Intello scores $1.3 million seed round for SaaS management platform

While the cloud removes much of the hassle and complexity associated with maintaining and managing an application, that ease of use means you can lose control of your usage and spending just as easily. Intello wants to help your company way and manage all that information in a dashboard. Today, it announced $1.3 million in seed funding.

Companies tend to track this data use a variety of tools like spreadsheets for renewal dates and Box or Dropbox to store their contracts. They might be using calendar reminders when contracts are due for renewal, says company co-founder and CEO Barak Kaufman. He says that he saw this first-hand in his former chore working on an investment team at Insight Venture Partners, and he recognise there was a need for a dedicated tool to manage all of this. It was the impetus to launch a company of his own.

Kaufman says Intello dedicates the CFO or head of IT, whoever manages the software spend, full visibility in a central place of utilization, spend and contractual details, including renewal dates. He says the tool also gives companies insight into Shadow IT, the notion that employees can easily sign up for these services on their own without IT’s knowledge or approval. This is particularly important to its implementation of understanding where sensitive data might be stored, especially with GDPR privacy regulations coming into effect in May of this year in the EU.

Medical crisis in east Ghouta as hospitals ‘systematically targeted’

Syrian government and allies accused of deliberately destroying civilian healthcare

The medical system in eastern Ghouta is near collapse, medics and doctors say, after nearly a week of airstrikes that have reached 22 hospitals and clinics and led to widespread claims that civilian healthcare in the besieged area is being systematically annihilated.

Medics inside Ghouta claimed only three medical facilities remained fully operational and all were overwhelmed with mass casualties that continued to arrive throughout Thursday- the fifth day of a blitz by Russian and Syrian airplanes across the opponent enclave. Medecins Sans Frontieres said 13 hospitals it supported had been destroyed or injury in the past three days alone.

As the damage and death toll from the ten-strikes continued to mount, international organisations that monitor the Syria crisis alleged there was clear evidence that hospitals were purposely targeted.

” The unspeakable agony we are witnessing was intentionally schemed and meticulously implemented over period ,” said Susannah Sirkin, the director of international policy at Physicians for Human Rights, an NGO.” The current situation is the lethal result of a conscious strategy of besiegement, blocking of aid and, ultimately, the illegal demolition of civilian targets with bombs- a tactic the Syrian government and its allies initiated in Aleppo, and are now repeating with brutality in eastern Ghouta .”

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Bodycam footage shows children being rescued from rubble in eastern Ghouta, Syria- video

Advocacy group the Violations Documentation Centre, which has compiled data on attacks in Syria, said hospitals were being targeted with different munitions to those used elsewhere in Ghouta.” We have observed and documented that the Syrian government targeted the medical phases with directed rockets ,” said Mona Zeineddine, its director of communications.

” This is important to note because the Syrian regime is largely utilizing unguided and improvised bombs, but when it is necessary to hospitals and medical points, guided and directed rockets are used. Also when a particular medical site is hit once, it is then made again when first responders arrive .”

Authorities in Ghouta have also detailed assaults on up to six civil defense centres, which have been used to coordinate rescue tries.” We are being directly targeted by airplane ten-strikes ,” said Abu Saleh al-Ghoutani, an ambulance driver.” Even as we’re rescuing people from under the rubble or driving them to the hospitals we are mercilessly and directly targeted. They wait and see where we’re driving and they bomb us.

” We have 250 documented deaths, and 1,700 injured until Wednesday. The death toll will rise because some are gravely injured .”

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based war monitor, at least 403 people have been killed and 2,116 injured in eastern Ghouta since Sunday night. On Thursday Russia blocked a ceasefire proposal at the UN security council for the area, describing the widespread reporting of heavy civilian casualties as a product of” mass psychosis “.

One Ghouta doctor, who uses the pseudonym Abu Bakr, said:” We’ve been targeted immediately. It’s an ungodly situation; we weren’t prepared for this brutality. Civilians did not expect such cruelty. Those who aren’t able to reach shelters are exposed to their demises. We’re targeted by barrel bombs and all types of rockets. There is scarcity of food and water. We cannot do our chores properly as well, it’s impossible. Our hands are tied. There is no electricity. We do not know what’s coming in the next few days .”

The sustained air campaign contribute to strident criticism from aid agencies, but has generated little diplomatic momentum despite repeated claims that the two attacks have constituted war crimes.

