Say hello to Justin Trudeau, the world’s newest oil executive | Bill McKibben

The Canadian prime minister presents himself as an atmosphere hero. By promising to nationalise the Kinder Morgan pipeline, he discloses his true self

In case anyone wondered, this is how the world aims: with the cutest, progressivest, boybandiest leader in the world going fully in the tank for the oil industry.

Justin Trudeau’s government announced on Tuesday that it would nationalize the Kinder Morgan pipeline go from the tar sand of Alberta to the tidewater of British Columbia. It will fork over at least $4.5 bn in Canadian taxpayers’ money for the right to own a 60 -year-old pipe that springs leaks regularly, and for the right to push through a second pipeline on the same road- a proposal that has elicited strong opposition.

That opposition has come from three main sources. First are many of Canada’s First Nations groups, who don’t want their land used for this purpose without their permission, and who dread the effects of oil spills on the oceans and woods they depend on. Second are the residents of Canada’s west coast, who don’t want hundreds of additional tankers plying the narrow inlets around Vancouver on the theory that eventually there’s going to be an oil spill. And third are climate scientists, who point out that even if Trudeau’s pipeline doesn’t spill oil into the ocean, it will spill carbon into the atmosphere.

Lots of carbon: Trudeau told oil executives last year that” no country would find 173 bn barrels of petroleum in the ground and just leave it there “. That’s apparently how much he plans to dig up and burn- and if he’s successful, the one half of 1% of countries around the world that is Canadian will have awarded to itself almost one-third of the remaining carbon budget between us and the 1.5 degree rise in temperature the planet drew as a red line in Paris. There’s no way of spinning the math that constructs that okay- Canadians already emit more carbon per capita than Americans. Hell, than Saudi Arabians.

Is this a clever fiscal decision that will somehow stimulate Canada rich? Surely not in the long run. Cleaning up the tar sands complex in Alberta- the biggest, ugliest scar on the surface of the earth- is already estimated to cost more than the total revenues generated by all the oil that’s come out of the ground. Meanwhile, when something goes wrong, Canada is now on the hook: when BP tarred the Gulf of Mexico, the US was at least able to exact billions of dollars in penalties to help with the cleanup. Canada will get to sue itself.

No, this is simply a scared prime minister playing politics. He’s worried about the reaction in Alberta if the pipe is not constructed, and so he has mortgaged his credibility. His predecessor, Stephen Harper, likely would not have dared try- the outcry from environmentalists and First Nations would have been too overwhelming. But Trudeau is banking on the fact that his liberal charm will soothe things over. Since he’s got Trump to point to- a true climate denier- maybe he’ll get away with it.

But it seems like a bad wager to me. Faced with the same situation- a uprising over the Keystone XL pipeline- Barack Obama delayed for several years to avoid antagonizing either side. He ultimately decided he couldn’t defend the climate cost of building it, and so became the first world leader to explicitly reject a big piece of infrastructure on global warming grounds. Trudeau has built the exact opposite bellow, and now we’ll see if pipeline foes cave.
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I was in Vancouver two weeks ago to help activists raise money for lawyers, and I would guess that the civil disobedience will continue- in so far, two members of parliament have been arrested, an escalation we’ve never seen even in the Nation. Coast Salish elders have built a” watch home” along the pipeline road and, as at Standing Rock, other native activists have been pouring in- I’m guessing that making such petro-colonialism officially country sponsored will merely harden people’s solving. The showdown will be powerfully symbolic: kayaktivists, for example, have paddled peacefully around the pipeline’s terminal, at least until Kinder Morgan put up an ugly razor wire roadblock in the middle of the harbor.

Now it’s Trudeau who owns the razor wire, Trudeau who has to battle his own people. All in the name of pouring more carbon into the air, so he can make the oil companies back at the Alberta end of his pipe a little more fund. We know now how history will recollect Justin Trudeau: not as a dreamy progressive, but as one more pathetic employee of the richest, most reckless industry in the planet’s history.

