Dear Prince Charles, do you think my brown skin makes me unBritish? | Anita Sethi

The Prince of Wales told me I dont look like Im from Manchester. If this is how he thinks, he shouldnt be the next head of the Commonwealth, says novelist Anita Sethi

I fulfilled Prince Charles this week at the Commonwealth People’s Forum at which I was a speaker( on a day whose itinerary was entitled Politics of Hope: Taking on Injustice in the Commonwealth ). It was part of the buildup to the Commonwealth heads of government meeting, the summit of leaders of 53 countries representing more than 2 billion people.

I shook the prince’s hand with my right hand. In my other, I was holding a copy of an anthology, We Mark Your Memory: Writing from the Descendants of Indenture, in which I have an essay published. I told him that my mother was born in Guyana and that the anthology had collected concealed histories of indenture.

” And where are you from ?” asked the prince.

” Manchester, UK ,” I said.

” Well, you don’t look like it !” he told, and laughed. He was then ushered on to the next person.

Although I have experienced such off-the-cuff, supposedly humorous, commentaries before, I was stunned by the gaffe.

Prince Charles was endorsed by the Queen, in her opening speech to the heads of government, to be the future head of the Commonwealth: it’s her” sincere wish” that he become so. That the mooted next leader of an organisation that represents one-third of the people on countries around the world commented that I, a brown female, did not seem as if I was from a city in the UK is shocking.

This is exactly why some people, including the prince, urgently need a history lesson about immigration, the British empire, the Commonwealth and colonialism. Because I do look like I’m from Manchester, actually- a city in which many people of colour have been born and bred. Growing up in Manchester, and going to school in Rusholme, a multicultural area in that city, I remember being taught nothing in history lessons about the Commonwealth( I have four different Commonwealth countries in my heritage ). If such vital knowledge was more ingrained there would not be so much combating racism and ignorance.

Whatever the prince meant or didn’t mean in our fleeting encounter, since it happened I have been through all the feelings- from shock to humiliation to fury. Most of all, I feel angry that there could be such casual ignorance in the corridors of power, an ignorance that also pervades society- not least because some British people of colour invited here have been threatened with expulsion. They don’t look like they are from here, according to some.

So what does a British person look like? A British person can look like me. A British person can have black or brown , not only white, scalp and still be just as British( this shouldn’t need to be put forward in black and white ). I could have proven that I was born in Manchester and that I am British, as I had my passport in my handbag- I’d needed it to get through the venue’s security.

Yet I can’t tell Prince Charles exactly where I am from originally- that old chestnut. Why? Because the British destroyed much of the evidence that my ancestors were shipped over from India in the 19 th century to toil for the empire as indentured labourers on sugar colonies in the Caribbean.

I have been to the National Archive in Georgetown, Guyana, to search for my ancestral history and stared down a gaping hole where records of lives “shouldve been”. The British destroyed so much that could properly explain and proof our identities.

Of course, allegations of racism are not new for the royal family. The Duke Of Edinburgh has induced numerous contentious commentaries; and only last year Princess Michael of Kent wore a blackamoor brooch while meeting Prince Harry’s fiancee, Meghan Markle.

We need to skip a generation so that Prince Charles does not become king of England or head of the Commonwealth, and these privileges pass to leaders more enlightened( don’t forget, the role of head of the Commonwealth is not hereditary ).

I have a message for Prince Charles. Your Royal Highness, you asked me:” Where are you from ?” To accommodate a phrase from the late Ambalavaner Sivanandan: I am here because you were there.

* Anita Sethi is a writer and has contributed to the forthcoming anthology, We Mark Your Memory: Penning from the Descendants of Indenture

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Comey memos: Trump wanted FBI to make public he was not under investigation over Russia ties

Memos written by former FBI Director James Comey about his interactions with President Trump showed that the president repeatedly asked Comey to make public that he was not under investigation over contacts between Russian officials and members of his campaign.

