest blaze, had left nearly 90,000 clients without power as of early Sunday morning, Southern California Edison said on its website.

The 8,5000 firefighters battling the fires that have burned over the past week gained some ground on Saturday. Both the Creek and Rye flames in Los Angeles County were 90% contained by Sunday morning, officers said, while the Skirball fire in Los Angeles was 75% contained. North of San Diego, the 4,100 -acre Lilac fire was 60% contained.

A brush flame broke out on Saturday night in the city of Monrovia in Los Angeles County, inspiring temporary evacuations, the US Forest Service said on Twitter. A group of Boy scout camping in the field were among those evacuated, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Crews knocked down the three-acre blaze and no structures were reported injury, the city of Monrovia said on its website.

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Actor Rose Marie shamed her harasser in 1954 and paid dearly for it.

To hear some critics tell it, sexual harassment and assault are modern problems brought on by loosening sexual mores, the infiltration of women into male spaces, and the abandonment of “traditional” values.

A tragic counterpoint is the story of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” star Rose Marie who, at 94, wrote an op-ed for the Hollywood Reporter about being harassed at work in 1954 and her heartbreaking experience when she tried to verbally shame her harasser.

Rose Marie. Photo by Michael Buckner/ Getty Images.

Marie wrote that her moment came on the situate of the musical “Top Banana.” The performer and comedian clapped back at her harasser — a producer on the cinema — and, predictably, suffered professional outcomes as a result.

The producer of the cinema came up to me after I’d run through the anthem called “I Fought Every Step of the Way, ” which had boxing references, and said that he could show me a few stances. He wasn’t referring to boxing. I chuckled it off, but he said he was serious and that the picture could be mine.

Well, in front of everyone onstage, I said, “You son of a bitch, you couldn’t get onto up if a flag went by.” Needless to say, that didn’t come off well with him, and all my musical numbers were cut from the film. I had no idea that his reaction to my repudiation would be so bad.

I realise then that the rumors of the casting couch weren’t jokes and why some actresses were getting breakings and why others, sometimes way more talented, weren’t .

Marie’s story represents why victims of harassment and abuse often don’t “fight back.”

A recent University of Michigan analysis found that less than a third of all people who have experienced workplace harassment reported it. Of those who didn’t, most were afraid of being branded “troublemakers” and being submitted to sidelining, marginalization, or worse.

Those anxieties are founded. A 2016 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission analysis found that 75% of reporters experienced some form of retaliation.

If we’re merely hearing about these stories now, that may be because victims ultimately feel they will be believed.

Dustin Hoffman. Photo by Lars Niki/ Getty Images.

The narratives themselves span decades. In 2004, former writers assistant Amaani Lyle sued Warner Bros. for racial and gender-based harassment she said she suffered in the “Friends” writers room almost 20 years ago.( Lyle ultimately lost the suit in 2006.) Earlier this year, writer Anna Graham Hunter described being verbal harassed by performer Dustin Hoffman on the decide of “Death of a Salesman” in 1985 — 32 years ago. And those are just the very tip of the iceberg.

When it comes to gender-based harassment and abuse, there was nothing good about the “good ol’ days.”

Women were harassed, abused, intimidated, and blackballed in the workplace back then too. Their overwhelmingly male boss helped forge a culture of stillnes where victims were often too isolated and too professionally vulnerable to speak out.

We should be grateful that those days are, slowly but surely, coming to an end.

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Apple pushes HomePod release to early 2018

So much for the holiday rushed. Apple announced this morning that its premium HomePod smart speaker won’t be making the company’s initial December ship date. According to a brief statement issued by the company, the production process needs “a little more time” to bake.

A spokesperson told TechCrunch, “We can’t wait for people to experience HomePod, Apple’s breakthrough wireless speaker for the home, but we need a bit more hour before it’s ready for our customers. We’ll start shipping in the US, UK and Australia in early 2018. ”

Of course, it’s always smart to expend a little extra time getting things right, rather than rushing into production — a lesson numerous tech co’s have learned in recent years. But this delay has got to be a a bummer for a product Apple was banking on for the holidays. The $350 speaker is the first home device to feature Siri cooked in, a high-end competitor to Echo and Assistant offerings from Amazon and Google.

