Maybe You Deserve More Than Just A Text Back

God& Man

It isn’t love you dread it’s rejection. It isn’t love you fear as much as ache. It isn’t love you fear it’s disappointment.

You dread getting hurt like you did before. You’re more guarded.

You associate caring with pain.

You associate love with fear.

You think back to a long list of populations and narratives that led to another dead end.

You push people away but at the very same hour you want and need that connection. We all do.

When you are the type of person who fears getting hurt but loving unconditionally comes very naturally to you, you’re caught between a battle of your heart vs. your head.

Part of you wants to jump into things while the other half of you fears every step you take anticipating it being the wrong one.

You lay awake at night wondering if you’re doing this to yourself. If you’ve become so tainted expecting the worst of people suddenly manifests itself into bringing out the worst of everyone.

Sometimes you think it’s you and not every person which is why something is wrong with you. It has nothing to do with the person you’re choosing.

When the common factor is you alone, every time something is wrong with you you point at yourself fixating upon flaws and things you shouldn’t have said. Perhaps if you acted differently. Maybe if you said something else. Perhaps if you didn’t make it so easy.

But love and relationships and giving your best are what comes easily to you.

With every letdown, you swear you’re going to be more careful next time. You’re going to make it a bit harder to get you. You swear you won’t try so hard or care too much. You’ll do everything that doesn’t come naturally. You won’t wear your heart on your sleeve. You’ll eventually be the one that cares less. You won’t be the one that gets hurt this time. You won’t be the one who gets disillusioned. You won’t sit staring at your phone wondering when you attained yourself this alternative they could opt. You swore the next time you wouldn’t sit here pointing the finger of blamed at the person looking back at you in the mirror.

But here you are doing just that. Here you are rereading texts, replaying scenarios, wondering exactly at what moment did this person change their intellect about you .

Alone you think you’ve made progress. You believe I’m ready for someone new to enter my life. You believe, okay I can do this. Then someone comes and it feels like one step forward and three back because here you are in the same relationship circle only with a different person playing the main role.

It’s exhausting to watch the same thing maintain occur. But at the same time when you talk yourself through these things, yeah maybe there are things you could have done differently but when you enter a relationship being exactly who you are and not changing, half of you simply said that he hoped enough.

You hope this is the person who accepts you for it. You hope this is the person who adds confidence to every person who ever left you with doubt . You hope this is the person who looks at you and realize everybody else made a mistake but they won’t. You hope simply perhaps this time it’s a different outcome.

Because the truth is all this is necessary is one person to do that for you.

One person to show you, you’ve done nothing wrong.

One person to show you, there is nothing wrong with you.

One person to show you, everything you look at as a flaw is what someone else sees as beauty.

You think you are to blame for all the luggage in your past but all it takes is one person to show you, you didn’t need to hold onto that so tightly.

Because the truth is the right person and the right type of love you deserve won’t leave you doubting them or doubting yourself. The right person will take every part of you as you are.

When you’re tired of getting hurt and all you’ve known is ache but you’re the different types who can love deep and give your best irrespective of that, perhaps the relationships you pine after and the people you think you want are less than you deserve. Maybe you deserve more than anything you’re aiming for.

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Stunning photo of Jupiter and two of its biggest moons

Two of Jupiter’s most important and intriguing moons hover near the giant planet in a striking photo snapped by NASA’s Juno spacecraft.

The color-enhanced image — which Juno captured on Sept. 1, 2017, during its most recent close flyby of Jupiter — shows the 2,260 -mile-wide( 3,640 kilometers) moon Io hugging the gas giant’s extremity and the 1,900 -mile-wide( 3,100 km) Europa a bit farther out. NASA released the image on Friday( Oct. 6 ).

