North Macedonia Newspaper Mocks Timo Werner by Giving Him a Passport

On Wednesday evening, during the international break, Germany’s football team faced the North Macedonia football team in a World Cup Qualification match, in which the Germans lost 2-1 to the North Macedonians. Although Germany ended up losing the game, they did also have a couple of chances to win it. One of which included Timo Werner’s failure to score a sitter in the 80th minute. Werner’s miss was so bad, even a player on the North Macedonia team, could not help but place his hands on the head in disbelief. The miss also sent social media into a frenzy, with some users making fun of Timo Werner’s miss.

With everything that occurred after the game, the moment which stood out the most, was when a North Macedonia newspaper wasted no time in mocking Timo Werner, by giving the German a Macedonian Passport “thanking him” for missing the clear shot at goal, which could have changed the outcome of the game.

The tweet translates to: Timo #Werner receives a North Macedonian passport “out of gratitude”. Poor guy. Via @VecerMk@SID_Sportnews#GERMKD

Currently, North Macedonia sits at 2nd place, whiles Germany sits at 3rd place, although both teams share 6 points in their World Cup Qualification group. This is because North Macedonia leads Germany in goal difference.

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