Everything Wrong With Grown-ish

In case you’ve never seen an episode of Grown-ish, Grown-ish is basically a spin-off of the hit TV show Black-ish, which focuses on the journey of Zoey Johnson (played by Yara Shahidi) through college and her transition to adulthood. Grown-ish bears some similarities to the hit TV show A Different World, a spin-off of The Cosby Show, which also follows Denise Huxtable (played by Lisa Bonet) through college and her transition to adulthood.

Before the release of “Grown-ish”, many young people were excited about the possibility of being represented on the big screen and being able to relate to issues they experience in college. Unfortunately however, the show turned out to be a disappointment and was far from the realistic college experience many young people had. This is why we at Viral News have come up with a list of “Everything Wrong with Grown-ish”.

  1. Drug Abuse

Although drug abuse often occurs on many University campuses, it’s however unlikely that they occur as rampantly as the show makes it out to be. Throughout the series, there seems to be an excessive pattern of students openly doing drugs wherever and whenever they please. An example of this, is when Vivek (played by Jordan Buhat)dealt drugs in a Faculty building with other students and staff walking by.

In as much as drug abuse often occurs on University campuses, most colleges have strict policies against drug abuse. In fact, you could get kicked out of College indefinitely without the possibility of being able to apply for the same program or even a different program in the future. Worse of all, you could have a record on file which could affect any future aspirations you may have.

2. Too Shallow

We all know that when University students aren’t busy with schoolwork, they can be found going to parties, getting into relationships and hanging out at bars. However, throughout the show, there seemed to be excessive focus on these activities and hardly any focus on school-related work. The main characters in the show can be seen going to parties almost everyday without hardly doing any schoolwork

Even when the characters are shown attending class, it’s usually just a night business class taught by Charlie Telphy from Black-ish (played by Deon Cole) – who probably doesn’t even have the right credentials to teach a University course.

To make matters worse, Charlie hardly teaches anything related to the course. Instead, he spends most of his teaching-time engaging in unnecessary conversation and activities.

To be very honest, it’s very likely that if the main characters were enrolled in real colleges, they could find themselves getting kicked out of their programs or even out of their schools as a result of poor grades.

  1. Blind to Real College Issues

In attempting to entertain audiences by showing the glamourous side of College, “Grown-ish” hardly pays attention to other real issues some College students experience such as depression, sexual assault, suicide, etc. To be fair, Grown-ish does equally show light on other issues which take place on College campuses. However, it does not portray those issues in a manner that resembles that of a real College.

  1. Corny Jokes

“Grown-ish” also tries too hard to pull of jokes, usually at the expense of certain groups of people. It usually does this through the excessive use of stereotypes and discriminatory remarks which are always in poor taste. An example of a scene which does this, is when Zoey made the remark “white girl drunk” which seemed to imply being heavily intoxicated.

  1. Bad Acting

Finally, the acting in “Grown-ish” also seems to be very poor and carried out by people with little to no acting experience. To be very honest, it almost feels like the casting directors were aiming for a more popular cast, rather than the talent of a more experienced cast.

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