Io and Europa are two of Jupiter’s four Galilean moons, which are so named because famed Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei detected them back in 1610.( The other two Galilean satellites are Callisto and Ganymede .) Io is the most volcanic object in the solar system, and astrobiologists regard the ocean-harboring Europa as one of the best bets to host life beyond Earth.[ More Amazing Jupiter Photos by Juno Citizen Scientists]

Juno was 17,098 miles( 27,516 km) from Jupiter’s cloud tops, at about 49.4 degrees south latitude when it took the image, NASA officers said.

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Russian troll factory paid US activists to help fund protests during election

Investigation in RBC newspaper determines Russians posing as Americans made pays to activists to help with the organisation of protests and events

Russian trolls posing as Americans built pays to genuine activists in the US to help fund protest motions on socially divisive issues, according to a new investigation by a respected Russian media outlet.

On Tuesday, the newspaper RBC published a major investigation into the work of a so-called Russian “troll factory” since 2015, including during the period of the US election campaign, disclosures that are likely to set further spotlight on alleged Russian meddling in the election.

The existence of the troll factory, which has a history of spamming Russian and English blogs and comment forums, has been reported on by many outlets including the Guardian, but the RBC investigation is the first in-detail look at the organisation’s activity during the election period.

RBC said it had identified 118 accounts or groups in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that were linked to the troll factory, all of which had been blocked in August and September this year as part of the US investigation into Russian electoral meddling.

Many of the accounts had already been linked to Russian disinformation efforts in western outlets, but RBC said its sources at the troll factory had provided screenshots of the internal group administration pages of some of the groups, as proof the latter are run away from Russia. It also spoke to former and current employees of the troll factory, all of whom spoke anonymously.

Perhaps the most alarming component of the article was the claim that employees of the troll factory had contacted about 100 real US-based activists to help with the organisation of protests and events. RBC claimed the activists were contacted by Facebook group administrators concealing their Russian origin and were offered financial help to pay for transport or print expenses. About $80,000 was expended during a two-year period, according to the report.

The main topics covered by the groups run from Russia were race relations, Texan independence and handgun rights. RBC counted 16 groups pertaining to the Black Lives Matter campaign and other race a matter that had a total of 1.2 million subscribers. The biggest group was entitled Blacktivist and reportedly had more than 350,000 likes at its peak.

Last month, CNN also reported that US authorities believed the Blacktivist Facebook group and Twitter account were the work of Russian impostors.

The infiltration of American social networks by Russian trolls and bots appears to be the conclusion of an operation that began by targeting the Russian-language internet space, grew to encompass specific comments pages of western newspapers and blogs, and eventually seems to have led to the creation of whole Facebook communities designed to look like they are run by ordinary Americans.

Two years ago, the Guardian spoke with two people who worked at the” troll farm “. They would clock on at the building on Savushkina St each morning, turn on a VPN connection to disguise their place, and expend their days inhabiting fake personas on Russian social networks.

These profiles would post dozens of innocuous contemplations on traveling or baking, and then occasionally fill them out with politicised entries that mirrored Kremlin talking phases. Generally, the posts were either in kudo of President Vladimir Putin or about the “chaos” and “degeneration” of Europe, often with homophobic or racist undertones.

The Internet Research Agency, one of the companies believed to run the trolling operations, has long been rumoured to be a project of Evgeny Prigozhin, a shadowy industrialist known as” Putin’s chef”, who ran Putin’s favourite eatery in St Petersburg and later won billions of dollars worth of state catering contracts. A number of semi-legitimate news aggregating websites appear to be run by the same people as the troll operations.

Google has said Russian spies expended tens of thousands of dollars on targeted ads on YouTube, Google and Gmail, according to reports. Last month, Facebook released a statement saying it had detected $100,000 of ad spending on about 3,000 ads that it linked to 470 “inauthentic” accounts that it had linked to Russia. The company later clarified that the ads focused on” divisive social and political messages across the ideological spectrum “.

The company estimated that about 10 million Americans watched the ads, but interestingly also specified that only 44% of the impressions took place before last November’s election, constructing the Russian campaign look more like an attempt to sow general chaos rather than a narrowly focused electoral drive.

