Donald Trump blames constitution for chaos of his first 100 days

The president is learning the limits of power

On his 100 th day in office on Saturday, facing historically low popularity ratings, a succession of intractable foreign crisis and multiple investigations of his links with Moscow, Donald Trump reminded the nation that 1 May was Loyalty Day.

The day is a US tradition dating back to the cold war, when it was a bolster to stop May Day becoming a rallying point for socialists and unionised workers, but for an embattled chairwoman learning politics on the job it has an added resonance.

In an interview with Fox News to mark the 100 -day mark, he proclaimed himself disappointed with congressional Republican, despite his many great relationships with them.

He blamed the constitutional checks and balances built in to US governance. Its a very rough system, he said. Its an archaic system Its actually a bad thing for the country.

The Loyalty Day announcement came amid a flurry of other proclamations to mark the milestone at which the early stages of American presidencies are traditionally measured. The coming seven days were named both National Charter Schools Week and Small Business Week. May has been burdened with being simultaneously: National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, Older Americans Month, Jewish American Heritage Month, National Foster Care Month, as well as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

100 days of Trump: orders, tweets, leaks and military assaults

Such announcements help a chairman looking busy, especially at such heavily scrutinised milestones as the 100 -day mark, and particularly for an inexperienced politician rapidly learning the limits of presidential power, even with a solid Republican majority in Congress.

He has failed to get any of his priorities turned into legislation in the face of party disunity, and his attempt to rule by executive order has been largely hollow. His edicts have been either meaningless, like his one-page, detail-free taxation reform plan, or have been blocked by the courts, such as his travel outlaw for Muslim country level refugees.

Trumps approval ratings have remained mired at historic lows for a presidency in what is supposed to be a honeymoon period, hovering around and frequently below the 40% mark, well below his recent predecessors at this stage in their presidencies.

But his core advocates have remained faithful, choosing to believe that the mainstream media are purveyors of fake news, rather than accept that the Trump presidency has not been the unrivalled success the president has claimed. They have also accommodated Trumps affinity for Vladimir Putin. The percentage of Republicans who see Russia as an unfriendly state has fallen from 82% in 2014 to 41% now, according to a CNN/ ORC poll.

Trump claimed that vehicle companies were roaring back in, an apparent reference to General Motor schemes. Photo: Paul Sancya/ AP

On his 100 th day, Trump turned to this loyal base to sound off on the issue that bonds them most tightly economic patriotism. On an otherwise leisurely Saturday, during which his only other engagement was a call with the CIA director, Mike Pompeo, the president was due to attend an evening rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where disenchanted workers defected from the Democrat in droves in the 2016 election. While visiting the town, he was also due to sign an executive order to establish an office of trade and manufacturing policy, which will help push his drive for importation substitution.

In his weekly presidential address, he also focused on jobs, pointing to evidence of an economic resurgence that has been previously contested as a result of corporate decisions made before Trump came to office. He claimed that vehicle companies were roaring back in, an apparent reference to General Motor schemes and Fords decision to expand in Michigan, which both appeared to be part of their long-term strategy.

Trump also claimed that his approval of the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada would create tens of thousands of jobs. That will be true in the short term, during the construction phase, but after that maintaining the pipeline running is expected to employ 35 people on a permanent basis.

The gap between the extreme bravado of Trumps claims and the daily realities of governing has deepened public cynicism. In a new Gallup poll, only 36% proclaimed him honest and trustworthy, down from 42% in early February. His general acceptance rating stands at 40%.

There is strong evidence, however, that the fact-checking of presidential claims is having a small and dwindling impact on true Trump loyalists. His support remains strong in traditional blue collar the regions and evangelical strongholds, where there is more trust in the president than the mainstream media. The chairman has relentlessly assaulted the media, launching an attack per day on average since he took office, denouncing negative news as fake news, and there are signs the relentless offensive has inflicted wounds. One poll released on Friday found that more people trusted the White House than political journalists.

Against that background there were reports yesterday that Steve Bannon, the champ of economic and ethnic patriotism, was making a political comeback in the White House, and that he remained a bulwark of Trumps strategy to procure his core supporting and win again in 2020.

His hand has been insured behind the rapid-burst issue of protectionist moves in the run up to the 100 th day, picking battles with Canada over milk and softwood imports, and measures to shield the aluminium industry from foreign competition.

All of these people who say the president doesnt have an ideology, theyre incorrect, one unnamed Bannon ally told political news site The Hill. He does have an ideology, and its Bannons ideology. They are just now figuring out how to implement it.