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Our laws make slaves of nature. Its not just humans who need rights | Mari Margil

For decades our laws have been a licence to destroy the environment. Now, from the Amazon to Australia, the tide is turning, says the campaigner Mari Margil

The Amazon rainforest is often called the earth’s lungs, and generates 20% of the world’s oxygen. Yet in the past half-century nearly a fifth of it has been cut down. The felling and burning of millions of trees is releasing massive amounts of carbon, in turn depleting the Amazon’s capacity to be one of the world’s largest carbon sinks– the natural systems that suck up and store carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere.

Recently, 25 infants brought a lawsuit to objective the deforestation and its devastating impacts on the environment and their own wellbeing. The case induced its route to Colombia’s supreme court, which issued its decision last month. While deforestation is hardly a new issue in this region, the court’s response to the lawsuit surely was. Commenting that environmental degradation- not only in the Amazon but worldwide- is so significant that it threatens” human existence”, the court declared the Colombian Amazon a” subject of rights “.

In 1972 the law professor Christopher Stone published a seminal article, Should Trees Have Standing ?~ ATAGEND, that explored the possibility of recognising the legal rights of nature. He described how women and slaves have all along been been treated as rightless in statute, and suggested that just as they had eventually attained rights, so trees and other nonhuman living thing should also do so.

The poisoned scenery left left by an illegal goldmine in the Amazon forest. Photo: Mario Tama/ Getty Images

Today, environmental laws govern the human use and demolition of nature. They legalise fracking, drilling, and even dynamiting the tops off mountains to mine coal. The repercussions are proving catastrophic: the die-off crisis of the world’s coral reefs, accelerating species extinction, climate change. Finally, though, this is changing. In 2006 the first statute recognising the legal rights of nature was enacted in the borough of Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, in the United States. The community sought to prevent dredging sludge laden with PCBs( polychlorinated biphenyl ) being dumped in an deserted coalmine. The organisation I work for, the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, helped the council draft the law, transforming nature from being rightless to possessing rights to exist and flourish. It was the first such law in the world. Communities across more than 10 US countries have now followed suit, including New Hampshire, Colorado and Pittsburgh.

After the decision to grant legal rights to nature in Pennsylvania, representatives of my organisation satisfied Ecuador’s constituent assembly in 2008, which was elected to draft a new constitution. We discussed the rights of nature, and why communities all over the world find themselves unable to protect nature under statutes that authorise its exploitation. The assembly’s chairperson, Alberto Acosta, told us:” Nature is a slave .”

However, that year Ecuador enshrined the rights of nature- or Pachamama ( Mother Earth)- in its constitution, the first country to do so. Since then Bolivia has put in place a Law of Mother Earth. Tribunals in India and Colombia have similarly ruled that ecosystems possess rights. In Mexico, Pakistan, Australia and other countries, rights-of-nature frameworks are being proposed and enacted.

Colombia’s supreme court was asked to consider the climate-change impacts of Amazon deforestation in the lawsuit that led to its groundbreaking ruling. Similarly, in Nepal the US-based Center for Economic and Social Development is working to advance rights to safeguard against climate change. The Himalayas- known as the world’s third pole- are experiencing warming faster than any other mountain range on earth. With the melting of ice and snowfall, a Sherpa told us,” the mountains are turning black “. But now a constitutional amendment has been developed that would, if adopted, recognise the rights of the Himalayas to a climate system free from global-warming pollution. It would for the first time offer a platform for Nepal to hold major climate polluters accountable for transgressing the rights of the mountains.

Law today divides the world into two categories: people, capable of having rights; and property, unable to possess rights. While “were not receiving” universally agreed upon definition of” legal person”, it is generally understood to mean an entity capable of bearing rights and duties. The problem that the rights-of-nature movement is now encountering is that this definition is predictably problematic when it comes to rivers, woods or nature more broadly.

In 2017, for example, the country high court in Uttarakhand, India, ruled that in order to protect the Ganges and Yamuna rivers, they should be considered legal persons with” all corresponding rights, duties and liabilities of a living person “. In a subsequent appeal to India’s supreme court, the nation government asked whether, if the rivers inundate, leading to the death of every human being, a lawsuit could be filed for damages. Could the Uttarakhand chief secretary of state, named by the court as one of several officials in loco parentis , be liable on the river’s behalf? In this case, the supreme court decided not.