” The chore wasn’t to supporting Trump ,” one of the factory’s employees told RBC.” We raised social issues and other problems that already existed in the US, and tried to shine as bright a light as possible on them .” The employee said that because Clinton was part of the current regime, she was also a target.

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Former NFL player: President Trump and Colin Kaepernick should meet

Colin Kaepernick started all this. And he can finish it too, but he needs a little help to get this movement- the one he generated back in 2016 where reference is sat out the national anthem in protest of police barbarism- over the goal line.

He should meet with President Trump.

In return for his seemingly blatant neglect for the United States and the national anthem,( un) lucky# 7 Kaepernick claims to have been blacklisted from the NFL. In truth, it’s hard for me to see why any team would want to get within 100 yards of him and worsen the already-terrible PR that’s hit the NFL in the last 24 months.

I know there are many challenging, heartfelt and legitimate issues facing our country today. These issues need to be discussed, debated and solved. Often day, protesting is the only way to bringing them to the surface, and for that, I am thankful.

But I’m also thankful that we live in a country that affords us the absolute freedom to peacefully protest any of these issues – even the most difficult and apparently divisive ones. And our national anthem is our means to celebrate this- a is high time to stand together, shoulder to shoulder with hands on our hearts, honoring the flag of a country that more than 1.1 million American soldiers have sacrificed “peoples lives” for in order to procure, protect and defend that very freedom that we enjoy every day.

Despite our drastic differences, we’re all on the same team. We’re all in this together. And the teams that can’t navigate their differences, those are the ones that have losing seasons year after year. But the great squads? The championship squads? They figure it out. They. Always. Figure. It. Out.

That is why I will never advocate for a protest during the national anthem. Simply set, it’s country before self- even when the country isn’t exactly where it should be. Our charge as Americans is to get there together and we should start by respecting and honoring the one thing that allows us to go on that journey.

That said, choosing to ignore a message simply because you don’t like the messenger or agree with his style of delivery is to choose to remain ignorant on an issue. So while I deplore the method in which Colin Kaepernick chooses to protest, I want( and require) to understand his position and opinions.

I’ve spent my entire adult life talking about how athletes – and the skills athletes possess – represent the greatest of what’s possible with the human potential – in both life and business. Athletes are unbelievably hard working, dedicated, disciplined and have the desire to be a champ in everything they do. These qualities are surely essential to a successful life and, in business, there are no better skills required when wanting to hire the best talent available .

Athletes also know the value of their teammates – that no goal can be achieved without leaning on each other. I’ve been in hundreds of locker rooms and board rooms, and I can tell you that not one of them had a room full of people that agreed on everything. I’ve witnessed more than a few verbal( and physical) battles over the years on both sides. They were brutal! But we all had one thing in common- the insatiable desire to be the best team imaginable.

This is why sports brings us together like nothing else and why athletes have the unique ability to bring people together from all walks of life. We aspire to be like them- to better our very best, to improve ourselves daily and to chase perfection.

And this is analogous to our country, its citizens and our anthem. Coming together for a common objectives, despite our differences.

Which is why a meeting between two such unbelievably polarizing adults- one an out-of-work NFL quarterback in the “drivers seat” of a nationwide protest, the other the 45 th president of the United States- could be such an incredible opportunity to help unify the country.

President Trump and Colin Kaepernick need to do one thing: sit down and talk.

They need to show the other side the respect it deserves and hear it out. They need to listen to each other fervently , not as a means to form a answer but to intimately understand.

Because you see, despite our drastic differences, we’re all on the same squad. We’re all in this together. And the teams that can’t navigate their differences, those are the ones that have losing seasons year after year. But the great teams? The championship squads? They figure it out. They. Always. Figure. It. Out.

So, I call for a meeting of teammates- number 7 and number 45. You must meet.

Chris Valletta is an award-winning entrepreneur, writer, media contributor and former NFL Player.