Bannon was also said to have drafted an executive order withdrawing the US from the North American Free Trade Area( Nafta ), but on Thursday Trump decided simply to issue a call for its renegotiation reportedly after having been shown a map showing it would expense the most employment opportunities in states that had supported him in the election. The battle between countervailing cliques in the Trump White House continues to ebb and flow, but the presidents reflexes in times of adversity lead him to fall back on the America First narrative that got him elected in the first place.

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Stay Single Because Its Better Than Being In An Almost Relationship

Unsplash/ Joshua Reddekopp

It’s better to have no one to text than to send him a detailed message, and then realize he read it twenty minutes ago and still hasn’t sent you a response.

It’s better to sit at home alone on a Friday night watching Netflix than to expend hours getting dressed up, only to have him cancel on you at the last second.

It’s better to go out and have fun with your friends on weekends than to wait and see if he’s going to drunk text you with an invitation to his house.

It’s better to have the freedom to flirt with other sons than remain loyal to one, even though he’s been flirting with other girls behind your back.

It’s better to get your beauty sleep than to sit up all night, waiting for his next text to come through.

It’s better to have no one to daydream about than to chase after someone who is playing the field, maintaining his eye out for other options, because he doesn’t want to settle down yet.

It’s better to touch yourself with your own hands than to sleep with someone who is only employing you for your body, even though he knows you want more from him.

It’s better to focus on your friends and your work than to spend all of your time investigating the texts he sent and the photos he uploaded to Instagram.

It’s better be recognised that you haven’t found the right person for you yet than to convince yourself that a toxic son is the boy you’re meant to be with.

It’s better to give yourself the love you need than to give your whole heart to someone who will only meet you halfway.

It’s better to say you’re single than It’s better to be happy on your own than miserable with someone else.

It’s better to be single than to be in an nearly relationship, because isn’t enough. You deserve more. You deserve reliability, consistency, love.

You deserve someone who will stimulate schemes with you a week in advance, because he wants to have time to clean up his apartment and scheme the perfect date to impress you. Someone who will answer your emergency text, even if it’s two in the morning and he has to wake up for work at six.

You deserve someone who is not only willing, but to commit to you. Someone who will dedicate himself to you and won’t have any doubt in his mind that he’s making the right decision.

You deserve someone who will make you see that you’re worth a text back, you’re worth a relationship label, you’re worth all of his time and attention.

You deserve so much more than an virtually. You deserve someone who says what he’s thinking, who gives as much as he accepts, who keeps every promise and never disappoints you.

So, until you find a relationship like that, bide single.

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Right after announcing he was taking a pay cut to raise employees’ salaries, business is booming.

You might have heard a narrative from a few weeks ago about a CEO named Dan Price and his plan to raise the starting salary for his employees to $70,000 per year.

He told his employees about the change at Gravity Payments, his charge card processing company, during their quarterly faculty meeting.

Needless to tell, they were pretty excited about the news, dedicating him a standing ovation.

CBS News interviewed 29 -year-old equipment supervisor Jose Garcia about the change. He said that he screamed when he told his mommy about the raise .

Before the proclamation, Garcia’s salary was $33,000 per year. The raise was a huge bargain to him and others at the company.

Over the next two years, wages will increase periodically.

Effective instantly, everyone in the company will make at least $50,000( or, if they already stimulate more than $50,000, they’ll get a $5,000 -per-year create ). From there, all employees will be bumped to $60,000 next year, and $70,000 the year after.

How is Price doing this? To start, he took a huge pay cut.

He had been constructing$ 1 million per year. But now? He’ll take home just $70,000 per year.

Price was motivated to change the salary structure after reading a 2010 examine that suggested people have the highest emotional well-being at $75,000.

Would creating the salary of someone like Jose Garcia from $33,000 to $70,000 have a tremendous impact on his happiness? Likely! Is it the same for someone already inducing well over $75,000 per year? According to this study , no.

Business has never been better.

Price tells CNN Money that in the 11 years he’s been running Gravity Payments, he’s never seen a better week for new business after bringing in dozens of new clients.

“In the short-term,[ news reports about the pay] could help demand for our services, but clients won’t stay with a company that’s not providing a superior value.”

Dan Price

Morale is high, and applications are flying in faster than ever before.

It turns out that offering people a living wage with competitive benefits makes people want to work for you. Who knew?