The memos were released to congressional committees Thursday evening and obtained by Fox News. GOP lawmakers said the memos demonstrated Comey never felt stymie, opposing a claim from many Democrat that Trump tried to hold up the FBI’s investigation into alleged Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election.

The memos also showed that eight days after he was sworn in as chairwoman, Trump told Comey during a one-on-one dinner at the White House that he “needed allegiance and expected loyalty.”

Comey wrote that he “did not reply, or even nod or change my facial expression, which[ Trump] noted because we is coming to it later.”

At a later point, Comey wrote that Trump told him directly, “I need loyalty.”

“I replied that he would always get franknes from me, ” told Comey. “[ Trump] paused and said that’s what he wants, ‘honest loyalty.’ I replied, ‘you will get that from me.'”

“It is possible we understood that phrase differently, ” Comey added as a parenthetical, “but I chose to understand it as consistent with what I had said throughout the conversation: I will serve the President with loyalty to the office, the country, and the truth. I decided it would not be productive to move the subject further.”

More than 2 months later, on March 30, Comey wrote that Trump had called him and pressed the FBI director to make public that the chairman was not under investigation over contacts between Russian officials and members of his campaign.

“I reminded[ Trump] that I had told him we weren’t analyse him and that I had told the Congressional leadership the same thing, ” Comey wrote. “[ Trump] said it would be great if that could get by and several times asked me to find a way to get that out.”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va .; House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C .; and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif ., said in a joint statement that Comey’s memos “show the President become clear he wanted allegations of collusion, coordination, and conspiracy between his campaign and Russia fully investigated.

“The memos also made clear the ‘cloud’ President Trump wanted lifted was not the Russian interference in the 2016 election cloud, rather it was the salacious, unsubstantiated allegations related to personal conduct leveled in the dossier” compiled by ex-British snoop Christopher Steele, they added.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif ., disagreed, tweeting that the memos “are further proof of[ Trump’s] contempt for the principles of the rule of statute.

“His attempts to intimidate, circumvent the law& undermine integrity of law enforcement investigations demand immediate action to protect the Mueller investigation, ” she added.

The assurance from Comey that Trump was not being investigated seemed to have weighed on the president’s intellect as Michael Flynn was fired as national security adviser after misinforming Vice President Mike Pence about contacts with the Russian envoy to the U.S.

Trump told Comey during their March 30 conversation that “if there was ‘some satellite'( NOTE: I took this to entail some associate of his or his campaign) that did something, it would be good to find that out, but that he hadn’t done anything, ” Comey recalled.

Comey told Trump restated at the end of their conversation that the president “hoped I could find a way to get out that he wasn’t being investigated.

“I told him I would consider what we could do and that we would do the work well and as quickly as we could, ” Comey said he responded.

Goodlatte, Gowdy and Nunes noted that Comey “never wrote that he felt obstructed or threatened, ” adding that while Comey “went to great lengths to set dining room scenes, discuss height requirements, describe the multiple times he felt complimented, and myriad other extraneous facts, he never once mentioned the most relevant fact of all, which was whether he felt stymie in his investigation.”

Trump called Comey again on April 11 to ask “if I did what he had asked last period — getting out that he personally is not under investigation.” Comey says he advised Trump to have White House Counsel Don McGahn call then-Acting Attorney General Dana Boente to request that such a statement be made.

After Trump said he would do so, Comey said the president told him, “I have been very loyal to you, very loyal, we had that thing, you know.”

“I did not reply, or ask him what he entailed by ‘that thing, ‘” wrote Comey, who added that as Trump ended the call, the president told him he was “doing a great job and wished me well.”

During their Jan. 27 dinner in the Green Room, Comey wrote that Trump “thought perhaps he should ask me to investigate” salacious allegations “to prove[ the dossier] was a lie.”

Comey wrote that “it was up to[ Trump ], but I wouldn’t want to create a narrative that we were investigating him, because we are not and I worried such a thing would be misconstrued.”