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Snapchat is building a secluded R&D lab in Lehi, Utah

It’s hard to build something secret in LA or SF without anyone finding out. So Snap Inc. is constructing a new R& D office in the remote place of Lehi, Utah — 30 miles south of Salt Lake City. The distance from Facebook and other tech companies could allow Snapchat to develop new app features or hardware devices beyond the prying eyes and ears of its competitors.

Meanwhile, Snap can tap a furnish of engineering talent from Brigham Young University, a 25 -minute drive away in Provo. Snap struck gold here in the past, acquiring, a startup founded by BYU students that induced the QR codes that evolved into Snapchat’s scannable Snapcodes.[ Update: In fact, information sources tells us that Kirk Ouimet, one of the co-founders, was tasked by Snap to come back to Utah, build a team, and start this new office to work on a few projects. Ouimet’s social accounts list him as still living in LA, but our source says he’s been working from Alpine, UT, a few miles outside Lehi .]

Lehi is also home to IM Flash Technology, a massive Intel and Micron-backed semiconductor fabrication plant, that led Lehi to render one in 14 of the world’s flash memory chips as of 2013, in agreement with the Deseret News newspaper in SLC.

Talent from BYU and IM Flash might not be keen on trenching quiet Utah life for big cities where Snap’s other offices reside, so the Lehi lab could help the company recruit where others can’t.

TechCrunch first learned of plans for a new R& D lab when Saratoga Springs, Utah-based Apple engineer Dave DeLong announced he was leaving the company this morning to “start a new job at Snapchat on the 23 rd. They’re opening a new R& D office a couple miles down the road from me, and I’m aroused to assist get it off the ground.”

We then find a software engineer job opening listed on Snap’s site for Lehi, Utah. “Working from our Lehi, Utah office, you will be tasked with solving interesting technical challenges such as architecting and deploying infrastructure to handle our scale, designing a slick and secure mobile client, and preserving software used by millions every day, ” the listing details.

Now Snapchat confirms to TechCrunch that it’s building out a small team in Lehi, which will home a variety of squad members. The company is especially excited about the opportunity to hire local talent. It already has several offices across the U.S. and international cities, and this expansion is a product of Snapchat’s growth.

The idea of tech companies coming to talent instead of the other way around has grown more popular lately. Facebook only revealed it’s building a sizeable San Francisco office after years of forcing employees to shuttle down to its Menlo Park headquarters in Silicon Valley’s South Bay. That had left SF-based Facebook employees vulnerable to poaching by startups like Twitter and Uber with offices in the middle of the city.

But in this case, Snap is expanding from its Venice Beach-side root into a different valley surrounded by Utah’s majestic mountain ranges.

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This program has a brilliant plan for bringing diversity to the world of STEM.

When Dr. Jennifer R. Cohen was running as a molecular biologist, she often wondered why no one else in her sector looked like her.

As a black female, Cohen is not the typical face you’d see in a biochemistry lab. The sad reality is science and technology careers are still predominately assumed by white humen even though there is a large reservoir of untapped talent among women and people of color.

The reason for the gap seems to lie in a lack of resources to help talented but underrepresented students reach higher academic levels. While some colleges are currently looking to diversify, it’s often difficult for these students to get on their radar without some sort of assistance.

Cohen knew how much underrepresented talent there was out there just waiting to realize their full potential, so she joined the SMASH program.

SMASH, or Summer Math and Science Honors, is a subsection of the nonprofit organization Level the Playing Field Institute. It’s a rigorous, three-year summertime program that provides sets and resources to students who are underrepresented in STEM fields( science, technology, engineering, and math) free of charge . The courses take place at colleges, like UCLA and UC Berkeley, the hell is leading the style in these fields.

By throwing these students headfirst into an environment stocked with resources, SMASH is dedicating them all they need to totally “own” STEM .

Students learning computer science in the SMASH University of California at Davis program. All photos via SMASH.

The movement, however, is not just about bolstering science abilities. It’s about creating a pipeline into colleges that will help students launch a life seeking some of the coolest, most sought-after and most impactful STEM-related careers out there.