They’ve received about 3,500 undertaking applications for the company’s two open positions( a sales representative and a support staffer ), which is around 10 days as many as they’re used to.

He’s putting people before profits.

Based on that examine, he realized that inducing less than ideal wages is emotionally taxing on a person. So if he’s in a position to help stimulate the world a better place for the people around him, why wouldn’t he?

He cut the company’s immediate gain projections in half, but he seems pretty happy with how that’s working out so far.

After all, there’s a reason Price was named 2014 ‘s “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Entrepreneur Magazine.

And it probably has to do with building gutsy decisions like this( and maybe appearing ridiculously good in a blazer ).

Check out the CBS News report about Price:

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Amazon launches a subscription service for STEM toys

Amazontodayunveiled a new subscription program is targeted at mothers calledSTEM Club, which delivers educational toys to your home for $19.99 per month. The retailer says it will hand-pick which toys are shipped, and will ensure the items are age-appropriate. And by STEM, of course, Amazon means the toys will be focused on the areas of science, technology, engineering and math.

The subscription program wont feature only any ol STEM toys, however, but will rather only include those that have recently launched or those that are exclusive to Amazon.

To sign up, mothers visit the STEM Club homepage, then select the age range of their child( 3-4, 5-7 or 8-13 ). The first doll will arrive in undera weeks time with free shipping. From that phase forward, a new item will arrive on a monthly basis. The service is only available in the U.S ., the website notes.

This isnt Amazons first endeavor at highlighting STEM toys on its site. In 2015, the retailer launched the STEM Toys& Games Storeas a destination for browsing through this type of product in a dedicated area.

Of course, for Amazon, the launch of the new storefront wasnt so much about trying to spark young minds and encourage learning, but to better capitalize on mothers interest in the STEM toy tendency in order to impact Amazons own bottom line. At the time, STEM toys were the second-most visited segment and had ensure the highest sales volume during the course of its prior holidays.

Similarly, Amazons interest in launching a subscription service for these toys is also motivated by being able to capture a recurring revenue stream. Like its Subscribe& Save program, the hope is that the new subscription service will encourage a sort of set it and forget it mentality among shoppers.

But whether parents will sign up in the first place remains to be seen. After all I dont know about you but we certainlyhave enough toys around here. I cant imagine wanting to receive one more every month.

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Hating Donald Trump isnt enough we need to talk about why Hillary Clinton rules | Lindy West

If we care about our future as a non-blown-up planet, its time to stop treating the Democratic nominee as if shes barely better than a literal white supremacist

If theres one thing Donald Trumps 2016 presidential campaign has taught us its to view every depraved moral nadir as a challenge , not a destination. You think this is bad? Wait for the tangy mouth garbage hes get stewing for tomorrow. Then keep forgetting it instantaneously everyone else will! I heard state department employees sometimes email one another !!!

Just this week weve considered Trump metabolise the Chelsea bombing into an incoherent anti-Clinton smear before the shrapnel had even resolved. Ive listened to my Muslim friends express their dread of leaving the house after Mondays unconscionably irresponsible emergency alert, the kind of histrionic racial profiling Trump vows to amplify. Weve read up on Trumps alignment with an anti-abortion radical group, and his avowal to get very tough on thing[ s] apparently including freedom of expression. Weve clocked Trumps pin-drop silence on the shooting deaths of Terence Crutcher and Tyre King, though dont fret over the summer he promised to make the street safer for police. Trump joked( again !) about the assassination of Hillary Clinton. His son compared refugees, who are human beings who need our asylum to live, to Skittles, which are sweets.

It was a panoply of potentially career-ending gaffe extruded, clumped, scooped and forgotten in a single week AKA business as usual in proto-Trump America. Baffled disgust turned to abject terror( in my circles, at the least) when new poll numbers find Trump climb to 42%.

So, yesterday( like most days in these, surely, the end days ), I wrote some snotty doom and gloom about Trump on Facebook and, to my surprise, was gently chided by a friend. Hating Trump isnt enough, she said, just like hating W wasnt enough in 2004. We have to talk about Hillary. I was defensive for a second I do talk about Hillary! but couldnt quibble with her point. Its easy and fun( and compulsory for responsible human being) to hate Trump, but treating Clinton like a barely-better-than-a-literal-white-supremacist cipher does her and our future as a non-blown-up planet no favour. Yes, Trump is an objectively, dangerously horrendous nominee. But we have to start acknowledging that even if we scrubbed Trump from this universe wholly( buy my fan fiction !), Clinton would still be an excellent one.