We had a chance to experience the smart speaker first hand when Apple unveiled it at WWDC back in June. It wasn’t a full hands-on opportunity, but the HomePod definitely sounds great as advertised, featuring 360 -degree sound, and full, room-filling audio. Unlike earlier takes on the category, the HomePod underlines the speaker part of the smart speaker category first.

Of course, since that initial proclamation, the rivalry has introduced similar offerings. Amazon announced and started shipping a new version of the standard Echo, improving upon the earlier product’s audio with Dolby sound, coupled with a 2.5 -inch subwoofer and 0.6 -inch tweeter. Google, meanwhile, introduced an even more direct challenger in the Home Max, a $399 smart speaker that appears to still be in line for a release next month.

There are also a number of third party offerings from the likes of Sony and JBL — Harman Kardon even built sure poor old Microsoft Cortana was represented this holiday season with the Invoke. Perhaps the suddenly crowded playing field was enough to convince Apple to expend a little more time in the kitchen with HomePod.

The move echoes a similar decision by the company last year to delay the launch of its wireless AirPod earbuds last year( something Google might have considered ). Initially planned for an October release, the headphones finally arrived in December — in that case, merely creaking in before Christmas.

Apple hasn’t specified whether hardware or software is the root of the problem, though it’s not entirely a astound given that this is a first-gen product for the company. It’s also the device that they are able to set the stage for Siri’s life outside of the phone/ desktop — at $350 a pop, it’s important to get things right the first time.

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The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With A Girl Who Writes

God& Man

The best relationship of their own lives will be with a girl who writes down her impressions in a journal or turns them into poetry. A girl who isn’t afraid of what is hidden inside of her heart. A daughter who has a strong voice. A girl who knows her thoughts matter. A daughter who knows matters.

The best relationship of their own lives will be with a girl who writes, because she never misses a detail. She pays close attention. She will notice when you get a haircut, when you wear a new shirt, when you trim your beard, when you are remarkably upset. Nothing will get past her. She will come close to reading your mind.

The best relationship of your life will be with a girl who writes, because she has a passion. She has a reason to wake up in the morning that doesn’t involve you. Yes, you’re important to her. Yes, she is thankful to have you in her world. But you aren’t her world. She has other things to do rather than sit around and wait for your texts. She is busy. She is productive.

The best relationship of their own lives will be with a girl who writes, because she is a dreamer. She takes risks. She believes in second chances. She hasn’t given up on herself yet — and she isn’t going to give up on you either.

The best relationship of your life will be with a girl who writes, because she bides open to new experiences. Visiting new places and insuring new sights will give her more to write about, so she is always willing to go on escapades. She can be spontaneous. She can be surprising. She never lets life become boring. She never lets herself settle.

The best relationship of their own lives will be with a girl who writes, because she is intelligent. Even though she has an adventurous side, she supposes things through before taking action. She holds every possible route the story of her life could take, which entails she never acts rashly. She makes sure she is doing the right thing over the easy thing.

The best relationship of your life will be with a girl who writes, because she is secretly a romantic. She believes in true love. She believes in committing to one person. She believes in treating the person she is considering with the upmost respect.

The best relationship of their own lives will be with a girl who writes, because she will never let a day go by without letting you know how much you matter to her. She has a route with terms. She might stumble over saying face-to-face, but she will send you sweet good morning messages and write the cutest things inside of your birthday cards. She will be able to put her impressions for you into terms, even though it’s unlike anything she has ever felt before.

The best relationship of their own lives will be with a girl who writes, because she has a purpose. She knows who she is. She knows what she wants.

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David Silvas slow-motion grace proves far too much for Manchester United | Barney Ronay

In midfield or as an oddball centre-forward, Manchester Citys key man was brilliant in a win that could be decisive for his teams title aspirations

With half an hour to go in this taut, thrilling, at times spiky Manchester derby, David Silva could be seen chugging around at the point of the Manchester City assault , not so much pressing the red-shirted defenders as growling between them with a stately various kinds of grandeur, like a royal frigate in shallow waters.