But they have to get in first.

Aside from helping to eliminate the barriers to a college degree and subsequent career, SMASH’s teachers are doing all they can to give their students confidence. The STEM fields aren’t precisely handing out postures to women and people of color, so they’ll need all the conviction they have to get ahead.

UCLA’s SMASH program, for example, is brimming with teachers who are women of colouring, and experts in their fields. Pre-calculus instructor Patrice Smith got her Bachelor of Science from UCLA in Mathematics/ Applied Science and specializations in Business Administration and Computing. Having role models like her likely promotes the 53% of young women who inhabit the UCLA program.

Students at SMASH UC Berkeley working in a lab.

“We help them to see that they belong and that they have what it takes so there’s no question in their intellects that they can be successful, ” Cohen explains.

Having been the only female of color in the room , Cohen feels she can be especially helpful to the young women in SMASH. Her experience working in STEM shines a light on the inequality and need for change.

But, thanks to SMASH, change is happening, and its students are strolling, dissecting, coding, algorithm-solving proof.

Leilani Reyes at SMASH Stanford.

Leilani Reyes, a first-generation college student from Fairfield, California, is analyse computer science at Stanford University and was lately a software engineer intern at Medium. She’s eternally grateful to SMASH for opening up this world of opportunity to her.

“Academically, it granted me rigor and, more importantly, subsistence from teachers and staff who empowered me to be curious and socially conscious in STEM exploration , ” writes Reyes in an email. “Professionally, it granted me resources to develop essential skills like public speaking and a link with mentors and role model who I look to for advice and inspiration.”

Michael Pearson, who attended SMASH UCLA, blossomed into one of the most accomplished computer science students, often helping others with their homework after finishing his own. He’s now pursuing a career in Cognitive and Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania.

And Thomas Estrada, who went through SMASH UC Berkeley, was awarded the Regent and Chancellor’s Scholarship, which helped fund his undergraduate tuition there. He majored in computer science, and is now pursuing his doctorate. This summer, he landed a coveted internship with Google.

Moises Limon, a first year at SMASH UC Berkeley.

In words of overall numbers, 78% of SMASH students proclaim STEM majors as freshman and 79% of that percentage alumnu with a STEM major. That’s huge compared to the national average of STEM alumnus, simply 22%. Obviously the program is doing something right.

In the last 17 years, SMASH has helped over 500 graduates hit their academic and career goals.

The program is rapidly expanding into their own nationals organization. One of the first east coast schools they’re partnering with is the prestigious Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. There’s no telling how far SMASH’s influence will go now.

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Trump pitches tax plan as ‘the best Christmas present of all’

President Trump told a conservative think tank Tuesday night that his taxation plan was “a once-in-a-generation opportunity to revitalize our economy, renew our industry, and renewed the American dream.”

In his speech to the Heritage Foundation’s President’s Club, Trump implored his audience to contact their Congress member and “give America the best present of all: massive tax relief.”

The president was often interrupted by applause, and some in the audience violated into cheers when Trump promised his scheme would repeal what he called “the horrible and very unfair estate tax.”

Trump’s tax plan would lower the corporate rate from 35 percentage to 20 percentage, reduce the number of individual income taxation brackets and double the standard allowance. But it would also remove the personal exemption and perhaps much of the deduction for state and local taxes — changes that could increase taxes for many families.

As he talked up the plan, Trump repeated his administration’s assertion that the corporate tax cut and other changes would lead to a $4,000 pay create for the average American household — a claim that has been met with skepticism from taxation experts and Democratic lawmakers who say the administration’s math is flawed.

Trump touched on other topics during his speech, which lasted approximately 25 minutes. Most notably, he appeared to back off support for a bipartisan deal meant to extend federal payments to health insurers under ObamaCare.

The proposal by Sens. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn ., and Patty Murray, D-Wash ., would continue the payments for another two years. Trump had signed an executive order cutting off the funding to insurers last week. The Heritage Foundation has come out against the proposal.