Dr Ghanem Tayara, the chairman of the Union Of Medical care And Relief Organisations, said:” Even war has rules and their actions violate countless UN resolves. In military combats, even the dead and wounded are allowed to be cleared. The civilians of Ghouta are afforded no such dignity. Their hospitals, schools, food warehouses are destroyed and they are denounced to a slow and painful death.

” Shouldn’t there be an emergency security council fulfilling to resolve this ?,” said Ghoutani.” We’ve had no electricity for four years; children are succumbing , no milk , no food and no water. The shelters that the families and women and children are hiding in are in terrible conditions; they have no floors, or windows.

” We had one’ sugar dealer’ who was a pro-regime man, and a kilogram of sugar expense us 17,000 Syrian pounds[ PS56 ]. We are now resorting to devoting our kids sugary[ fluids] as food .”

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Chevy Chase gets into roadside fight with young drivers who had to look up who he was

A Long Island man said he kicked Chevy Chase in self-defense on an upstate highway when the unhinged performer lunged at him and cautioned, “I am going to ruin your lives! ”

Michael Landrio, 22, a UPS worker from East Patchogue, told The Post that he and his girlfriend and another couple were headed north to go snowmobiling Feb. 9 when a blue Mercedes flashed its sunlights at them and pulled next to them at the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge.

“We were in the right lane and as we came up to the bridge we went to the middle lane, ” he said in his parents’ home in Suffolk County. “It was an old guy yelling- something we couldn’t hear- super pissed-off . … We just tried to get the heck away from him. He followed us the whole length of the bridge, driving crazy.”

Landrio said the pursuing driver weaved in and out of traffic until they pulled over in South Nyack in Rockland County after traversing the span.

“My friend opened his window and just said,’ I apologize, we were just trying to go upstate, ’” he said, adding that the Mercedes blocked their vehicle.

“You know who the f– I am? ” Landrio said Chase hollered. “Then he started cursing at me for no reason and said,’ I am going to ruin their own lives! ’ I said,’ F– you! ’

Then he yanks open their auto doorway and yells,’ I’m going to punch you in the nose’ and he came after me and had his hands in my face, ” he continued. “I said,’ Get the f– away from me! ’”

Landrio said Chase — who at this point was inside Landrio’s car attacking him — threw a punch that missed. Landrio said he then kicked the out-of-control Chase, sending him flying out of the car, into his Mercedes and onto the ground.

“I closed my vehicle doorway and locked it but he was still trying to get into at me when a nurse and an off-duty policeman escorted him away, ” Landrio said.

“I didn’t know who he was — I was just trying to defend myself. He was physically trying to harm me, ” he said, adding that the cop told him his attacker was none other than Chevy Chase of “Saturday Night Live” and “Caddyshack” fame.

“I seemed him up on Google and I still didn’t know who he was, ” he said. “He didn’t look like he looked when he made his movies.”

Landrio, who wants to pursue a career in law enforcement , noted that Chase stands 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 240 pounds, while he is just 5-foot-11 and weighs 155 pounds.

The suspect was slapped with a counting of second-degree harassment.

This article originally appeared in Page Six .

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White powder letter sent to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Reports say letter contained a racist note as Met investigates if it is linked to Westminster scare

Scotland Yard is investigating after a letter addressed to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry that contained white powder inspired an anthrax scare.

The letter was received this month at St James’s Palace in central London. The powder inside was be considered to be harmless after being examined by experts.

The package is understood to have contained a note, with one report claiming it was racist in nature. Markle, a successful actor, is from a mixed-race background.

The couple are due to be married in May. The letter was received at the palace shortly before a package containing white powder also prompted a scare at the Palace of Westminster.

The Evening Standard newspaper said the royal couple had been informed of the suspicious package.

The police inquiry is trying to determine if the same person or people were responsible for the sending both letters.

Anthrax can be weaponised in powder sort and is potentially deadly. But there have been a number of scares where harmless white powder has been sent to prominent people.

Scotland Yard said in a statement:” Police are investigating after a package containing a substance was delivered to St James’s Palace on Monday 12 February.

” The substance was tested and corroborated as non-suspicious. Officers are also investigating an accusation of malicious communications which relates to the same package. No apprehends; investigations continue .”

A spokesperson for St James’s Palace said they would not commentary and it was a matter for the police.

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Her kids are throwing a fit about guns. A mom’s message for all adults is a must-read.

I remember when my oldest children were in elementary school and I was just learning about lockdown drills and the imaginary terror that small children act out three times a year.