With Gabriel Jesus off and City leading 2-1 it was Silva, the most false of false No9s, who found himself shunted into that forward role. He has cut a more rotund, slightly more ponderous figure in the last year and a half, but remains a beautifully pure footballer. Here Silva is not merely the slowest, least athletic, least physically imposing footballer on either squad- he was also the best player on the pitch, so unhurried, so well informed the shifting aircrafts and currents around him that at times he resembled a colts coach mixing in with the under-1 2s in training, be permitted to peer above the heads, direct the play, call the next pass two steps ahead.

In a match that considered Manchester United’s own PS90m centre forward Romelu Lukaku fight- all ham-footed lay-offs and an inadvertent assistance for both of City’s goals- Silva was a striking phase of contrast. An oddball centre-forward perhaps, but also the vie oddball centre-forward. At one point in that second half Silva surged down the left channel, held the ball for Leroy Sane’s run and played a beautiful nudged reverse pass, a pass so gentle it seemed to belong in an altogether different game, to be startled to find itself out here surrounded by all this frenzy. Moments afterward Silva even took it on himself to make a curving, decoy run, Ian Rush-style, freeing space for Kevin De Bruyne behind him to surge forward and shoot at goal.

If this victory does end up a decisive step towards the league title it was entirely fitting Silva should decorate its best moments. More than any other player, and even as an inherited portion, Silva personifies Pep Guardiola’s obsession with pass and move, with making a fetish of the ball, of trying to win every moment in the match.

And yet Silva would perhaps struggle to find a role in the opposition here, a Manchester United team packed with speed and athleticism, but sent out at the start to defend deep and then break with speed.

And what a start it was from United, who spent the opening half hour defiantly silencing their own mob. This wasn’t just assault versus defense during those wasted opening 43 minutes, it was deep, maniacal, utterly paranoid defence. For long periods Old Trafford seemed to be staging a pub game on a windy day, the ball skirling inexorably towards the United goal, every clearance boomeranging back in the sleet.

Even United’s method of moving the ball forward from the back was extraordinary, something from the Wimbledon playbook under Egil Olsen, “clearing out” the midfield and sending swirling long passes towards the front three, 42 of them in the opening hour. The contrast was, of course, striking. With 20 minutes gone, Vincent Kompany varied the angle for City, skimming a long pass that flew straight-out through to David De Gea, while in his rectangle Guardiola ran berserk, puffing out the wings of his shiny black bomber jacket as he signalled for more patience, more care, more of the same old Pep style.

United were, of course, faced with a ticklish balance of assaulting intentions, teased by some obvious imperfections in City’s defence, tortured by the prospect of being torn apart by the rapiers at the other aim should they overcommit to seeking out those tender spots. But this was something else, as demonstrated by the fact United scored from their first concerted assault in first-half trauma time, Marcus Rashford finishing expertly after Fabian Delph had failed to cut out a diagonal pass.

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Manchester City deserved derby win over United, says Pep Guardiola- video

By that stage United were already chasing the game. Later Nicolas Otamendi’s neat finish would take it away again. Fittingly, it was Silva who had scored the opener, albeit in the most unexpected route, scissoring home a loose ball after a corner. Up to that phase Silva had been majestic in his more accustomed role, maintaining the ball, directing City’s assaults, introducing importance where required, and skipping away from Ander Herrera, with a decisive slow-motion grace. Some players have an extra yard in their head. Silva appears to have an entire practice pitching up there, with the whole game playing on fast-forward on a series of big screens.

At one point, as his legs began to slow towards the end, he could be seen calling out to Raheem Sterling and pointing, telling him where to run to take De Bruyne’s pass, trundling around the pitching like an auxiliary brain in a jar, stimulating every part of the play he touched just that bit better; the most fitting of key portions on a day that assured City take a giant leap forward.

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Intruder shot in Pennsylvania home invasion attempt was homeowner’s relative, police say

The intruder shot and killed by an elderly Pennsylvania homeowner during a home invasion attempt last week turned out to be the man’s nephew-in-law.

Dennis Mercadante, 49, and another man violated into the home at around 1:20 a.m. on Friday, Ellwood City police said.