“My sense is that[ the president] was focused on the personal piece[ of the dossier ], ” Comey told MSNBC Thursday night. “He would bring it up to me repeatedly.”

Fox News’ Chad Pergram contributed to this report .

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Alan raises $28.3 million for its health insurance of the future

French startup Alan closed a $28.3 million Series A round a few months ago. Index Ventures is leading the round, Xavier Niel is participating as well as existing investors CNP Assurances, Partech and Portag3 Ventures LP.

Alan wants to induce health insurance as simple as subscribing to a software-as-a-service product. It starts with clear pricing and transparent reimbursement policies. For instance, you can cover a 30 -year-old employee for EUR5 5 per month.

The price will be exactly the same for all types of companies. The only thing that changes is that you’ll pay a bit less for younger employees and more for older employees. Each employee can choose to cover their significant other for the same price, and their children for an extra EUR4 0 per month.

And then, Alan is following the startup playbook. The overall user experience is much nicer than the interface of a traditional health insurance.

You get a modern dashboard which allows you control and opinion all your health expenditures, a mobile app and good customer support. You can also add life insurance from CNP Assurances from the same interface.

This simple promise seems to be working quite well as Alan now covers 7,000 employees across 850 companies. As you can see, the startup has been focusing on small companies as it’s easier to stimulate them switch.

Alan co-founder and CEO Jean-Charles Samuelian also told me that small companies are underserved by big insurance companies. There’s no reason you should pay more because you work for a small company.

With today’s funding round, Alan wants to offer the same product at scale. The company plans to grow from 22 employees right now to 80 employees by December 2018.

“The goal is to reach EUR1 00 million in annual recurring revenue as quickly as possible, ” Samuelian told me. The startup currently generates between EUR5 and EUR6 million in annual recurring revenue.

Eventually, Alan wants to expand beyond France and address other European markets. While the U.S. seems like a big market, it’s already quite mobbed. Samuelian guess there will be a bigger possibility by constructing a European company. It’ll take quite a bit of period as regulation is different in each European country.

Recently, Alan has been focused on constructing a solid infrastructure, optimizing processes and automating tasks. In many routes, Samuelian still thinks about Alan as a tech company. “We want to build the Apple or Google of Europe, ” he said.

Alan can beat challengers on price and flexible by constructing a tech product that actually runs — that’s how you can serve 7,000 people with a lean team.

Disclosure: I share a personal connection with an executive at CNP Assurances .

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Maltese politicians face pressure over $1.6m paid to offshore firms

Email links Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembris Panama firms to plan for pair of Dubai entities

Two resulting Maltese politicians are facing mounting pressure amid revelations that $1.6 m was paid to an anonymous Dubai company identified as one of two” target clients” of their own offshore companies in Panama.

The allegations concern the tourism pastor, Konrad Mizzi, and the prime minister’s joint chiefs of staff, Keith Schembri, both beneficial owners of offshore firms in Panama set up to exploit an array of business opportunities.

Although no bargains or payments between the Dubai company and Panama companies ever took place, a newly discovered email in the Panama Papers uncovers there was a plan for a pair of Dubai entities to be” main target clients” of Schembri and Mizzi’s Panama firms.

Furthermore, new research by the Daphne Project indicates the Dubai firms received unexplained pays of $1.6 m. The transfers are detailed within a 120 -page draft report by the Maltese financial intelligence division seen by the Guardian.

Q& A

What is the Daphne Project?

Show Hide

A fearless anti-corruption journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia’s reporting came to international attention with her uncovers in the 2016 Panama Papers project.

On 16 October the following year, the Maltese reporter was murdered by a bomb placed under the driver’s seat of her car.

The Daphne Project was created to continue her investigations. It is a cooperation of 18 media organisations in 15 different countries, including the Guardian, Reuters, Le Monde and the New York Times.

The project is the first to be led by Forbidden Narrative, an international network of journalists who stand ready to take over when colleagues are silenced through imprisonment or murder.