“I’m pleased to say that Democrat have finally responded to my call for them to take responsibility for their ObamaCare disaster and work with Republican to provide much-needed relief to the American people, ” needled Trump before adding, “While I commend the bipartisan work to be undertaken by Senators Alexander and Murray — and I do commend it — I continue to believe Congress must find a solution to the ObamaCare mess instead of bailouts to insurance companies.”

Trump also returned to one of his favorite topics, arguing that the U.S. should preserve statues of controversial historic figures , not tear them down.

“Now, they’re even trying to destroy statues of Christopher Columbus, ” Trump lamented. “What’s next?[ It] has to be stopped, it’s heritage.”

“We believe, ” the president added, “that young Americans should be taught to love our country, honor our anthem, and proudly recite the Pledge of Allegiance.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report .

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I Chose My Self Respect Over My Love For You

God and Man

The thing is, it doesn’t start out the route people guess abusive relationships is the beginning. All relationships tend to start out with hope, love, happiness, and attraction. A lot of abusers don’t is the beginning as abusive, a lot of them don’t even exhibit signs of abuse until it’s too late.

We started out happy. We started out with elation in our hearts and hope in our eyes. We started our with happiness too. There was something so real and special about our love. I thought, this was it. All that hunting and searching had finally comes to an objective. This is what all the heartbreak had been for. And I was determined with every fibre of my being to make it work.

I would put my pride second to my love, I promised myself. I would make sure we never went to bed angry. I would do everything I could to build you happy. Unfortunately what I did not realise was the love that I had thought was elixir would turn toxic. We were happy for a few years. And then suddenly, it all soured and you began to show me who you truly were.

Your pride would always come first in an debate. You loved to hold onto your rage( your words , not mine) and my happiness was secondary when trying to win an argument.

For years I tried to make it run. I tried to understand why you were cruel. Why you brought up my trauma every time we argued as a mean to taunting me. I convinced myself that everyone left the house after every debate, that most people left things unresolved. You persuaded me that I was asking for too much when I asked you to be there for me when I was struggling with something.

And then you did the unforgivable during one argument. You make me.

That resolved everything in my head. My decision to leave was built the minute your fist connected with my scalp. I asked you to leave me alone that very day, but you were never good at taking no for an answer. So I stood my ground. Even when you threatened to hit me again. I opted my self respect, and I utilized it as a shield. I didn’t insult you – you know how much I detest name calling in debates something you always regressed to doing. I calmly rejected you over and over again.

I’ll never forget the words you said to me.” What happened today, you used to love me .”

I began to choose myself. That’s what happened to me. I realised I was worth more than what you were giving me. I recognised people do not make one another in relationships. I recognised how you were gaslighting and using my trauma against me. I began to believe in myself. I chose my self respect over you. And all it took, was for you to cross that line and dare to use your fists on me.

Did you really guess as someone who has been physically abused before, that I would let YOU of all people do it to me again? Did you think I would stand by and just let you brutalise me after you had already made a mock of my love, a love you had set on fire and simply watched burn?

No. I opted my ego respect that day . I choice myself. And I will keep selecting myself , no matter how much guilt you throw my route. No matter how much you try to convince me I am not good enough for anyone else.

I am better than the toxic love you tried to give me. I am better than the physical and emotional abuse you set me through. Even if you don’t believe it, I do.

Because today and everyday I will choose my ego respect. Today and everyday, I will choose ME.

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Man Booker prize goes to second American author in a row

George Saunders Lincoln in the Bardo described as unique and extraordinary by head of 2017 judging panel

The American short story writer George Saunders has won the Man Booker prize for his first full-length fiction, Lincoln in the Bardo.

The book is based around a real event: the night in 1862 when Abraham Lincoln buried his 11 -year-old son Willie in a Washington cemetery. Imagining the son trapped in the Bardo- a Tibetan Buddhist term for a kind of limbo- Saunders’ fiction follows the fellow dead, also trapped in the graveyard and unwilling to accept death, who observe the boy as he desperately waits for his father to return.