The kind that turns into low-level subconscious terror. The terror that is differentiated by a code over the loud speaker — one that means “this is only a drill” and the other that means “get ready to maybe die.”

Everyone acts like active-shooter drills are part of a new normal. But teens’ passionate activism rising up from Florida and spreading with unstoppable force-out tells adults this: They are a big deal . And the kids are sick and tired of it.

Yesterday, my middle schooler asked me if I would come supporting him at his school when he and his classmates walked out. He was fretted the security guards wouldn’t let them out and worried if they get by, they wouldn’t be let back in. There were about five parents to the 500 kids at my middle schooler’s walkout. Most of us were there to proponent for the kids if they needed it, but it turned out they had support from their school.

The kids are no longer waiting for adults to wring our hands, to fight with each other for a week, to do a few forms of passive activism for a few days until we feel a little better.

Kids are weighing the results of their actions because the issue of school shootings affects them the most, and adults have failed them in creating change.

A newsperson hoisted his camera over his head to scan the crowd and the reporter approached me. “Are you a mother? ” she asked. “Would you like to be interviewed? ”

It struck me how odd it was that they were choosing to centre the votes of the handful adults when there were hundreds of screaming, chanting children around them. “I’d rather see you interview one of the students, ” I responded. “This effort was altogether student-organized and student-led. Theirs are the voices that need to be heard.”

During the 2016 election, my oldest, then 14 years old, campaigned for a local candidate. On election night, he and I attended the county Democratic watch party together. I was eager to celebrate his hard work.

When the election didn’t turn our route, we sat, mouths agape, before staggering off in defeat and embarrassment. It was bitter cold that night, the walking to the car too far. When the car wouldn’t start, I cursed, banged hard on the wheel, then slumped my head onto the frigid driver’s side window and wept.

“How could this happen? ” I screamed.

My kid, with eyes as deep as the ocean, looked at me and said, “I don’t know, Mom. It’s going to be OK.” He placed his hand on my limb, and I took a deep breath.

Parents are supposed to be able to endlessly muster optimism in every situation. It felt like a failing when I couldn’t. But my son, somehow , did not lose his fire of hope.

He’s one of the co-organizers for the upcoming national walkouts at his school. He plans to campaign in this upcoming election cycle.

American kids know about the issue of handgun violence and its effects better than most of their peers all over the world. I’m ashamed that they do. We all should be ashamed.

My kids, along with thousands and thousands of American teens, are fed up.

They’re not here for nonsensical debates about arming both teachers and militarizing their schools. They know this isn’t the Wild West, and they know more handguns followed by prayer-filled condolences are not the solution to America’s horrific school massacre problem.

Direct action is often met with criticism. People say that sit-ins, boycott, blocking traffic, and yes, even school walkouts aren’t effective, that the way to effect change is to hall lawmakers, to vote for the right nominees. But, mass interruptions have never been about changing a law in that moment. They are a tactic in meeting that end. They are a show of force-out. Mass interruptions make a scene; mass resistance forces a hand.

School walkouts are a tantrum that calls, “FIX THIS NOW! ”

I never would have never supposed I’d be rallying for my kids to throw a tantrum. But I am. I’m rallying for the entire country of teens to have fits because their channeled fury only might be the thing that solves this.

It dawned on me the other day when my children were talking about their walkout schemes that my oldest will be 18 when November 2020 rolls around.

So will a whole slew of teens who are taking to the streets today. Legislator better listen and respond like their jobs depend on it.

These children aren’t going anywhere.

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Firefighter charged with lighting children’s hands on fire

A Vermont firefighter is charged with illuminating his children’s hands on fire in what he told police was an attempt to teach them about poor decision-making.

Twenty-eight-year-old Levi Dykema, of Ferrisburgh, is facing three counts of reckless endangerment after police say he encompassed the hands of his children, ages 5, 7 and 10, with hand sanitizer and erupted it. WCAX-TV reports he is also accused of posting video of the event to social media.

Dykema, who has pleaded not guilty, told police he was demonstrating the flammability of sanitizer and attempting to teach them about poor decision-making. Police say the children were not injured, but could have been seriously burned.

The Charlotte Select Board says Dykema has been suspended from his position as a volunteer firefighter.


Information from: WCAX-TV, http ://

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You Were My 11:17 Wish

Allef Vinicius/ Unsplash

I started to make a wish on 11:11 when I realized it was actually 11:17, and I had just misread the last digit. That’s what loving you felt like.