The project will publish a series of fresh revelations, setting out the dangers that alleged political corrupt practices and poor controls on fund laundering inside Malta pose to law and order in Europe.

Thank you for your feedback.

Owning and operating offshore companies is generally legal. But the disclosure of a plan for a business relationship between the companies has raised new questions for both Mizzi and Schembri, whose offshore companies only came to light thanks to the Panama Papers investigation.

Schembri has denied any knowledge of pays to the Dubai companies, called 17 Black Limited and Macbridge Limited. But he has admitted both firms, which are registered in Dubai,” were included in draft business schemes[ as] potential clients “.

In a separate statement Mizzi insisted there was no connection” direct or otherwise” between himself and any entity called 17 Black.

Earlier the chair of a European parliament investigation into the Panama Papers demanded Mizzi and Schembri resign or be sacked.

” Minister Mizzi and Keith Schembri have to step down or be dismissed ,” said Sven Giegold, one of a number of MEPs to have expressed concerns about the rule of law in Malta following the murder of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Keith Schembri, the prime minister’s chief of staff:’ My companies make dozens of business schemes such as these .’ Photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi/ Reuters

” The European commission has to overcome its light touch policy on the principles of the rule of law problems in Malta and urgently act as the guardian of European values ,” told Giegold, who was part of a European parliament inquiry launched in accordance with the Panama Papers.

MEPs are understood to be considering whether to ask Mizzi to clarify evidence he dedicated to the inquiry last year. Mizzi told the inquiry that the offshore structures were” never intended for commercial activities “.

The latest disclosure follows months of research by the Daphne Project, an international confederation of media organisations continuing the work of Caruana Galizia, who was murdered in a car bombing in October.

An email found in the Panama Papers describes how Schembri and Mizzi’s Panamanian companies, Tillgate Inc and Hearnville Inc, were intended to be used for an array of potential business opportunities, including recycling, gaming, infrastructure projects, fishing and tourism.

Both Panama companies would be owned by separate trusts in New Zealand to which a distribution would be made” every now and again” according to an email in the leak. The beneficiaries of the New Zealand trusts were Mizzi and Schembri.

The same email identified the” main target clients” of the Panamanian companies as 17 Black Limited and Macbridge Limited.

Caruana Galizia had hinted that she was investigating 17 Black in two blogposts on her website early last year.

Play Video

‘Journalism was her life’: Daphne Caruana Galizia’s household speak out – video

The draft report by the Maltese financial intelligence unit alleges that 17 Black received $1.4 m in payments from an offshore company in the Seychelles.

The report claims that transactions relating to 17 Black were flagged by the US financial intelligence division as possible” shell company activity, suspicious wire transfers and fund laundering “.

A separate pay of $200,000 was made to 17 Black by a different company belonging to a local agent for an energy infrastructure project, according to the report.

There is no evidence that any payments were ever ultimately made from 17 Black to either of the Panamanian companies. The Panama Papers suggest that as of December 2015 efforts were being made to open bank account for the Panamanian companies in the Bahamas. In February 2016 Caruana Galizia began writing about the offshore structures.

In a statement following a report in the Times of Malta, Schembri confirmed that” 17 Black and MacBridge were included in draft business plans for my business group as potential clients “.

He said:” My companies make dozens of business plans such as these. However, it is a fact that neither 17 Black nor MacBridge ever became clients of my business group, and no transactions were ever recorded with these companies, or with me personally.

” I have no knowledge of the transfers referred to , nor any knowledge of the alleged pay .”

Schembri has previously responded to questions about the Panama Papers by saying that he was following advice from professional fiscal advisers, and that nothing those advisers did was illegal.

In a separate statement, Mizzi said he had no knowledge of the $200,000 pay and that” there is no connection, direct or otherwise, between Dr Mizzi, his company or trust, and any entity called 17 Black “.