Written almost entirely in dialogue, the novel also includes snippets of historical text, biographies and letters, some of which contradict each other and others that Saunders, 58, created himself. In his review for the Guardian, fellow author Hari Kunzru praised Lincoln in the Bardo as” a tale of great formal daring”, adding: “[ It] stands head and shoulders above most contemporary fiction, proving a writer who is expanding his world outwards, and who clearly has many more pleasures to offer his readers .”

Accepting the award, athe 58 -yearold Texan-born author made an eloquent defence of the importance of culture.” If you haven’t noticed, we live in a strange hour, so the issues to at the heart of the matter is pretty simple ,” he said.” Do we respond to fear with exclusion and negative projection and violence? Or do we take that ancient great leap of faith and do our best to respond with love? And with religion in the idea that what seems other is actually not other at all, but only us on a different day.

” In the US we’re hearing a lot about the need to protect culture. Well this tonight is culture, it is international culture, it is compassionate culture, it is activist culture. It is a room full of believers in the word, in beauty and ambiguity and in trying to see the other person’s point of view, even when that is hard .”

The chair of judges, Lola Young, described the fiction as” an extraordinary piece of work. Acknowledging that she initially felt challenged by its layout, which is reminiscent of a screenplay, the Labour peer said she was eventually “captivated” by work which she came to regard as unique.

” The challenge is actually part of its uniqueness. It is almost saying,’ I dare you to engage with this kind of narrative, in this kind of style .’ It is incredibly rewarding.

” For us, it really stood out because of its innovation, its most varied styling, the style it, nearly paradoxically, brought to life these almost dead souls in this other world. There was this juxtaposition of the very personal misfortune of Abraham Lincoln and the death of his very young son next to his public life, as the person who really provoked the American civil war. You’ve got this individual death, very close and personal; you’ve got this much wider issue of the political scenario and the death of hundreds of thousands of young men; and then you’ve got this weird country across the graveyard, with these spirits who are not quite ready to be fully dead, as it were, trying to work out some of the things that plagued them during their lives .”

The author of six collections of short narratives and a long body of journalism, the Texas-born Saunders came to writing comparatively late, initially training as a geophysicist. After working as a tech novelist, a field in which he was rewarded for brevity, he began writing short narratives. His first collecting CivilWarLand in Bad Decline was published in 1996. He was awarded a MacArthur Genius grant and a Guggenheim fellowship in 2006, then won the inaugural Folio prize for his narrative collection, Tenth of December, in 2014.

Saunders is the second American in a row to win the Booker prize, after last year’s win Paul Beatty. Saunders’ win falls four years after eligibility rules were changed to allow writers of any nationality writing in the English language and published in the UK. There has been fierce criticism of the rule change.

The magistrates took five hours to come to what Young called a ” collegial”, yet unanimous selection. She denied any concerns about Saunders’ nationality, saying:” We don’t look at the nationality of the writer. Honestly it’s not an issue for us. We’re solely concerned with the book, what that volume is telling us .”

The books losing out on the prize were 4321 by Paul Auster( US ), Elmet by Fiona Mozley( UK ), Exit West by Mohsin Hamid( UK-Pakistan ), History of Wolves by Emily Fridlund( US) and Autumn by Ali Smith( UK ).

With 144 novels submitted for the 2017 prize, Saunders’ novel was among a starry, 13 -book longlist, a rarity in recent years as more debuts and less-established authors have been named as challengers. This year’s longlist included Arundhati Roy, a previous win of the Booker, as well as authors who had also won the Pulitzer, the Costa, the Baileys, the Folio, the Impac and the Goldsmiths prizes.

The PS5 0,000 win, announced at a black-tie dinner at the Guildhall in London, was yet another success for an independent publisher; released by Bloomsbury, Lincoln in the Bardo is the third win in a row for an independent, after two consecutive wins for Oneworld publications.

