Ink raises $7M to make printing on college campuses less painful

Ink, a Nebraska-based startup focused on revamping on-campus print, has raised$ 7 million from VTF Capital, SQN Venture Partners, Invest Nebraska and NE Angeles. This brings total funding to $15 million, with previous participants of advisors Tony Hsieh of Zappos and Greg Silverman of Warner Brothers.

If you’re a college student or recent alumnu, you already know what it is frustrating it is to publish on campus. But for everyone else, here’s a quick explainer 😛 TAGEND

Most colleges allow students to print by deploying giant enterprise-scale printers( like you’d find in a law office ), and connecting them to some adjacent terminal or computer laboratory where a student log in, pays and selects their publish job. But it’s often very difficult to get a document from laptop to this terminal. Students usually end up having to email the document to themselves, use a flash drive or even upload it to the printer’s website. If a school is “high-tech” then maybe there will be some wireless solution that involves downloading a half-baked printer driver that works about 50 percentage of the time.

Why does the process suck so much? First, the campus usually employs software that is supposed to work with thousands of different types of printers — and this quest for compatibility usually outcomes in very high fault percentages. Another reason — the UI is almost always awful, since the publish management software was probably constructed a decade ago for a statute firm or office set, and was haphazardly retooled for a campus environment.

This is where Ink’s two products comes in. The first one, SmartStation, is a giant touch screen that merely connects to HP printers( the startup has a partnership with them ), meaning software error rates and paper jam rates are much lower. There’s also a product called inkTouch that works with existing printers, but still provides the cloud-based services available on the SmartStation.

To print, students tap or swipe their campus ID card to authenticate themselves, then can access their Dropbox or Google Drive or a bunch of other cloud services to select a document to print. And they are “re going to have to” log into these services once, as Ink will create a keychain that lives on the student’s campus ID card to automatically log them into these cloud services the next time they want to print.

There are a few other cool features — you can scan a document and have it is displayed in the giant touch screen where you can sign it with your finger and email it immediately to a recipient, or do things like edit and print photos. And students also can wirelessly use AirPrint if they’re operating a new version of iOS or MacOS, which is a convenience unheard of in enterprise-scale printing.

Essentially the startup is trying to take the~ 10 -minute process of publishing on campus( if you’ve tried it recently you know this isn’t an exaggeration) and make it happen in less than a minute.

Ink has two pricing models — they’ll deploy machines for free and charge the students $. 09 cents per page, or lease the machines to the school and let them manage student payment alternatives. They’ll be live in about 30 schools by the end of the year, including Stanford, UCLA, SUNY and more.

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82 Generic White Guy Names And What They Say About His Personality

1. Todd : Wears loafers. Knows specifically what Ralph Lauren line looks best on him.

2. Garrett : Wears glasses, doesnt need them.

3. Will : From the Northeast, played lacrosse in high school and thought he would be recruited, but wasnt. Always slightly shorter than you want him to be.

4. Chad : Evil.

5. Brian: Super picky eater. His girlfriend will always end up financially supporting him.

6. Bryan : Totally different from Brian. Wears a lot of Hawaiian shirts.

7. Ryan : Never texts you back because hes perpetually on some comedy tour.

8. Ross : Not conventionally attractive, but super fucking funny.

9. Chase : Joined, like, a super niche indie band and plays the bagpipes and some other instrument nobody has ever heard of. Lives in Europe now because Europeans appreciate the arts. Whatever,.

10. Colin : Lives in Patagonia fleeces , no matter what temperature it is outside.

11. Greg : That guy who shows up uninvited to things. The target to be roasted in all group texts. Manages it like a champ.

12. Phillip : Literally always at GameStop.

13. Kurt : Youre friends with him because he has a vehicle and never seems to be doing anything so he always will give you a ride.

14. Connor : Perpetually heartbroken.

15. Jack : Republican.

16. John : Got straight-As in high school and then started drinking in college. Hasn’t stopped drinking since.

17. Ian : Plays World of Warcraft and drinkings Monster energy drinkings . .

18. Spencer : Went surfing once, sets the surfer guy emoji next to his name where reference is sets his name into your phone.

19. Martin : Is uncomfortable not wearing some kind of argyle print somewhere on his person.

20. Adam : Hes that guy who comments in public Facebook event pages why he cant attend. Adam , nobody in The Chainsmokers: Metro Nashville Area cares that youre bummed you cant go because youll be visiting household in Seattle that weekend.