He added that” the Panamanian company Hearnville Inc held no bank account and received no money from any source”, and told an international audit firm had detected the structure’s financial statements were presented fairly.

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If you think Greek life is all hazing and hangovers, this Muslim sorority wants to prove you wrong.

Image via Facebook/ Mu Delta Alpha, used in conjunction with permission.

Greek life might be an old tradition in college campuses across the country, but a new dawn is emerging for one sorority in Texas.

Mu Delta Alpha is perhaps the only active Muslim sorority in the United States and the first to be established in Texas. It was founded in 2016 at the University of Texas at Dallas by Samira Maddox. Within a year, it opened a beta chapter at the University of Texas at Austin, and it has insured tremendous interest and growth since then.

Another Muslim sorority, Gamma Gamma Chi, had started to organize in 2005 in Virginia and Georgia, but the creation now of Mu Delta Alpha seems to have taken a quick hold. The beta chapter, which has a purpose of empowering women through professional developing, received more than 100 pledges and inducted 10 new members in 2017.

This is a huge deal. Why? Well, it comes down to one thing: stereotypes.

Joining a sorority or brotherhood has often been considered to be a rite of passage for certain kinds of college student. For decades, Greek life has been associated with secret societies, excessive drinking, wild party nights, and other unsavory behaviors.

But because practicing Muslims do not consume alcohol and are deterred from premarital sexual relationships( even kissing ), a sorority rooted in Islamic identity provides an opportunity for students to redefine what it means to be an American Muslim in a sorority.

Nisa Sheikh, the beta chapter’s financial officer in 2018, told The Daily Texan that Mu Delta Alpha is all about normalizing their identities as Muslim women into the college scene.

“The narrative right now is that Muslim women are oppressed and can’t pursue careers, ” Sheikh said. “When you have a professional Muslim sorority come up, it transgresses that stereotype, and people have to reconsider what they believe.”

One way the sorority is changing the narrative around Muslim girls is through simple education and tweeting. The UT-Dallas chapter has often tweeted about powerful and remarkable women in western pop culture like model Halima Aden and Islamic history like Fatima al-Fihri. Fihri founded The University of Al Quaraouiyine, the first and oldest operating university in the world, in Morocco.

The sorority has certainly gotten a lot of media attention, including many local news affiliates, all of which our own member consider as progress in their aim of get the public to change their perception about Muslim women.

Mu Delta Alpha is not the only Muslim greek life organisation in the country.

Alpha Lambda Mu, named after the first three Arabic letters — Alif Lam Meem — mentioned in 92 chapters of the Quran, was the first national Muslim fraternity.

It was founded at UT-Dallas in 2013, and since then, three more Alpha Lambda Mu chapters have been established across the country at the University of California at San Diego, Cornell University, and the University of Toledo.

One year ago today ALM and thousands of men in the Dallas Fort worth area came together to stand against domestic…

Posted by Alif Laam Meem – Alpha Lambda Mu Fraternity on Sunday, March 23, 2014

Like Mu Delta Alpha, the frat has gained wide coverage for its founding and its volunteer work in charitable causes like aiding refugee households and supporting survivors of domestic violence. In addition to features from The New York Times and HuffPost, Alpha Lambda Mu has been the subject of a documentary, “Brotherhood: America’s Favorite Muslim Fraternity.”

Mu Delta Alpha and Alpha Lambda Mu aren’t merely redefining the identities of young Muslim Americans. They also promote each of us to examine how we perceive students involved in Greek life.

From “Legally Blonde” to “The House Bunny, ” sorority females are often depicted as dim-witted, boy-crazed Barbie dolls. In reality, women in sororities are some of the hardest-working and successful women in their fields. And while there have been innumerable scandals, there are men who join frats for the purpose of brotherhood and community service as well.

Mu Delta Alpha and Alpha Lambda Mu reminds us all of this. Furthermore, they’re evoking an inspiring reminder that it is OK — even great — to be whoever we want to be. We shouldn’t let stereotypes, regardless of what background we come from, restriction us from our fullest potential. We have the power to choose our own identity and future.