I never intended to dive head first into that game with you. But they should’ve seen your smile after three shootings of Jose, and I can’t put into terms for my friends the way your limbs wrapped around my waist like God stimulated them exclusively for that purpose.

There was this feeling of possibility in the air exclusive to those dark, warm summer nights that felt like nirvana. I didn’t intend on loving you, but late night infatuation begin to disguise itself after a while, doesn’t it? And who was I to object?

You’d sit on my bed and call me beautiful from all regions of the room. I should’ve noticed when you were busy on your phone minutes later.

You ensure, I used to hate the girls you betrayed my trust with. I’d find their social media accounts, drink in their faces, their lives, I’d know their names. Stomach careening while I scrolled.

It wasn’t until a month ago that I realise I never detested these girls at all. I detested you. I detested the nights where I was awake at 4 wondering why I hadn’t heard from you. I disliked the nights I was up at 5, wondering why you didn’t wishes to publicize our relations. And at 6, because why was that random daughter commenting on your scenes calling you “babe”? 7, because why wasn’t I enough? God, why wasn’t I enough?

On the nights where alcohol would make our veins, and tomorrow morning was a mere suggestion, I recollect praying you for an answer to that question.

But have you ever seen someone who can’t enter into negotiations with their own remorse? Do you know what kind of brute that is? Your voice would create, yelling,’ shut the hell up or get the hell out.’

I’d see your eyes soften for maybe the quickest second, a sad son trapped inside a hulk-like stature.

Minutes afterward you could be in bed snoring while I muffled sobs on your bedroom floor. Our favorite routine. Whose mom taught us that bruises only received from bloody fists?

I think I forgave you for not being the person I dreamt you to be when I forgave myself for remaining long past knowing you weren’t. You can’t live carrying a heaviness like that.

I sealed it in an envelope with a kiss and sent it on its way, hoping that maybe the love I share with the next guy will be more like 11:11 and less like 11:17.

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Blockchain engineers are in demand

Demand is off the charts for blockchain talent, and the capital is waiting to back it up. More than $3.7 billion has been raised through ICOs in the United States alone. Blockchain-related chores are the second-fastest growing in today’s labor market; there are now 14 job openings for every one blockchain developer. And as Nick Szabo, the developer who coined “smart contracts, ” pointed out, there is an extreme “ $/ knowledge” ratio in the blockchain space, where capital by far outpaces talent.

Today, Toptal, a marketplace for on-demand tech talent, is publicly launching their blockchain engineering talent vertical out of private beta. In today’s software development scenery, Toptal represents about 50 percentage of on-demand engineering labor by revenue.

Requests for on-demand blockchain talent are skyrocketing. Last year, freelance talent marketplace Upwork assured blockchain rise to the fastest-growing skill out of more than 5,000 skills to its implementation of freelancer billings — a year-over-year increase of more than 35,000 percent. These petitions span ICO advisory services, engineering projects and overall blockchain consultancy.

Since January 2017, the demand for blockchain engineering talent on Toptal has grown 700 percentage, and 40 percentage of the fully managed software development projects requested in the last month necessitate blockchain skills. By diving into the requests Toptal ensures, we can start to paint a better picture of the blockchain development languages and knowledge areas increasing in demand.

The first is Hyperledger Fabric implementation, an open-source enterprise blockchain framework. The second is Ripple development, a payment protocol used for distributed processes for remittances, payments and exchanges. The third is smart contract development with a concentration around Solidity, a smart-contract programming language for Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Taso Du Val, Toptal’s founder and CEO, thinks this sheds some predictions on blockchain development at-large.

“Different types of contracts are going to be disrupted first, ” he said. “Disruption will be in places like asset management, or deals being made that require complex contracting. Pays are so complex, and to work at scale, necessitate the sign-off of not just central banks, but also governments. Payments won’t come first. Contracts don’t need such a sign-off, since they are a lower roadblock to entry. There are less regulatory obstacles, so we will see the contract space get disrupted first.”

Toptal’s launch of blockchain engineering talent in its freelance talent marketplace could be a doubled win. On the one hand, it could help with blockchain ecosystem development overall by cross-pollinating blockchain development projects as on-demand technologists take knowledge from one project to another. Moreover, it is unable to grow the blockchain talent pool overall through Toptal’s engineering skill development program, which helps their existing engineering pool get up to snuff on blockchain.