21. Rob :

22. Cam : Always texts you about was intended to drop-off acid on a weekday.

23. Cameron : Puts Feminist in his dating app profiles so he can get laid.

24. Josh: You likely satisfied him at a music celebration. He will use any opportunity given to take his shirt off. He owns and wears colored, plastic wayfarers.

25. Jeremy : Only owns sleeveless shirts.

26. Aaron : Utilizes Magnum condoms, doesnt have to.

27. Chaz : Always trying to bring Chaz back.

28. Austin : Works at Equinox, didnt actually* officially* alumnu from USC( one unit short ). Every profile picture he has on Facebook is with girls.

29. Jared : Loves vodka Red Bulls a little too much.

30. Michael : Peaked in high school,.

31. Mike: Will shame you for getting too drunk.

32. Matthew : Always threatens to” write about you” in his future book.

33. Matt : Hits on girls who are way out of his league.

34. Paul : Has a 401 k straight out of college. Has a Bible verse tattooed somewhere.

35. Blake : Will literally do anything to construct people laugh at parties. Once licked a banana slug on a dare.

36. Dillon : Thinks he’s a lot hotter than he actually is. Never successfully use “there/their/they’re” correctly.

37. Dylan : Parents are stoners.

38. Dave : A you dont ensure it coming fuck boy.

39. Daniel : Somehow always playing an acoustic guitar.

40. Dan : Hot. Can cook.

41. Sam : Constantly telling people that he’s a really good guy. He’s pretty mediocre.

42. Stewart : Wears a lot of sweater vests.

43. Alex : Will sing for a girl on the first date.

44. Alexander : Has been doodling anime on random pieces of newspaper since he was in 5th grade.

45. Alec : He invites you to his DJ gigs all the time.

46. Beau : Total goofball.

47. Zachary : Big fan of.

48. Ben : You cant say anything bad about him, but at the same timeYou cant actually find anything great to say about him either?

49. Derek : Still in his skateboarding phase.

50. Tom : Gets, like, personally offended when people cheat or play even the simplest games the wrong way. Use to sobbing when his secondary school basketball team lost.

51. Jim : Peaked playing intramural frisbee in college.

52. James : Either is British or wants to be British.

53. Zack : Raised in a super nice upper-middle class suburb and got two daughters( who were friends) pregnant.

54. Mark : Accidentally snuck into a really cool group of friends. Nobody knows how.

55. Jesse : He loves the Fast and Furious franchise.

56. Billy : Peaked when he was 14, still acts like he is 14.

57. Dick : Lives up to his name.

58. Jeffrey : Reeeeeally loves his Mom.

59. Reid : Named his bong Mike Wazowski.

60. Alan : Always sounds like hes talking through his nose.

61. Andrew : The guy you fall in love with. Wears a lot of flannel.

62. Kyle : Wears white mid-calf socks , no matter the occasion.

63. Jason : Wants to date you, but you dont want to date him.

64. Jacob : Constantly talking about how much he loves San Fransisco. Can speak French.

65. Jake : Instantly tells you youre dividing the check at dinner.

66. Nathan : Does improv.

67. Eric : Always wants to take you on a hike. Loves to bring his golden retriever who is great off leash .”

68. Erik : Constantly telling you its Erik with a K. Supposes hes the most unique person in the world. Always in a beanie.

69. Steve : Super into climbing. Just a touch granola, but it would take getting to know him really well to figure that out.

70. Stephen : Went to Duke, won’t shut up about it.

71. Steven : Cannot help himself and needs to argue with people in the comments section of things.

72. Travis : Has a butt chin.

73. Trevor : Has an Apple Watch.

74. Brady : Great Instagram aesthetic. Plenties of pictures of him on a boat.

75. Brenden : Wrote you a song about how he loves you.

76. Kevin : Settles down really fast, is the first of his friends to be a father.

77. Ethan : Will wear a backwards hat until he is 45.

78. Tucker : Shaves his head whenever his sports squad wins anything.

79. Nick : Constantly refers to himself as a “legend,” rarely does anything that qualifies as legendary.

80. Chris : Your boss.

81. Peter : Refers to sexuality as making love.

82. Patrick : Likes every post you put on your social media.

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11 Things People Dont Realize Youre Doing Because Of Your High Functioning Anxiety

1. Just because welook calm, does not mean that we are.

High functioning nervousnes is like a huge ogre inside of your head, that for the life of you, you can’t seem to make it go forth. You do everything in your power to make it stop, but you can’t help but feel the aches in your shoulders, and feel your heart beat speed up like a wildfire. You seem put together. You look like you have your life together. But inside? You feel like you are dying.