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‘Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ writer slammed for insensitive Barbara Bush tweet

A writer for “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” has determined herself in hot water over a tweet she wrote about the death of former first lady Barbara Bush.

“RIP Barbara Bush, the only girl who was 92 for 30 years, ” Jen Spyra tweeted soon after news contravene of Bush’s passing.

Spyra quickly garnered a negative reaction for the tweet from her followers.

“Wow! That is unbelievably insensitive and rude, ” one user wrote.

“Quite sickening! ” another one said.

One person chimed in, “This is the tolerance and acceptance we hear so much about on the left. Way to lift up your fellow women.”

“A family just lost a love one and you have jokes about said person…let alone a gag that’s not funny. Then again, neither is Colbert! ” a user tweeted.

A rep for the “Late Show” did not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment.

However, Spyra’s tweet did receive a positive reaction from comedian Josh Weisman who simply replied, “Awesome” to her tweet. She answered the “Corporate” star, “We all do our part.”

It’s not the first time a CBS employee has raised eyebrows on social media.

Top CBS lawyer Hayley Geftman-Gold was axed in October 2017 after she said she was “not even sympathetic” to victims of the Las Vegas shooting because “country music fans often are Republican.”

Geftman-Gold subsequently issued an apology, but it was too late. CBS told Fox News at the time that the network “lets get going” because she “violated the standards of our company.”

You can find Sasha Savitsky on Twitter @SashaFB.

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MS-13 directs members to ‘take out a cop’ in NY

MS-1 3 has directed its members to “take out a cop” on Long Island — prompting the NYPD to set its officers on high alert, according to a new memo obtained by The Post.

Police are hunting for the suspect, a tall, light-skinned Hispanic human with a thin build and a tattoo of three dots next to his eye.

Police in Hempstead, New York — one of the Long Island townships where the violent gang has a stronghold — were tipped off to the threat Wednesday by a “credible” informant, the NYPD memo said.

The member of the Salvadoran gang told the informant they needed to make a “statement” and specifically wanted to kill a policeman in the Hempstead area.

“The police have been stimulating too many apprehends and it’s time to take the street back and take out( shoot) a policeman like we do in El Salvador, ” the suspect told, according to the informant.

Click for more from The New York Post .

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France wants to become an artificial intelligence hub

Emmanuel Macron and his government are launching a big initiative around artificial intelligence today. They want to turn France into one of the leading countries when it comes to artificial intelligence.

“[ Artificial intelligence] is a technological, economical, social and obviously ethical revolution, ” Macron said in a speech. “This revolution won’t happen in 50 or 60 years, it’s happening right now. There are new opportunities and we can choose to follow some innovations or not.”

Some of the best maths and engineering schools are in France, and some of the best data scientists and AI researchers come from France. Many of them now work in California or London for Facebook, Deepmind, etc. And the French government wants to capitalize on that soft power to make an AI push.

And yet, how do you attract technologists and scientists? France’s answer is quite complicated that the government is doesn’t want to inject a ton of public fund and call it a day. It’s all about creating an AI ecosystem with strong pillars.

France’s AI strategy

First, many private companies have opened or plan to open AI research centers in France. Facebook and Google already work with hundreds of researchers in Paris. Today, Samsung, Fujitsu, DeepMind, IBM and Microsoft all announced plans to open offices in France to focus on AI research.

This represents tens of millions of dollars in investments and hundreds of employees. “Everybody is saying that Silicon Valley is overflowing right now, ” a source close to the French President told me. That’s why big tech companies need to find talent outside of the U.S.

Foreign companies creating hundreds of jobs isn’t going to foster public research and European tech giants though — these companies are just tapping the smartest brains they can find. That’s why the French government wants to make it easier to work on fundamental research papers when you work for a private company.