Can we hold a river accountable for flooding, or a woodland for burning? Of course not. Yet existing legal systems force us to think of nature in terms of human concerns rather than what concerns nature. With the past three years the warmest in recorded history, and as we face what has been called the sixth great extinction, lawmakers and judges appear increasingly to agree that it is time to secure the highest form of legal protection for nature, through the recognition of rights.

To make progress in this area, “were supposed to” break free from legal strictures that were never intended to apply to nature, such as legal personhood, and establish a new structure that addresses what nature wants. Perhaps we can call this framework legal naturehood. A recent symposium at Tulane Law School, in New Orleans , brought together academics, lawyers and activists to develop a set of guidelines for recognising and enforcing legal rights of nature, known as the rights-of-nature principles.

These define the basic rights that nature requires, including rights to existence, regeneration and restoration. Further, they call for monetary damages derived from violations of these rights to be used solely to protect and restore nature to its pre-damaged country. In addition, they outline a means for nature to defend its own rights- like children unable to speak for themselves in court- by being the named” real party in interest” in administrative and court proceedings. The principles build on laws and judicial decisions that have begun to accumulate in this new region of law, laying the groundwork for what legal naturehood could look like.

As daily headlines tell us how we are tearing holes in the very fabric of life on globe, it is time to make a fundamental shift in how we govern ourselves towards nature- before, as Colombia’s supreme court wrote, it’s too late.

* Mari Margil is associate director of the US-based Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

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No food, no water: African migrants recount terrifying Atlantic crossing

Men rescued off Brazil after 35 days at sea tell of harrowing 3,000 -mile journey on which some drank urine to survive

In the working day after the food and water had run out, as the catamaran floated helplessly in the Atlantic with a snapped mast and broken motor, there was nothing left to do but pray, told Muctarr Mansaray, 27.

” I pray every day. I pray a lot at that particular moment. I don’t sleep at night ,” he told.

Mansaray and 24 other African migrants had set out from the African nation of Cape Verde in April, on what they were told by the two Brazilian crewmen would be a comparatively quick and easy voyage to a new country where they hoped to find work.


This weekend, they were rescued by fishermen 80 miles off the coast of Brazil, after an incredible 3,000 -mile journey across the Atlantic.

The humen, from Senegal, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Guinea-Bissau had been at sea for 35 days- the last few days without food and water.

Details have now begun to emerge of the men’s terrifying and chaotic voyage in a 12 -metre catamaran scarcely big enough for them to squeezing on. When food and water operated out, some even drank sea water and urine.

” After 35 days of journey in these conditions it is really lucky that nobody succumbed ,” told Luis Almeida, head of the federal police’s immigration department in Sao Luis, the capital of Maranhao state.

” There was not a cabin for all of them, so they were exposed to a lot of sun and solar radiation during these 35 days ,” he told. The rescued humen were disorientated, dehydrated and some had problems seeing after so long exposed to second-hand glare of sunshine reflected on the waves.

Almeida said the case was unprecedented: African stowaways have been found on cargo ships in Maranhao ports before, but this was the first time a boatload of migrants had arrived in the nation. The two Brazilians also on the boat were arrested for promoting illegal immigrations.

The journey began in the island nation of Cape Verde, 400 miles west of Senegal.

Mansaray, a Muslim from Freetown in Sierra Leone, had moved there five years ago to study science and technology with hopes of becoming a educator. He analyse for two years but was struggling to pay his university fees and running as a cellphone repairman.

” They called me the cellphone doctor ,” he told the Guardian by phone from Sao Luis.

A friend who is a student in Sao Paulo told him he could study for free in Brazil’s biggest city and would be able to send fund home to his elderly parents and sister in Freetown.” I said, cool, that’s why I got that barge ,” he said.

The small catamaran used for the intersect. Photo: Handout

He said he had been introduced to a Brazilian on the street and then paid $700( PS521) for what he was told would be a 22 -day passage.

He became scared when he saw the size of the vessel he was about to cross the Atlantic on.

” I am the last to arrive, when I enter on the boat, a lot of guys, oh my God, is this going to be safe all of us ?” he told.” How can I do this journey? Because I am already in, I cannot discourage other people, so I find heroism and run .”

‘The motor transgressed, and the sail broke’

Others had paid more on the promise that they would be given food, but within 10 days the food had run out, so the three men survived on two biscuits or a few spoonfuls of food each day. One day, one man caught a fish with a rope.