I cannot wait to vote for Hillary Clinton, but not only because I want to see Donald Trump fail and cry.

Clinton is pro-choice. This entails she does not want to force anyone to give birth to their rapists child, or carry a dead foetus inside of their body for 20 weeks, or derail their future because sexuality is great and everyone has it and accidents pass, or otherwise has become a nonconsensual incubator of any kind. Clinton wants to make it harder , not easier, to buy handguns. She believes in eliminating loopholes and expanding background checks on firearm sales. She does not think domestic abusers should own guns, which is good, because abused women are five times more likely to be murdered if their abusive partner owns a firearm. She would prefer your children not to get shot in schools or shopping mall or nightclubs. I agree.

Clinton believes in guaranteed paid household leave, because parents are mothers too, and mothers shouldnt have to choose between career stagnation and going back to run while their episiotomy stitches are still oozing.

Clinton wants to tax rich people more than poor people, which is a sentence that no one should have to form ever again.

Clintons platform address mass incarceration, the school-to-prison pipeline, climate change, cases of violence against trans women of colour, the systemic neglect of veterans, mental health stigma, voting rights, student loan debt, public education and affordable health care. Clinton is the candidate whose opinions best represent my own.

Whether or not you feel comfy with every decision and posture in Clintons past( I do not ), she is qualified for this task. She is a shrewd, savvy, tough politician.

Clinton has weathered intrusive, insulting, gendered smear campaigns cookies, Benghazi, emails and pneumonia with a grace rivalled only by Obamas unflappable handled in birthers. She swam through tar every day of her career and still surpassed male adversaries who swam through water. She has been scrutinised in bad faith and beyond all reason for her entire campaign( and decades prior ), and Republican have still had to fabricate baroque, toothless scandals out of dust motes. Yet, somehow, 42% of my country apparently believes that Donald Trump is more qualified to address foreign policy and safety than an actual seasoned envoy. Do you guys think secretary of state is the kind of secretary who gets the president coffee? Is that the embarrassment?

We cannot excise sexism from such elections( and here I am talking predominantly to white dudes the group most disproportionately supporting Trump who just have a vague feeling that they dont like Clinton ). You might not overtly dislike girls. You might be a fantastic boyfriend, husband, friend or son. You might not beat women or harass them or even objectify them or belittle them. But do you trust them? Do you hire them? Do you hire them for management positions? Youre building a house. Do “youd prefer” a male contractor or a female contractor? Youre having open heart surgery tomorrow. Do you want a male surgeon or a female surgeon? If your intestine says man, you have some introspection to do.

So lets try again: youre voting for a chairwoman soon. Do you want a graduate of Yale law school who served eight years as a US senator and four as secretary of state? Or a racist landlord who moonlights as a tie salesman?

I cannot wait to vote for Hillary Clinton.

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15 Things That Happen When You Fall In Love With Your Life Instead Of A Person

1. You detect what youre wildly passionate about, and you make time for those working things.

Love is beautiful, but it isnt everything. There are so many other things to be passionate about besides a personart, photography, music, writing, literature, athletics, exercising, workto just name a few cases. When you start falling in love with their own lives, as opposed to investing all your time and energy into a relationship, you find day for the things that light a flame within you, the things that inspire and ga you. And their own lives becomes more satisfying and complete as you focus on those things rather than romance.

2. You become more in-tune with your wants and needs.

Falling in love with your life entails learning what you love, what you desire, and what you need. It means concentrates on your goals and how you can, and will pursue them. It entails discovering what you really want out of relationships, out of yourself, out of your existence on this globe, and creating a well-designed plan for your future.

3. You value the relationships that you have, instead of focusing on the ones you dont.

Romantic relationships arent the only things that fill their own lives with love and happiness. When youre focused on things other than your love life, you invest more time in the people who fill youyour family members, friendships, and other platonic relationships. And you learn the unbelievable value of those people.

4. You travel, explore, and live selfishly.

When you fall in love with your life, you want to squeeze every minute dry. You want to travel to new places, try new foods, explore, and live how you want. Falling in love with your life entails taking advantage of what you have and chasing after the things you want. It means doing, going, and truly

5. You shift your focus to other important pieces of life.

When youre not focused on a relationship, you take and stimulate more time for other thingsyour career, hobbies, future, finances, etc. Your priorities shift in healthy routes and you learn to ground yourself rather than letting a relationship ground you.