2. Sometimes we have to instantly leave social sets without warning. Please don’t take this as an insult.

We feel fine for a minute, laughing along with our friends and enjoying life, when of a sudden, our head will be full of’ what ifs’ and swirling topics come crashing down into our brains. It can be so incredibly overwhelming that we will have to leave certain situations to pacify ourselves down.

3. We constantly put ourselves down.

We may be successful in our careers. We may be great at our jobs. We may even get praised often. But do we believe it? No. In our career, in our personal life and in our love, we set ourselves down. We always think we can do better and we always set ourselves through so much stress merely to get through one day.

4. We have tiny habits that we can’t break.

Sometimes our anxiety comes out in different habits. Some bite their nails, while others tear off their cuticles. Some tap their feet in a constant attempt to rid their body of all of the anxiety and the issues to. For me personally? I do a lot of different things. I yawn to try to breathe better. I pick at my eyelashes. I bite my nails. I roll my shoulders over and over again to try to rid my body of those toxic supposes. We do anything and everything to try to distract ourselves from the ideas that takeoverour minds.

5. Anxiety doesn’t care about how happy we are or what is going on in our lives. It is always there.

No matter what we do , no matter where we are, and no matter who we are with, it can happen at any moment. The fear. The shaking. The images that cross our mind at lightning speed. The intense nausea and stomach cramps. The fret. The anxiety. The twirling of our hair. The need for more oxygen. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

6. We are perfectionists.

We try actually, really hard. At everything. If our boss tells us to stroll, we operate. If our boss tells we did a’ good chore’ we don’t see it as good enough for us. We try to be 100% perfect at everything that we do, and in our personal life too. Plainly this is impossible to do and attains blunders, but in our heads, we have to be the best of the best.

7. We freak out over the tiniest of things.

We are incredibly mean to ourselves when we induce missteps , no matter how easy it was for us to make it. We beat ourselves up in our heads day in and day out. We don’t know how to tell ourselves that. It’s ok to fall and stumble. And everyone, and I entail builds mistakes.

8. Weare people pleasers.

We love to make people happy even if that means making ourselves unhappy. We want our mothers to be proud. We want guests to be happy 24/7 at a party we host. We want to stimulate our boss proud, and we want to make ourselves prouds. However, nervousnes builds us think that we do is good enough.

9. Answering emails or messaging other people can induce us feel like we’resuffocating.

A tiny undertaking can feel overwhelming and can petrify us. Sometimes we have to calm ourselves down simply to send an email to someone we have known for years. At periods, we don’t answer text back or we leave messages unanswered because it’s so much easier to let it go, instead of interact.

10. Thethoughts in ourheads drastically differ from how welook to other people on the outside.

We may seem like we have the perfect life. We may look like we have the perfect career, the perfect partner, or the perfect home. But on the inside, we are scared. We are fighting. We are afraid. Afraid of our worst nightmares coming true. Afraid of losing everything that we have worked hard for. Afraid that we will become nothing. High functioning nervousnes can truly build us into our own worst enemies.

11. We always, aways have to stay busy.

We have to stay busy to keep sane. Whether it be a creative outlet like singing or writing, or something like exercising to keep our mind from running away from us, we always have to be doing. Anything to shut the voices out. Anything to calm down our thumping, burning hearts. Anything to keep us from exploding.

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For All The Students Who Are Struggling Right Now

You deserve all those sleepless nights and that second beaker of coffee. You deserve to be having a hard time, to be fighting your way through every single day, because theres no other style to construct you realise how much you want your dreamings to come true.

There are moments where you topic yourself, ask why you didnt got to go the easier path. Sometimes you even blame other people for the hardships that you are encountering, pointing thumbs, forgotten that you wouldnt be where you are without them.

Sometimes it gets to a phase where you merely want to give everything up.

Our greatest anxiety is if our dream isnt for us. It is hard. But you also have to realize that it is okay to complain from time to time, to sobbing and breakdown.

You have to remember to be human.

Although it is easier to let your emotions feed you up, always remember that you have to do it; you have to get up and finish that case to understand the law so you are able to defend those who need it, or to continue to study that last page of your anatomy book so you are able to correctly diagnose both patients and save lives, or maybe, you have to stay up not only for yourself, but for everyone else so that the future will be brighter.

You have to keep in mind that you are where you are not only because of a dreaming or the desire to change the world, but also because of the struggle of other people to help you reach your goal.

Remember that you are struggling because you have to, that nothing good comes easy, and as clich as it may be, remember that the fire that melts butter is the same flame that hardens steel.

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This Kid Was Bullied A LOT. He Could Have Told His Teacher Or His Principal. He Had Bigger Plans.