” We simmered a fish, and everybody eat ,” Mansaray said.

But the mast snapped when one of the boat’s crew was trying to tie it to the other side of the barge, he told, and the motor would not work because the crew had mixed kerosene and diesel. A storm came as a relief because at least there was rainwater to drink.

Elhadji Mountakha Beye, 36, was hit on the head when the mast contravene and has been left with a scar. The mechanic from Dakar in Senegal had previously lived in Cape Verde , and paid EUR1, 000( PS877) for his passage in the hope of finding work in Brazil where he hoped to meet up with a Senegalese friend in Sao Paulo.” There is better work there than in Senegal ,” he said.

Hora 1 (@ hora1)

Barco com imigrantes africanos e resgatado por pescadores na costa brasileira.Vinte e cinco africanos que estavam a deriva em alto mar foram resgatados por pescadores cearenses e levados para o litoral do Maranhao: https :// sgUnMGEnuP #Hora1 4XJCGF8Sqj

May 21, 2018

He described a hellish journey.

” It was tiring, there was no food, the food ran out, the water ran out ,” he said.” Just on that sea. The motor broke, and the sail violated. Now just wait for someone to help us .”

Just as the situation was becoming dire, the men aboard the drifting ship spotted a fishing barge and signalled that they were in distress. The anglers, from nearby Ceara state, towed the catamaran to the nearby port of Sao Jose de Ribamar.

” The next day person would have died ,” Moises dos Santos, one of the fishermen, told reporters when the men landed.” They said they eat two cookies a day. They even drank urine, that’s what they say, they told us. We felt very honoured to save the lives of a lot of people .”

‘ We are not criminals. We are hard-working guys .’ Photograph: Handout

The humen were met by a medical squad from the Maranhao state government’s secretariat of human rights, taken to a health post for checks and then housed in a local gymnasium.

” All of them said life was precarious in their origin countries and they all have relatives or people they know living in Brazil. They were looking for a better life and to work in Brazil ,” said Jonata Galvao, the state’s adjunct secretary for human rights.

Federal police said they were now assessing a” migratory answer” for the men to stay in Brazil.

” We are not criminals. We are hard-working guys. So I believe that the government will help us to do that ,” Mantsaray said.” It is my dreaming, and I believe my dreaming will come true with the help of God, and I can support my family back home .”

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Cuba: more than 100 dead after plane crashes shortly after takeoff

Cuban president offers condolences to victims families after jet carrying 104 passengers and six crew crashed into field near Havana airport

More than 100 people have died after an aging Boeing 737 carrying 104 passengers and six crew crashed into a nearby field soon after taking off from Havana’s main airport.

In a televised address on Friday afternoon, the Cuban president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, offered his condolences to victims’ households and told an investigation into the disaster had been launched.

Witnesses said that the 39 -year old aircraft veered back towards the airport less than a minute after takeoff from Jose Marti international airport, but became ensnared in electricity cables before crashing down.

” When we were checking in, we heard an explosion, the illuminates used to go in the airport and we assured black smoking rising- and they told us a plane had crashed ,” Argentine tourist Brian Horanbuena told the Associated Press at the airport.

At the scene of the crash near the town of Santiago de las Vegas, thick black smoking plumed out of the torn wreckage which was scattered across a field of cassava.


“It’s a disaster,” a military official told the AP.

Three survivors arrived at the Calixto Garcia hospital in Havana in critical condition.

” She is alive but very burnt and swollen ,” one distressed relative told Reuters at the hospital.

Other family members gathered at the airport where they were rushed to a private region to await news.” My daughter is 24. My God, she’s only 24 ,” exclaimed Beatriz Pantoja, whose daughter Leticia was on board the plane.

The plane was on a domestic flight, heading for the city of eastern city of Holguin, and most of the passengers were Cuban, according to local media.

As tourism has boomed in Cuba in recent years, package vacations in Holguin province’s beaches have become increasingly popular.

The 737 was operated by the state-run airline Cubana de Aviacion but had been leased from a small Mexican charter company called Damojh Aerolineas, which also operates as Global Air Mexico.