Sales for Saunders’ novel have trailed behind Smith’s in the UK, with Lincoln in the Bardo selling about 10,000 transcripts so far, compared with 50,000 of Autumn. Saunders can expect his sales to skyrocket; last year’s winner, The Sellout, has now sold more than 360,000 physical transcripts, with sales in the week after the award proclamation jumping by 658%.

Young’s fellow magistrates this year were the writer and critic Lila Azam Zanganeh, the novelist and poet Sarah Hall, the artist and writer Tom Phillips, and the travel novelist and novelist Colin Thubron. Saunders was presented with the award on Tuesday night by the Duchess of Cornwall.

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Trump Iran speech emboldening ordinary Iranians to speak out against regime

President Donald Trump followed up his Iran speech announcing that he would not be certifying the Iran nuclear deal by also attaining clear his government stood in solidarity with ordinary Iranians. Just two days later, thousands of Iranians marched against the regime over charges of corruption. Some experts say the protesters were newly emboldened by Trump’s speech.

Speaking exclusively to Fox News before the protests, Maryam Rajavi, the head of that country’s most visibly active opposition group, the National Council of Resistance of Iran( NCRI ), said that Trump’s new policy toward Iran devotes ordinary Iranians hope.

“The Iranian people greet a new approach by the U.S. government, recognizing the agony of the Iranian people under the regime, aiming years of misguided policy and siding with the Iranian people in their passion for regime change and the establishment of freedom and republic, ” she said in a recorded statement from her exiled headquarters near Paris.

Rajavi is insured by some Iran watchers as one someone the White House should be engaging with on Iran’s future.

Heshmat Alavi, an Iranian political and rights activist said that Rajavi enjoys vast support in Iran.

“Mrs. Rajavi is the voice of a very restive society, described as a’ powder keg’ by many, insured so vividly in the growing protests by the younger generation, women and most recently by thousands of investors across the country who have trusted their life savings into government institutions, only to be rob of all their assets, ” he said.

Alavi said disagreement against the clerical regime is growing especially given recent accusations that the regime took investors for their lifesavings.


“Sunday afternoon Tehran witnessed a demo by thousands of people chanting,’ We don’t want a government of sheikhs, ’ conveying their dissent with the ruling regime in its entirety, ” he said.

Walid Phares, a Fox News national security and foreign policy expert, said that while the Obama administration abandoned Iranian protesters in 2009, preferring to engage with the regime, President Trump has a different goal.

“This narrative is rekindling hopes among young Iranians that the new administrator is changing the tone. Interestingly President Trump spoke of the Iranian people and how it is oppressed by the regime merely few days ago. With satellite Tv and social media, millions of Iranians captured the new messaging. Did that influence the several demoes that took place over the past weekend in Tehran and other locations — highly possible. Iran civil society is moving again and they know there is a different White House, ” Phares said.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a veteran Middle East analyst close to the White House told Fox News that the Trump administration wants the Iranian people to know they are targeting the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp( IRGC) and not the people.

“They know Iran is a rich and ancient civilization and that the Iranian people were the first victims of the regime. They’re not going to make excuses for the IRGC regime like the Obama team did. That was a huge part of President Trump’s speeches at the U.N. and last week.”

Trump also designated the IRGC for its terrorist activities in last week’s speech on Iran.

In her commentaries to Fox News, Rajavi called for regime change and for governments to recognize her group as a more enlightened replacing to the regime.

“It is imperative that the National Council of Resistance of Iran be recognized as the democratic alternative to the terrorist tyranny ruling Iran. Such recognition would rectify decades of a misguided U.S. policy regarding the Iranian people, ” she continued.

“Dissent has grown significantly among the Iranian people, especially among women and young people. Regime change by the Iranian people and resistance is within reach, ” she told Fox News.

So far it is believed that the Trump administration has not reached out to any of the Iranian opposition groups. Most of that outreach ended with the Obama administration because of its intense focus on Obama’s quest to make a deal with the Iranian regime.

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