Mercadante was shot after a struggle in the hallway with homeowner Don Lutz, investigators said. The other man took off.

“I’m a hard believer of guns- not gun control. We should never stop law-abiding people from having firearms, ” Lutz told the Ellwood City Ledger.

Dennis Mercadante.


Mercadante was identified through facial recognition and fingerprints, and he turned out to be a nephew-in-law of Lutz, police Lt. David Kingston told the paper.

He said it was unlikely that any charges will be filed against Lutz, who hurt his right arm in the fight.

“I’ve never been afraid in my life, ” Lutz, a Korean War vet, told WTAE. “God has always been with me, and I’m a hard disciple in God and Jesus Christ, and God was with me tonight.”

Police are still investigating and haven’t identified the second intruder.

The Associated Press contributed to this report .

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31 Days of Happiness Countdown: A tour that’ll make you see taxidermy a new way. (Day 10)

Hello and therefore welcomed Day 10 of Upworthy’s 31 Days of Happiness Countdown! Each day between Dec. 10 and Dec. 31, we’re sharing narratives we hope will bring elation, smiles, and laugh into our lives and yours. It’s been a challenging year for a lot of us, so why not aim it on a high note with a little bit of happiness? Check back tomorrow for another installment !

Watch the first 30 seconds of this video and you will see one of the internet’s greatest examples of pure unabashed glee. That’s the only route I can describe host Emily Graslie’s reaction to the World Taxidermy Championships.

And if taxidermy doesn’t strike you as an art sort, oh son, it will after this. This isn’t the weird fish on your uncle’s wall or that one Twitter account. These are seriously beautiful. From the raccoon with egg on its face to the ducks gliding in for a landing, you could definitely see these in a museum somewhere, couldn’t you?

I know taxidermy might seem kind of weird, but candidly, Graslie’s enthusiasm is infectious and if anyone is really this aroused about something, you’ve got to sit down and listen for a while. You might get excited too.

More days of happiness here : DAY 1/ DAY 2/ DAY 3/ DAY 4/ DAY 5/ DAY 6/ DAY 7/ DAY 8/ DAY 9/ [ DAY 10 ]/ DAY 11/ DAY 12/ DAY 13/ DAY 14/ DAY 15/ DAY 16/ DAY 17/ DAY 18/ DAY 19/ DAY 20/ DAY 21/ DAY 22/ DAY 23/ DAY 24/ DAY 25/ DAY 26/ DAY 27/ DAY 28/ DAY 29/ DAY 30/ DAY 31

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Stitch Fix defies odds, soars over 50% since lackluster debut

It’s been just ten days since Stitch Fix debuted on the stock market, and it has risen nearly 54 percentage since then. It’s an astonishing feat for the style styling business, which got off to a rough start ,~ ATAGEND but speedily turned things around as it started to gain momentum by the work of its third day of trading and soared 24 percent today, better known as “Cyber Monday.”

For those who didn’t watch this highly anticipated IPO, Stitch Fix originally priced its offering at $15, which was below its proposed price range of $18 to $20, even after reducing the size of its offering. It then closed the first day at $15.15, below the opening price of $16.90. The following day it “broke issue, ” shutting beneath the $15 IPO price. And all of this was well beneath the $22.61 that the company valued its buyback at last year.

Last Tuesday, however, Stitch Fix changed course, and it’s been on a roll ever since. One possibility for the bullish sentiment could be that investors are predicting a big holiday one-quarter for e-commerce and this business in particular. Amazon shares have also gone up the coming week .~ ATAGEND

Gene Munster, formerly an analyst at Piper Jaffray and now a venture capitalist at Loup Ventures, says it’s “probably a couple of big purchasers, and the following chart starts running, and people feel like they’re missing something.”

He believes that it mostly boils down to simple render and demand. Stitch Fix did what’s called a “low float, ” meaning it made a relatively low number of shares available for sale — which is often the instance with newly public companies.

Still, while there’s often volatility in the working day following an IPO, statistics show that what happened with Stitch Fix is highly unusual. Munster says that he “can’t recollect when it’s happened like this.”