6. You expend more time things, rather than wishing for things to happen.

Falling in love with your life means that you dont like to waste time. You dont like to chase things that dont construct or grow you. You dont like to live a mediocre, uninspired existence. When you love your life you things, rather than being a passive character in your own story.

7. You value advice from others, and take time to give a listening ear.

You want to learn, to experience, to grow, to be inspired. Thus, you value the advice and guidance given to you from others and youre more willing to be a support system for people who may need you.

8. You take more time to appreciate the little things.

Suddenly, little things like the sundown or a dog curling up next to you on the couch carry meaning. These interesting thing that you so often overlooked are a central focus, and integral part of the wonderful, meaningful life youre living now.

9. You are constantly striving for better.

You pursue a life that supports your dreamings, goals, and purpose. You appreciate where you are, but are never fulfilled. You want to achieve more, be more, and live even more authentically. You love who you have the potential to be, and are constantly trying to build and develop that person.

10. You spend more of your days outside or in nature.

The world around you has more value now. You enjoy hiking, strolling, biking, or simply sitting outside in the shade. You love only around friends or solo, just soaking in the beauty the world has to offer.

11. You feel fulfilled by the memories, experiences, and relationships you have in your day-to-day existence.

When you fall in love with your life, you arent looking for a romantic relationship to build you feel whole. You feel complete because of people around you, the experiences youve had/ are having, and the memories you are continually inducing. Your happiness isnt dependent upon a significant other, instead all the tiny, wonderful things that give you meaning and purpose.

12. You pray often, and feel both humble and thankful for what youve been given.

Every day, life astonishes you with its beauty and wonder. You find yourself praying for the boons youve been given, and relying on your faith to pull you through the hard time. You trust that you will find love when the timing is right; in the meantime, you are thankful and humble for where you are.

13. You no longer feel sad about not is available on a relationship; your happiness is invested in, and dependent upon other things.

Your single relationship status is no longer a burden or a negative label. You have come to terms with where youre at romantically, and arent looking for a devotee to fill a pit in your heart. Instead, your happiness is dependent on your experiences, your passions, your other relationships, and

14. You find yourself in awe of all that youve been through, and of the person or persons youre still becoming.

When you fall in love with their own lives rather than a person, you start to value yourself and what youve overcome. You start to see your purpose, and how events in their own lives have shaped or changed you. You find yourself in awe of how youve grown, and excited for who you will become.

15. You have learned the slow, beautiful, complicated, rollercoaster ride of loving yourself.

You still have days when you struggle to love yourself, but because your life has shifted from loving someone to loving your existence, youve learned to value your own heart and intellect. Youve learned that its okay to put yourself first, healthy even. Youve learned that you are the only one who can determine your happiness. And youve became aware that when you love your life, love will come when its meant to.

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15 comics that totally nail what it’s like to be in a long-term relationship.

Sarah Graley constructs comics.

Actually, Sarah Graley constructs awesome comics. Wait, one more try .

Sarah Graley makes awesome comics starring amazing, strong, queer women, including herself.

She’s the artist and writer behind “Rick& Morty: Lil’ Poopy Superstar, “ “Pizza Witch, “ “RentQuest” and the autobiographical “Our Super Adventure, “ which stars Graley and her boyfriend of five years, Stef. The comic documents the sweet and hilarious moments of their relationship and the life they share with their four cats. It doesn’t sound like typical fodder for a comic. And for Graley, that’s kind of the point .

“Before I got into comics, I believed for a really long time that comics were just about genuinely muscular men in capes, ” she told over email.

“And that didn’t interest me I instead write narratives with diverse range of arousing characters.( I’m really sorry if anyone reading this is a muscular human in a cape you are probably a solid okay ), ” she joked.

She added, “I’m also a bisexual dame growing up though, I don’t recollect any media that featured queer girl, let alone starred? I genuinely wish I had that as a kid! Or as a teen! I merely want that all the time to be honest, more media featuring rad queer females. So I build my own! “

Her kickass characters are quirky, romantic, even magical females, and a welcome shifting from the norm.

But starring in “Our Super Adventure” means the world gets a front-row seat to her relationship, which can be a little … awkward.

“I’m a fairly open book, so used to describe mine and Stef’s relationship and being honest it doesn’t feel unnatural or weird until someone will talk to me about a specific cartoon strip in-depth in person, ” Graley wrote. “Then it’ll be like, oh yeah, I guess I did depict my butt and then publish it in a book .~ ATAGEND”

A photo posted by sarahgraley (@ sarahgraley) on Jul 26, 2016 at 9:56 pm PDT

So, perhaps be cool and don’t ask in-depth questions about Graley’s butt.