The plane was built in 1979, according to Mexican authorities, who also confirmed that five Mexican crew members were among the dead.

” We heard an detonation and then ensure a big cloud of smoke come up ,” said Gilberto Menendez, who runs a restaurant near the accident site in the agricultural municipality of Boyeros, 20 km( 12 miles) south of Havana.

Cubana has placed many of its planes out of service because of upkeep problems in recent months.

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‘Appalled’ Trudeau calls for inquiry after Canadian doctor wounded in Gaza

Tarek Loubani said he was wearing a green surgeons outfit treating injured Palestinians when he was shot in both legs

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister, has deplored the shooting of a Canadian doctor by an Israeli sniper on the Gaza perimeter and added his voice to calls for an independent investigation into Israeli fire that killed 60 Palestinians and injured thousands of others during mass border protests.

The violence erupted during demonstrations at the Gaza border fence on Monday,coinciding with a ceremony to mark the transfer of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Most of the Gazans who died were shot by Israeli snipers, according to Gaza’s health ministry . They included eight children under the age of 16, it added. At least 2,700 people were wounded.

Trudeau described the reported utilize of excessive force-out and live ammunition as “inexcusable” in a statement .

” Canada deplores and is gravely concerned by the violence in the Gaza strip that has led to a tragic loss of life and injured countless people ,” he told.” We are appalled that Dr Tarek Loubani, a Canadian citizen, is among the wounded- along with so many unarmed people, including civilians, members of the media, first responders, and children .”

Loubani, who works as situations of emergency physician in southern Ontario, said he was treating injured Palestinians on the Gaza Strip when he was shot in both legs on Monday. He was in Gaza as part of a medical squad that is field testing 3D-printed medical tourniquets.

The shooting happened during a pause in the protests, said Loubani. He was wearing a green surgeon’s attire and was standing with orange-vested paramedics about 25 metres from the protesters. There were no flames or smoking and he was within clear lines of sight to three fortified sniper posts.

” It’s very hard to believe I wasn’t specifically targeted, considering that there was a pause in activity, considering the fact that I was so clearly marked ,” he told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation earlier this week as he recovered from the shooting.

Another 16 paramedics were injured. The doctor who rescued Loubani, Musa Abuhassanin, was afterward killed as he was trying to reach another patient.

Trudeau said his government is working with Israeli officials in an attempt to determine how Loubani was injured. While Trudeau’s statement ranked as his government’s strongest criticism of Israel to date, it did not mention Israel by name.

The prime minister told Canada will work closely with international partners and institutions to address the situation.” It is imperative we establish the particular circumstances of what is happening in Gaza ,” told Trudeau.” Canada calls for an immediate independent investigation to thoroughly examine the facts on the ground- including any provocation, violence, and the excessive use of force .”

The killings have inspired international disapproval with Theresa May, the British “ministers “, and the United Nations secretary general, Antonio Guterres, among those calling for an independent investigation.

Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, joined the US in blaming Hamas for the deaths. Netanyahu defended his country’s use of force, saying:” Every country has the obligation to defend its borders .”

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Ontario issues first non-binary birth certificate after human rights claim

Joshua Ferguson celebrates victory for the trans community almost a year after petitioning Canadas biggest province for a new document

Canada’s largest province has issued its first non-binary birth certification, marking the culmination of a successful human rights assert against Ontario.

Joshua Ferguson had waited nearly a year after petitioning the provincial government for a new birth certification in order change the document from male to non-binary, as Ferguson identifies as neither male nor female. Instead, the film-maker uses the pronoun “they”.

” It’s a victory for me. It’s a victory for the trans community ,” Ferguson told reporters on Monday.

Born in Ontario but now residing in Vancouver, Ferguson had travelled to Toronto to apply for the new birth certificate, which they said would better reflect their identity. Ferguson’s successful application follows a move by the transgender activist Gemma Hickey, whose non-binary birth certificate in Newfoundland and Labrador last year marked a first for Canada.

Ontario now provides several options for gender on birth certificates. In Ferguson’s case, gender is denoted by an “X”, but petitioners can also have their gender removed wholly from the official document.

Ontario issued its first gender-neutral driving licenses and health identification cards last year. The federal government has said it will shortly devote Canadians the options to choice a third gender option when applying for a passport, a deviation from the standard “male” or “female” options.