The INRIA is going to create a national AI research program with four or five partners. The aim is quite simple — Macron said that there should be twice as many people studying and researching AI projects in France. Researchers will also be able to access and use some cloud computing capabilities for their work.

It’s also going to get easier if you want to create a startup based on your research work or if you want to work for a private company during your PhD.

Second, France is going to set some new boundaries when it comes to data. French administrations are going to share new data sets so that everyone can build AI services use those data sets.

When it comes to health data, it looks like France wants to avoid another NHS/ DeepMind scandal. While multiple French governments have worked on some kind of health data hub, Macron announced that this time it’s going to happen for real. The INDS is going to make sure that services and public organizations respect your privacy and grant authorizations on a case-by-case basis.

Third, when it comes to regulation, companies will be able to experiment in multiple industries. And it starts with autonomous vehicles. Companies will be able to test level 4 self-driving automobiles in 2019.

Overall, France is going to invest $1.85 billion( EUR1. 5 billion) in AI projects, from public research to startup investments. Last year, Macron announced that there would be a new $11.2 billion( EUR1 0 billion) populace fund managed by Bpifrance. Macron said today that AI startups should be the first priority of this new fund.

Making AI as neutral as possible

Arguably, the most interesting part of Macron’s speech was about the moral impact of artificial intelligence. As algorithms become more prominent, there’s a risk that they become black boxes that choose for you.

The French administration already has to share all its algorithms and data that they use following Axelle Lemaire’s law. But that’s still not the case for some touchy topics. Macron said it’s still a work in progress.

Research projects or companies financed with public fund will also have to share everything — this could impact public infrastructure companies for instance.

But it’s more complicated when you’re talking about private companies. Macron told GDPR was a step in the right direction. And now, he wants to go further.

He doesn’t have any practical suggestion for now, but he said that there should be an international certification authority. For instance, this authority could make sure that there’s no bias in developing data sets. I don’t believe Facebook or Google would enjoy this new regulation.

Finally, you introduce a bias if your faculty is not diverse enough. That’s why schools and universities should make sure that they develop a diverse group of people.

Not the first AI push

As Next INpact pointed out, there have been multiple reports on artificial intelligence over the past few years — FranceIA, the CNIL, the OPECST and the European Economic and Social Committee all wrote their own recommendations when it comes to AI policies.

Today, Fields medal winner and parliament member Cedric Villani shared a new report on artificial intelligence. It’s always an interesting read, and it was the inspiration for Macron’s speech today.

According to a source close to the French President, multiple pastors now have to focus on artificial intelligence for their own industries.

Today’s report feelings more like a starting point than a conclusion. The French President thinks that AI is something important but not urgent. Now, it’s all about convincing the rest of the government to put aside all the urgent tasks for a minute and look at what’s important.

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Cow could soon be largest land mammal left due to human activity study

Researchers analyse extinction of big mammals as humans spread across the world ensure fretting trend

The cow could be left as the biggest land mammal on Earth in a few centuries, according to a new analyze that investigates the extinction of large mammals as humen spread around the world.

The spread of hominims- early humans and associated species such as Neanderthals- from Africa thousands of years ago coincided with the extinction of megafauna such as the mammoth, the sabre-toothed tiger and the glyptodon, an armadillo-like beast the size of a car.

” There is a very clear pattern of size-biased extinction that follows the migration of hominims out of Africa ,” the study’s leading author, Felisa Smith, of the University of New Mexico, said of the study published in the periodical Science on Thursday.

Human apparently targeted big species for meat, while smaller beings such as rodents escaped, according the report, which examined tendencies over 125,000 years.

In Northern america, for example, the mean body mass of land-based mammals has shrunk to 7.6 kg( 17 lb) from 98 kg after humen arrived.

If the trend continues” the largest mammal on Ground in a few hundred years may well has become a domestic cow at about 900 kg”, the researchers wrote. That would entail the loss of elephants, giraffes and hippos. In March, the world’s last male northern white rhino died in Kenya.