But definitely enjoy 14 more strips from the hilarious and delightfully universal “Our Super Adventure.”



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6 Things Every Extrovert Secretly Has To Deal With

Over the past few years Ive noticed a growing number of articles calling, How To Take Care of An Introvert or 10 Things Everyone Should Understand About Introverts and while I have no real problem with introverts and introversion, my issue is given the fact that people of the internet seem to have glamorize introversion in such a way that turns any possible social impedimentums a person might have into desirable quirky traits. Not only this, but extroverts are abruptly the bad guys for not understanding introverts or mistreating introverts, etc, etc.

As a self-proclaimed extrovert, Im pretty sick and tired of people assuming that introverts are the only people who have got it hard. Really, severely? Are we really going to play this game? Now you look here, mister. Extroverts may not seem as delicate or may not seem as complex and diverse, but extroverts have a whole different category of BS they have to deal with too. Its not easy out there for anyone.

1. People will often assume youre flirting.

Being an extrovert generally mean you enjoy the company of others, you are able to appear confident and youre quite comfortable striking up a conversation with almost anyone, regardless of how much( or how little) you actually know them. What an extrovert considers a normal form of communication, others might see as flirting and a sign of open sex accessibility. You can imagine how frustrating and potentially disheartening it can be to have your friendliness misinterpreted as something more, especially when the person you are talking to gets offended that you are not, in fact, reaching on them.

2. Youre not allowed to be sad.

Most extroverts I know are happy-go-lucky people who like to keep the conversation going, make people laugh and have a good time as often as they can. The only downside to this is that when you do something often enough, people expect you to do it all the time. If youre a person who had expends most of their time being the happy, comical figure in the group, when youre having a bad day, people are shocked, maybe taken aback, possibly even offended .. they simply dont understand how you can be not happy. Being an extrovert is a full-time social chore that requires you to entertain the crowd, so when you abruptly stop doing what youre supposed to do, youre gonna get bood off stage.

3. Youre expected to keep the conversation going.

When theres a pause in the conversation, do you know who starts it back up again? The extrovert does. However, being the engine and the ga for social gatherings can be extremely tiring and feel like a lot of work, so sometimes it would be nice for us extroverts to be allowed a breach and have other people take over( though, for some of us , not talking can be quite current challenges ).

4. Being labeled as shallow or unintellectual because youre not an introvert.

Extroverts are usually stereotyped as being loud, party-going people who are in constant need of social interaction and simply have no time to sit down, relax and maybe read a volume or something. On the other hand, there seems to be some romanticizing of introversion( via tumblr and social media) that involves depicting introverts as deep, philosophical, misunderstand, quirky unicorns or something along those lines. Since when has outgoing been a synonym for shallow? Extroverts are just as capable of complex suppose as introverts are of talking to people.

5. Craving the company of others.

Just as introverts feel drained from too much social interaction, extroverts will come down with a occurrence of the blues if theyre left by themselves for too long. Although extroverts enjoy time to themselves every now and again( because truly, who doesnt need alone time ?), they thrive in the company of others, so when theyve expend too much time on their own, they can start to feel restless, have problems focusing, feel really antsy they urgently need to go out, be around people and do something.

6. People assuming you are always confident.

Being extroverted doesnt inevitably mean you have an abundance of self-confidence. Sure, an extrovert likes being around people and feelings comfy being around people, but that doesnt automatically mean that an extrovert is 100% confident in themselves and their actions 24/7. There are many extroverts out there who Im sure could testify to the fact that they have, on several occasions, felt shy and small and unsure. Extroversion is not synonymous with confidence.

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Take a look at the very first production Tesla Model 3

Its here: The first ever production Model 3 has rolled off Teslas assembly line and into the possession of its owner Elon Musk. The founder and CEO tweeted pictures of the new vehicle, which he only got because the actual first pre-order customer gifted Musk his place in the queue as a birthday present.

Alongside the pics, Musk tweeted an interesting bit of trivia about who gets dibs on the first edition of any new Tesla car: Its the first person who pays full price for the vehicle. Musk earned that honor for the Roadster and Model X, but not for the Model S, he noted.