In 2017, California passed legislation to allow non-binary as an option for birth certificates, a law to go into consequence in 2018.

” I feel a sense of relief because I know that this policy will save lives ,” said Ferguson. A examine released last year presented a significant number of trans youth in western Canada had contemplated suicide.

” I felt hope in my heart for the time when all of us are valued and respected as human beings ,” Ferguson wrote in the caption of a photograph posted to social media.” It’s what truly matters .”

” This result pleases me greatly ,” said Susan Gapka, a veteran trans activist in Toronto. While indicators of skin and eye colour have been disposed, told Gapka, gender identity has until recently remained fairly rigid on government documents.

” We now have an ever-expanding and ever broadening understanding gender categories. Joshua’s outcome should be seen as a success .”

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Is it a prop? Is it a prank? Mystery car hanging from bridge perplexes Toronto

Canadian police initially said the hollowed-out Honda Civic find hanging was linked to a movie shoot. Now they dont know

Was it the aftermath of a horrific collision? An art project? A prank?

Police and passersby were left puzzled and concerned after a burned-out auto was procured dangling precariously from a Toronto bridge as traffic rumbled overhead.

Soon after the blue sedan was spotted during rush-hour traffic on Wednesday, police, firefighters and paramedics demonstrated up to assess the mysterious automobile. Strung up by a cable, it floated over a grassy area and posed no danger to public safety, officials said.

City police at first told it was a prop for a movie shoot. But after speaking with city officials, they retracted this explanation.

No movie shoot had been authorised, they said , and police were now investigating how exactly the car aimed up suspended in mid-air.

Malcolm Thomas (@ madmal9 9)

Now that’s impressive. Car observed hanging from the #LeasideBridge in the #DonValley this morning. #ultimateprank #Toronto #Thingsyouseewhilebiking RF1ucxPfCy

May 2, 2018

The hollowed-out Honda Civic appeared to be scrubbed of all identifying markers; it bore no licence plate, several windows were missing and its underbelly had been stripped.

” I just saw some of the pictures myself and I was mystified as to how the car ended up there ,” Toronto’s mayor, John Tory, told reporters on Wednesday.” You’re always very puzzled as to how a car would have got into that particular situation .”

Social media stirred with speculation.” What’s weirder: the fact that there’s a vehicle hanging from a wire below a bridge, or that nobody has the slightest idea why or how the car got there in the first place ?” wrote one person on Twitter .

Another pointed to the confusion over whether the car was linked to a movie shoot,asking:” Are the cameras, cast and crew hiding? Did they finish filming and simply forget the hanging auto ?”

A myriad of hypothesis soon leap up online to explain the car, connecting it to everything from aliens to a student end-of-year prank– a nod to a 2001 prank that saw engineering students at the University of British Columbia suspend a red Volkswagen beetle- outfitted with a Canadian flag- from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

Hours after the car in Toronto was spotted, the city’s fire department managed to safely lower it to the ground .~ ATAGEND Police said they were continuing to investigate.

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‘No basis to remain’: woman, 63, told she will be removed from UK to Jamaica

Yarls Wood detainee handed newspapers telling she will be placed on specially chartered flight

A 63 -year-old woman has been told she has been booked on an immigration removal flight to Jamaica, as the governmental forces scrambles to minimise the damage over the scandal of the removal of citizenship rights from Windrush migrants.

The woman, who is currently being held at the Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre, was handed papers on Friday telling her she had no basis to remain in the country and she was to be removed on a specially chartered flight to Jamaica.

She was told she would be removed after five working days from the date of service of the letter, suggesting that the flight could depart any time after Thursday.

Movement for Justice, an immigrants’ rights group, informed the Guardian of the woman’s instance. It has organised an emergency demonstration outside the Home Office and the Jamaican high commission on Tuesday.

Movement for Justice (@ followMFJ)

” As you are to be removed on a specially chartered flight to Jamaica” on route to visit 63 y/ o Jamaican Grandmother in #YarlsWood handed this yesterday. STOP THE CHARTER FLIGHT! Join us outside the Home office, 1pm Tues #WindrushJustice #Windrush #AmnestyNow k5IMbHi08O

April 28, 2018

Immigration removal generally charters flights for up to 50 people who have been either held in immigration detention or swept up as they come for their regular sign-ins at immigration centres.