If you share this, you’ll be helping make sure the Bully Project is seen in schools across the country. Caine would appreciate it.

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Imagine if every school played this Kid President ‘pep talk’ before class.

Wisdom comes with age, huh? Don’t try telling that to Kid President.

The kid’s on fire in this insightful and funny pep talk that we can all most definitely take something from.

Kid President doesn’t claim to know it all, but he does know a few things.

And I tell you what, if you wake up in the morning with at the least one of these five things on your intellect, I bet you’ll conquer your day. Kid President tested. Kid President approved.

1. You matter. Don’t let anyone attain you think differently.

We are all unique and weird and amazing in our own ways. Sure you’ll have your ups and downs, but keep that head up. YOU matter.

It’s science, man! And also, you are great.

2. Being a bully is dumb. Don’t do it.

Be nice instead. It’ll take you further in life, and someday you’ll look back on the bullies that you’ve known and think, “They wasted so much time being horrible to others. No wonder they’re still living in their mom’s basement! ”

Ain’t nobody get hour for bullies.

3. History is made by ordinary people like you and me and Justin Timberlake!

If you have an idea that you love, go for it. You never know what’ll happen. Perhaps you’ll fabricate something or write the next hit sung. It’s up to you!

Ordinary people who aren’t afraid to try( and fail sometimes, too !).

4. If you want to change the world, you’ll need to know about it first.

Life is one big school. Rule# 1? You gotta show up! Listen, read, ask questions, and most importantly: Be present!

Eek. Can you imagine?

5. Is there a teacher or person in their own lives who inspires you? Let them know.

Don’t let those who’ve helped you in life go about their days not knowing it. Tell them how much they mean to you. Text them. Call them. Tell them in person. Heck, even write on their Facebook wall! It’ll make their day. Promise.

You heard the kid!

It’s true: No matter who you are, somebody is learning from you. Everybody is a teacher, and everybody is a student.

So what do you want to teach the world? What do you want to learn? Find out and go do it!

And maybe share this to inspire those around you to do the same. Because candidly, we are so much better when we’re being our very best together .

Let’s do it.

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If Your Post-Grad Life Sucks, Guess What? Its Not The End Of The World

When I graduated college, I guessed I had my life figured out. I had a five year game plan all set up in my mind because I was that confident in my future. I moved out of my country to work abroad with no experience on my resume, because I had so much faith in myself, in my skills, and in my abilities.

In one stroke of luck, I got my first task. And in that part of my life, I realized that if you believe in yourself and have trust in yourself, the universe opens a lot of doorways for you. I have learned that there is no mountain high enough to climbing, if you work hard to reach the top of it.

But then I reached a turning point, during my first year of my post-grad life, when abruptly my brain was filled with so many doubts. I felt unhappy and purposeless with the job that I had, with the person or persons that surrounded me, and with the environment I was working in. I was petrified to admit to myself that maybe I had it all wrong. Maybe my curated, step-by-step plans for my future werent meant to work.

For a brief period of time, I got lost and confused about everything: about life, about the world. I realized that I was just like everyone else in my generation. Sometimes, I had moments when I knew exactly where I’d be heading. But sometimes, I had no idea what I truly wanted to do with my life.

Slowly by slowly, I have accepted the truth that I’m not supposed to have my life sorted out at this age. I have accepted that it’s perfectly okay not to always build the right moves, or select the right decisions.

And if there’s something that I have learned in a hard way, it’s this: You don’t have to feel stuck in the wrong task, in the wrong place, or with the wrong people .

You can always leave. You can always change. You can always chase what you are truly passionate about.

And walking a different path doesn’t build you a bad person. Having a terrible year after your college graduation doesn’t mean you’re going to have terrible years for the rest of your life.

You are young. It is never the end of the world for you merely because youve made a bad decision or youve prefer the wrong alternative. You are only starting to have a savour of what it feels like to live in the real world. And it’s okay to mess up once in a while .

It’s okay to feel scared by the what-ifs that haunt you in the middle of the night. It’s normal to cry when you heart get violated. It’s not a sign of weakness to feel defeated during the times that quitting seems to be your merely alternative. It’s not wrong to allow your impressions and feelings affect their own lives decisions.

You might not realize this now, but the things that bring you down and hurt you the most are the ones that are going to help you become successful the working day. Your heartaches and failings give you the extra push to demonstrate your worth to the world, and to anyone.

Life has an insane way of bringing you to the place and situation where your heart wants you to be.

And you just have to trust, have confidence, and wait.

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