According to Dealogic, U.S.-listed companies that trade flat on the first day, or within 1 percent above or below the IPO price, are up an average of only 1.6 percent one month following their IPO. This compares to 16 percent gains for other newly listed companies in the same timeframe.

The correlation continues longer term, with flat first-day companies trading up 10.8 percentage one-year out from the debut. Other U.S.-listed companies average 20 percent gains between the time of their IPO and the following 12 -month period.

That’s why there’s so much scrutiny on the first day “pop, ” the word used to describe the gains that are expected to happen on day one. Investment bankers advise companies to price IPOs about 15 to 30 percent beneath their predicted first day performance, sometimes characterized as a “discount” to encourage new investors to buy the stock. It’s also meant to prevent the stock from falling in the following weeks or months.

Because of the perceived importance of the “pop, ” bankers often exert what’s called a “greenshoe option, ” where they can buy back shares at the IPO price to save face in the first 30 days. It appears that they did this with Stitch Fix on the first day.In this case, bankers were allowed to buyup to 1.2 million shares .~ ATAGEND

While it’s surely too soon to declare Stitch Fix a long-term success, its short-term performance eludes the odds. In fact, Kathleen Smith, administrator of Renaissance Capital, the IPO ETF, calls this turnaround “rare.” She says that, typically, “breaking your IPO price leaves an imprint.”

The bull case for Stitch Fix is that it has built a fast-growing fashion business and did this with little capital. The company created merely a reported $42 million from Benchmark Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partner and Baseline Ventures .

In only six years, co-founder and CEO Katrina Lake has built a company with $977.1 million in annual revenue. She’s also the youngest female to ever take a company public, according to the Nasdaq.

Stitch Fix has already achieved profitability in some years, although it turned to a small loss of $594,000 for 2017. Last year Stitch Fix saw $33.2 million in net income.

Stitch Fix has become a leader in a growing category of try-it-before-you-buy-it fashion business. The company’s mix of algorithms and human stylists help determine which outfits shall be transmitted to regular customers.

Of course, there’s always a bearish instance for a stock, too. In this case, some IPO investors were burned on Blue Apron’s rough stock market run and may at first have been wary of anything that looked like subscription commerce.( The people who have access to the IPO price are a different group than typical retail stock exchange investors. It’s an exclusive group of institutional investors and hedge funders, who are expected to hold their positions to keep the stock stable ).

We’re also told that some investors were initially concerned that co-founder and CEO Katrina Lake had planned to sell shares at the time of the IPO, a practice that is sometimes construed as a signal that insiders are less than confident about a company’s longer-term performance.

Lake nixed those schemes after reducing the size of the IPO, saying she believed the company should be valued at more than $15. ~ ATAGEND

Other concerns included the company’s short “lock-up” period, with 35 percent of insider shares potentially eligible for sale after merely 90 days, dependent on stock performance. Companies typically have employees wait until the 180 -day mark because the selling can cause the stock to dip. Additionally, CFO Paul Yee has only been with the company for five months, and the company’s COO, Mike Smith, was just promoted in October. We’ve heard that this spooked some of the IPO buyers.

There were also some anxieties about decelerating growth and high customer acquisition costs.

Either way, it looks like Stitch Fix’s early gains are a “Christmas present, ” says Smith, who calls it “encouraging to see the stock stimulate these recoveries.”

We “was talkin about a” the Stitch Fix pricing and more on the most recent episode of TechCrunch’s “Equity” podcast .

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Wrestler Rich Swann arrested, charged with battery of wife

Wrestler Rich Swann is being held without bail in a Florida jail after he was arrested and charged with battery and false imprisonment.

Swann, who is 26 and a former WWE cruiserweight champion, was arrested Saturday.

According to Gainesville Police, Swann was arguing with his wife, who is also a wrestler. His wife — whose names appear Vannarah Riggs but goes by Su Yung — had wrestled earlier. A police report said Swann blamed her performance and the pair began arguing. A witness told police that Riggs jumped out of Swann’s slowly moving car.

The report says the witness also assured Swann put Riggs in a headlock and dragged her back to his vehicle.

Swann will appear in court Monday. No attorney is listed in county records.

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