A second woman, Yvonne Williams, who was previously told she would be removed to Jamaica, was freed from Yarl’s Wood on Friday after eight months in detention. She had not been given a date for her removal in her letter, which had said ” it is possible to by way of a scheduled or charter flight “.

Jamaica was a major source of migrants invited to live and work in the UK after the second world war until the early 1970 s, known as the Windrush generation after the vessel that brought the first arrivals. The prospect of an immigration removal flight to the country in the midst of a major scandal surrounding the citizenship rights of those migrants and their children could be damaging for the government.

It is not known whether any Windrush migrants were booked on the flight.

A Home office spokesman said the department did not comment on charter flights for operational reasons. It was not clear whether the flight was going ahead, but by Saturday afternoon the 63 -year-old woman had not been told it had been cancelled.

Karen Doyle, an activist with Movement for Justice, was travelling to Yarl’s Wood to gratify her on Saturday. She said:” My instinct is that this latest situation was maybe an administrative fault, something that was organised months back .”

The Jamaican high commission had told her no charter flights were planned, she told.” It stimulates me think it was an automatically generated thing that has been planned for some time without political oversight ,” she said.

David Lammy, the MP for Tottenham, tweeted:

David Lammy (@ DavidLammy)

If this deportation flight is going ahead, given recent Home Office chaos @AmberRuddHR and @carolinenokes should check to ensure no Windrush instances. The notion that Home Office will be sending handcuffed black men and women back over the Atlantic this weekend is hard to comprehend. https :// a0pNpcIfUm

April 28, 2018

Lammy last month signed a letter to the Guardian in support of anti-deportation activists who were due to go on trial on terrorism charges for blocking the takeoff of an immigration removal flight from Stansted in Essex.

That trial was postponed until afterward in the year.

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Toronto attack: Facebook post may link suspect to misogynistic online subculture

Post appears to connect alleged killer with incel, or involuntary celibate, communities that have attained sex frustration the basis for misogyny

Shortly before a rented van ploughed into a crowd of pedestrians in Toronto, killing 10 and wounding 14 others, a short and cryptic message was posted on the Facebook account of Alek Minassian, the man accused of carrying out the attack.

The post referred to another mass murderer- Elliot Rodger, who shot dead six people and wounded 13 others in Isla Vista, California, in 2014– and said that the” incel insurrection has already begun. We will overthrow all the Chads and the Stacys “.

Minassian’s Facebook account had now been been deleted and police have yet to suggest a motive for the two attacks, but the post appeared to connect the alleged killer with the so-called ” incel” movement, which has induced collective sexual frustration the basis for a deep misogynistic online subculture.

Incel stands for” involuntary celibate”, and the ones who identify with the label are almost exclusively male. On, the subculture’s leading online forum, an incel is described as someone who” can’t have sex despite was intended to”, and is thus also denied the pleasures of relationships.( In incel lingo, sexually successful men are known as “Chads”, and attractive women are called ” Stacys “).

Self-identified incels have use the internet to discovery anonymous support and develop an ideology whose central belief is that the modern world is unfairly stacked against awkward or unattractive heterosexual men.

Incel websites argue that society is set up so that some men have numerous sex partners, others have none and women get to take their picking in what is often described as a” sexual marketplace “.

Such theories are often buttressed with half-understood theories about evolution, psychology and genetics. And at their heart is a belief that denying men sexuality is unjust.

As in other reactionary subcultures that repudiate consensus liberal faiths, the individuals who take on the incel credo are said to have taken” the red pill”- referring to the scene in the science fiction movie The Matrix where the protagonist chooses to leave his illusions behind.

Frequently such ideas lead to a generalized bitterness towards women. Indeed, the big incel hubs are often viciously misogynistic and regularly feature calls for rape or other violence.

Even the free speech bastion Reddit was forced last year to forbidding the largest incel subreddit for instigating detest( another subreddit, incelTears, continues to chronicle the excesses of incel culture online ).