This first production Model 3 is black, a good callback to the original Model T from Ford, which famously came in any color you wanted as long as it was black. The Model 3 will have more paint alternatives, but its one of the very few things clients will be able to customize on the vehicle, as Tesla is limiting alternatives early to ease the production process.

As expected based on prototype models and early spy shots of the car, it basically looks like a shorter Model S, but with a similar sporty feel for a four-door sedan. Musks big uncover didnt run long on technical details, however, so were still waiting on some of that info, including the exact range beyond the minimum 215 mile spec, for example.

Tesla noted recently that its first clients beyond Musk can expect deliveries to start around July 28, so thats the date to look for more info.

Bonus : here is another new photo of the Model 3.

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My son’s tattoo hurt me deeply

When Tess Morgan &# x27; s son came home with a tattoo, she was griefstricken. She knew her reaction was OTT( he &# x27; s 21) but it signalled a change in their relationship

Put out the bunting, crack open the beers, stand there in the kitchen smiling from ear to ear, because hes home our student son is home and the family is together again. And after supper, after the washing up is done, the others his younger siblings drift off to watch television, and he says: Would you like to see my tattoo?

I tell, Youre joking.

He says, No, Im not.

But still I await. Any minute hes going to chuckle and say, You should see your faces because this has been a operating gag for years, this idea of get a tattoo the hard man act, iron muscles, shaved head, Jason Statham, Ross Kemp. Hes a clever son. Maybe during his school years he supposed a tattoo would balance the geeky glory of academic achievement.

His father says, Where?

On my limb, he tells, and touches his bicep through his shirt.

His lovely shoulder.

In the stillnes, he says, I didnt think youd be this upset.

After a while, he says, It wasnt only a drunken whim. I thought about it. I went to a professional. It cost 150.

150? I think, briefly, of all the things I could buy with 150.

Its just a tattoo, he tells, when the stillnes goes on so long that we have virtually fallen over the leading edge of it into a cavity of black nothingness. Its not as if I came home and said Id got someone pregnant.

It seems to me, unhinged by shock, that this might have been the better option.

His father asks, Does it hurt?

Yes, I say, cutting across this male bonding. It does. Very much.

For three days, I cant speak to my son. I can hardly bear to look at him. I choose this is rational. The last thing we need, I believe, is an explosion of white-hot terms that everyone carries around for the rest of their lives, engraved on their hearts. In any case, Im not even sure what it is I want to say. In my intellects eye I stand there, a bitter old woman with pursed lips wringing my black-gloved hands. Hes done the one thing that Ive said for years, please dont do this. It would really upset me if you did this. And now its occurred. So theres nothing left to say.

I know you cant control what your children do. Why would you want to, anyway? If you controlled what they did, youd merely pass on your own rubbish tip-off of flaws. You hope the next generation will be better, stronger, more generous. I know all you can do as a parent is to pack their suitcases and wave as you watch them go.

So I weep instead. I have a glob in my throat that stops me from eating. I feel as if someone has died. I keep thinking of his skin, his precious scalp, inked like a swine carcass.

My neighbour says, Theres a lot of it about. So many teens are doing it. I stare at pictures of David Beckham with his flowery sleeves, Angelina Jolie all veins and scrawls. Tattoos are everywhere. They seem no more alternative than pierces these days. But I still dont understand. Sam Cam with her smudgy dolphin, the heavily tattooed at Royal Ascot these people are role model?

My niece had doves tattooed on her breasts, tells a friend, And her parent said, you wait, in a few years time theyll be vultures.

Its the permanence that induces me weep. As if the Joker had stimulated face paints from acid. Your youthful passion for ever on display, like a CD of the Smiths stapled to your forehead. The British Association of Dermatologists recently surveyed just under 600 patients with visible tattoos. Nearly half of them had been inked between the ages of 18 and 25, and almost a third of them regretted it.

I look up laser removal. Which is a possibility, I suppose miserably, that merely runs if you want a tattoo removed. And Im not in charge here. My son is.

My husband asks, Have you ensure it yet?

I shake my head. Like small children, I am hoping that if I keep my eyes tightly shut the whole thing will disappear.

Its his body, he says gently. His choice.

But what if he wants to be a lawyer?

A lawyer?

Or an accountant.

Hell be wearing a suit. No one will ever know. And he doesnt want to be a lawyer. Or an accountant.

I know. I know.

I satisfied a colleague for lunch. He knew how much it would hurt me, I say, tears running down my face. For years Ive said, dont do it. Its there for ever, even after youve changed your intellect about who you are and what you want to look like. Youre branded, like meat. It can damage your work prospects. It can turn people against you before youve even opened your mouth.