But other research casts doubt on a continued shrink of mammals, partly because of conservation efforts to stave off threats to wildlife such as climate change, loss of forest habitats, pollution and expanding cities.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature chief scientist, Thomas Brooks, who was not to participate in such studies, said the projection of ever smaller mammals was ” doom and gloom “.

” Happily, I don’t think it’s very likely ,” he told, adding that other research suggests big animals such as elephants are more likely to benefit in protected areas than smaller ones.

And a red listing of threatened species, maintained by the union, also lists some wild mammals approximately the size of a cow- such as the African buffalo or the brown bear- as unendangered.

The Science study also omits marine mammals such as the blue whale, the largest being that has ever existed. It is listed as threatened on the red list but the populations are rising after a moratorium on hunting.

Smith told ” my optimist hat would like to say that it’s not going to happen because we love elephants “. But she told populations of large land mammals were falling and” declining population is the trajectory to extinction “.

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He plays music to roaring crowds, but his best shows are for a much different audience.

All photos courtesy of Swan Songs. Used with permission.

Freddie Fuller is a country and folk music singer-songwriter who has entertained audiences at venues in and around Austin, Texas. He has recorded two albums, made a one-man reveal on the history of the Texas cowboy, and even performed for troops overseas. But some of the most profound performances of his life have also been some of the smallest, quietest shows.

Freddie performs personalized, acoustic concerts for people who are dying.

For the last four years, Freddie has worked with a small nonprofit called Swan Songs to bring the gift of music to people facing terminal diagnosis. Freddie and other Swan song musicians have played over 500 intimate concerts as a festivity of life for people nearing death, as well as their loved ones.

Why music? The answer is simple for Freddie: “Music is one of the few things that we as humen will allow to touch us in the deepest places in our hearts.”

In the United States, demise is usually something that remains out of sight, out of mind.

Our dialogues about the end of life are immersed in euphemism, and the actual process of dying seems to happen behind a veil — usually in a hospital or nursing home facility, rarely at home .~ ATAGEND

But treating death as taboo isn’t a recipe for having a “good death.” Informed, nuanced dialogues about the end of life can be helpful for both demystifying death and helping families navigate their sorrow. And a growing chorus led by health care professionals and social workers is calling for change in how we deal with death.

Swan Songs and its musicians are quite literally part of that chorus.

Since 2005, the nonprofit has fielded requests from the loved ones and custodians of people with terminal maladies and cultivated their home communities of local musicians who can help fulfill the recipient’s musical wishes.

When Freddie joined Swan Songs, he had already had the unique experience of playing music for his mother, who had cancer, as she approached the end of her life.

“I recollect get in bed with her in her hospital bed with a guitar, and I started singing to her, ” Freddie told. Years subsequently, before his father passed away, he did the same thing — this time, with his five children in the room to share the experience.

The sense of hearing, Freddie noted, is usually the last sense to deteriorate at the end of life. So even if the recipient of his performance seems unable to respond or connect, they may still be hearing the music.

A recent Swan Songs experience reaffirmed Freddie’s believe that music has connecting power.

Another Swan Songs musician, Pam, had asked Freddie to perform a particularly special concert — one for her own dying father. When Freddie arrived at the hospital, about an hour outside of Austin, he found that Pam’s father was comatose and close to demise. He gathered at his bedside with Pam and her sister and began to play.

“I played for 45 minutes or so, ” he tells. “I played the last ballad, sang the last note, and reached the last guitar chord, and he took his last breath. We sat there very reverently and drank up the power of that moment.”

That moment spoke to the essence of Swan Songs, Freddie tells. Surrounded by music and love, his recipient pass away.

Freddie set his guitar back in his case and stepped into another role: that of a comforter and a friend. It was a short, soothing moment in time during a life landmark that are frequently shawl in anxiety and desperation.

That’s what Swan Songs is all about: bringing joy, connect, and peace to death, one of the most human experiences of all.

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