Some with this mindset take it upon themselves to commit horrendous violence. In videos and a manifesto, the Isla Vista shooter Elliot Rodger justified his own mass homicide in 2014 by presenting it as retaliation for his own romantic rejections, and the fact that at 22, he was still a virgin.

Rodger was subsequently adopted by some incels as a hero, and being constructed into the quasi-ironic figurehead for a” beta uprising”, when sexually unsuccessful men would engage in armed uprisings against all of the Chads and Stacys.

Behind the layers of irony and disavowal, then, some incels have constructed a kind of violent, insurrectionary rhetoric from romantic failing and the belief because this is owed sex.

It’s possible that this mindset has influenced another lonely man in Toronto to commit mass murder.

The nature of social media still leaves some room for doubt as to whether the message is genuine, or whether it was really posted by Minassian- and internet trolls have previously misinformed the media following mass killings with false claims.

Moderators on were quick to disavow him. One post said Minassian” has never posted on As far as we are concerned , no one on the forum heard of him before these latest news .”

But elsewhere on the site, some users appeared to be defending the attacker. One post chided other forum users for their squeamishness for the purposes of the title,” most of you guys are all talk “.

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Toronto police officer hailed as hero for arresting suspect without firing shot

The officer, identified as Ken Lam, apprehended Alek Minassian, who were reportedly drove a van into pedestrians, killing 10 and injuring dozens

A Canadian police officer is being hailed for the restraint and professionalism he depicted in apprehending the suspect in the Toronto van attack without firing a single shot.

On Monday afternoon, a white van ploughed into pedestrians along one of Toronto’s busiest streets, killing 10 people and injuring more than a dozen others in what one official described as “pure carnage”.

Soon after, the alleged driver of the van was arrested by a lone police officer in a confrontation lasting less than a minute and caught on video by bystanders .~ ATAGEND

” Get down ,” the policeman, identified by sources as Ken Lam, wails repeatedly.

” Kill me ,” the man reacts.” I have a gun in my pocket .”

Lam’s voice remains calm as he again orders the man to get down, warns that he will shoot if the man does not cooperate.” Shoot me in the head ,” the suspect replies.

The officer then begins advancing towards the suspect. The suspect steps backwards, falling “what hes” holding and creating his hands in the air. Lam proceeds to single-handedly arrest the suspect.

The arrest came as police force across Northern america- including in Toronto- have been criticised for using excessive force to subdue mentally ill or unarmed suspects.

Police identified Alek Minassian, a 25 -year-old from the nearby township of Richmond Hill, as the man who had been arrested. He appeared in tribunal on Tuesday, charged with 10 countings of first-degree murder and 13 countings of attempted murder.

Officials refused to comment on a motive, but said the suspect did not represent a threat to national security.

Video of the dramatic confrontation between the suspect and the police officer was hailed on social media, where praise poured in for Lam.

Many said he deserved a medal .~ ATAGEND A columnist for Maclean’s magazine contrasted Lam’s soothes demeanor with the chaos and horror that had unfolded minutes earlier.” I am paid to explain things and sound confident doing so ,” he wrote .~ ATAGEND” But I candidly don’t know what to stimulate of this terrifying, remarkable moment .”

Mark Saunders, the city’s police chief, credited the force’s high calibre of training.” The policeman did a fantastic chore with respect to utilising his ability of understanding the situation and environment and having a peaceful resolution at the end of the day ,” he said.

Mike McCormack, the president of the Toronto Police Association, told Lam- a constable who has been with the force for more than seven years- would have been justified only if he had decided to fire at the suspect.” He was constantly assessing, constantly watching what was going on and ascertained he could handle it the route that he did ,” he said.” People are right: this guy is a hero .”

He had spoken to Lam, who was left shaken.” It’s stressful enough when you’re confronting somebody who is trying to get you to kill them ,” told McCormack.” And then you add the layer that this person that you’re dealing with has just murdered 10 innocent people, injured another 15. It really is sinking in with him right now .”

As commendations poured in from the around the world, Lam’s focus was on the many residents affected by the attack.” He was more worried about the victims. He was devastated when we kept hearing the casualties going to go, as we all were. It was a horrific scene ,” told McCormack.” He told’ Mike, I followed my experience and my training. Okay I made this arrest, which is great, but I’m just doing my job .'”

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