Toptal’s blockchain engineers are working on projects like the Hashgraph, which addresses scalability issues, and with big public companies like SinglePoint on blockchain consolidations. The variety of clients utilizing Toptal for their projects, and their completely remote workforce spanning 100 countries, signals the further development of blockchain technologists with actual applied experience — Toptal even lets their clients hire them for a contract-to-hire fee.

Toptal’s talent structure aims to also grow the network of skilled blockchain engineers over hour. They co-designed a test and training curriculum with top technologists in blockchain that they use to develop their existing network of technologists. In fact, Toptal find growing the talent force in blockchain as integral to their business today and the only style to meet growing demand. They screen and accept to their talent network the top three percent of technologists, and are looking forward to developing their existing network to be skilled with blockchain.

The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, thinks “core developers and researchers should be employed by multiple companies or organizations …[ and ]… the knowledge of the technical considerations behind protocol upgrades must be democratized, so that more people can feel comfortable participating in research discussions and blaming protocol changes.”

Vitalik’s vision of the market is a reality reinforced by more projects, implementations and companies demanding blockchain than there are engineers available to work on them.

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NRA hate bingo: we decode Wayne LaPierre’s loaded rant

LaPierres incendiary CPAC speech contained an exhaustive list of his dislikes and the things his adversaries apparently hate him for. See how many you can place!

Say what you like about Wayne LaPierre, the head of the National Rifle Association. He knows his audience.

A week after the tragic mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, LaPierre took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference outside Washington to defend America’s right to bear arms.

The speech was also an opportunity for the audience to play NRA” hate bingo”, as LaPierre ticked off an exhaustive- and exhausting- list of the association’s bogeymen and women: Barack Obama, the media, Hollywood,” European-style socialists “, George Soros, Mexicans, China, Black Lives Matter and NFL players who refuse to stand for the national anthem.

Having exhaustively triggered his audience, he went on to mention God, family, the flag, capitalism and all those other things his adversaries- supposedly- despise.

If you want to play hate bingo, see how many key words you can find in the speech. And here’s a selection of the most memorable quotes.

Key quotes from the speech

Their statutes don’t stop illegal criminals from crossing our own borders every single day.

Their statutes don’t stop the scourge of gang violence and narcotic crime that savages Baltimore, Chicago and every major American community.

Their laws haven’t stopped the plague of opioids and Chinese fentanyl from Mexico that inundates American streets.

Racist, misogynist, sexist, xenophobe and more- these are the weapons and vitriol these character assassins scream to permanently hang in their targets and create a growing segment of victims.

From the occupied motion to Black Lives Matter to Antifa, they agitate the offended, promote uncivil discourse.

Backed by the social engineering and the billions of people like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg.

During the Obama decade’ a tidal wave of new European-style socialists’ have confiscated control of the Democratic party.

On college campuses the Communist Manifesto is one of the most frequently assigned texts.

The United States constitution is dismissed, United States history is perverted and the second amendment freedom is despised.

It should not be easier for a madman to shoot up a school than a bank or a jewelry store of some Hollywood gala.

Here are the results …

Completed bingo card

It’s a full house!

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry face anthrax scare as white powder sent to Kensington Palace

COPS have launched an urgent investigation after a letter containing white powder was addressed to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at Kensington Palace.

The letter was intercepted before reaching the couple but a full security scare was sparked over fears it is unable to contain anthrax.

Meghan, 36, and Harry, 33, are believed to have been informed of the incident, Evening Standard reports.

Tests exposed the powder was harmless but Scotland Yard is now said to be on high alert ahead of the royal bridal in May.

Terror cops were called in after the letter was sent on Feb. 12 – a day before policemen disclosed a package containing white powder had been sent to the Palace of Westminster.

The second letter was reportedly sent to the office of Home Secretary Amber Rudd at the Houses of Parliament but the material inside was also found to be non-harmful.

Detectives have now launched an investigation to track down the sender of the letters but have stimulated no arrests.

They are also be deemed to be examining whether there is a link between the two incidents.

Scotland Yard said it was aware of the letter and police officers from Counter Terrorism Command have launched an investigation.

Security for the couple is already tight after it was announced they will be touring the streets in a royal carriage straight-out after their wedding.

A fairytale procession through Windsor are as follows the ceremony at St George’s Chapel on May 19.

The couple will wed at noon, avoiding a direct clash with the FA Cup Final afterward.

Once Meghan weds Harry, she was formally become a member of the Royal family and receive briefings on security.

The former actress already receives round-the-clock protection.

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