She tells, Tell him how you feel.

But I cant. For a start, I know Im being completely unreasonable. This level of grief is absurd. Hes not succumbing, he hasnt killed anyone, he hasnt volunteered to fight on behalf of a military totalitarianism. But I feel as though a knife is twisting in my guts.

I get angry with myself. This is nothing but snobbery, I believe latent nervousnes about the trappings of class. As if my son had deliberately turned his back on a light Victoria sponge and stuffed his is confronted with cheap doughnuts. I am aware, too, that I associate tattoos on men with aggression, the various kinds of arrogant swagger that goes with vest tops, dogs on chains, broken beer glasses.

Is this what other women feel? Or perhaps, I guess, with an uncomfortable careen of realisation, just what older women feel. I stand, a lone tyrannosaurus, bellowing at a world I dont understand.

Tattoos used to be the preserve of crooks and toffs. And sailors. In the 1850 s, the corpses of seamen washed up on the coast of north Cornwall were strangely decorated with blue, according to Robert Hawker, the vicar of Morwenstow initials, or describes of anchors, blooms or religion emblems( Our blessed Savior on His Cross, with on the one hand His mother, and on the other St John the Evangelist ). It is their object and intent, when they assume these signs, tells Hawker, to secure identity for their bodies if “peoples lives” are lost at sea.

Tattoos, then, were intensely practical, like brightly coloured smit marks on sheep.

Perhaps even then this was a style statement, a badge of belonging. Or just what you did after too much rum. Afterward, the aristocracy flirted with body art. According to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich( they know a lot about tattoos ), Edward VII had a Jerusalem cross on his arm while both his sons, the Duke of Clarence and the Duke of York( subsequently George V ), had dragon tattoos. Lady Randolph Churchill, Winstons mum, had a snake on her wrist.

But you can do what you like if youre rich.

On day three, still in a fog of sadnes, I say to him, Shall we talk?

We sit down with beakers of coffee. I open my mouth to speak and end up crying instead. I say, You couldnt have done anything to hurt me more.

He is cool and detached. He says, I think you need to re-examine your prejudices.

I think, but I have! Ive done nothing else for three days! But I dont say that because we arent really talking to each other. These are rehearsed lines, clever insults flung across the dispatch box.( This is what comes of not exploding in indignation in the heat of the moment .)

I tell, Why couldnt you have waited until youd left home? Why now when youre living here half the year?

Its something Ive been thinking about for a long time. There didnt seem any reason to wait.

Which attains it worse.

Im an adult, he tells. I paid for it with my own money. Money I earned.

But were supporting you as well, I believe. As far as I know, you dont have separate bank accounts for your various income rivers. So who knows? Maybe we paid for it. If you dont want to see it, thats fine, he tells. When Im at home, Ill encompasses it up. Your home, your rules.

In my head, I believe, I thought it was your house, too.

He tells, Im upset that youre upset. But Im not going to apologise.

I dont want you to apologise, I say.( A lie. Grovelling self-abasement might help .)

He says, Im still the same person.

I look at him, standing here, my 21 -year-old son. I feel Im being interviewed for a chore I dont even want. I say, But youre not. Youre different. I will never look at you in the same way again. Its a visceral feeling. Perhaps because Im your mom. All those years of looking after your body taking you to the dentist and building you drink milk and worrying about green leafy vegetables and sunscreen and cancer from mobile phones. And then you let some stranger inject ink under your skin. To me, it seems like self-mutilation. If youd lost your arm in a car accident, I would have understood. I would have done everything to make you feel better. But this this is sacrilege. And I detest it.

We look at each other. There seems nothing left to say.

Over the next few days, my son always covered up talks to me as if the row had never happened. I talk to him, too, but warily. Because Im no longer sure I know him.

And this is when I realise that all my endless self-examination was altogether pointless. What I believe, or dont think, about tattoos is irrelevant. Because this is the point. Tattoos are fashionable. They may even be beautiful.( Just because I hate them doesnt mean Im right .) But by deciding to have a tattoo, my son took a meat cleaver to my apron strings. He may not have wanted to hurt me. I hope he didnt. But my impressions, as he made his decision, were completely unimportant.

The stars are not wanted now: put out every one; pack up the moon and dismantle the sun.

I am redundant. And thats a legitimate cause for sorrow, I think.

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