Mohamed Salah will be fit to play in World Cup, says Egyptian FA

Mohamed Salah will be fit to play in World Cup after sustaining a shoulder injury, tells the Egyptian FA

Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah will be fit to feature in the Football world cup group stages, according to the Egyptian Football Association.

The forward looked unlikely to play any its participation in the summer tournament after sustaining a shoulder trauma in the first half of Liverpool’s 3-1 defeat against Real Madrid in the Champions League final on Saturday night before leaving the field in tears.

The EFA president, Hani Abu Reda, the national squad coach-and-four Hector Cuper and physician Mohamed Abou El-Ela met Salah on Wednesday in Valencia, where the 25 -year-old is undergoing treatment and rehabilitation.

A post on the federation’s Facebook page read:” The delegation of the national squad was briefed on the recovery programme for the player, who is strolling well and aims to join the squad in the World Cup, as well as the determination of the great player to catch up with his team-mates. For his part, Mohamed Abou El-Ela said that the period of is a lack of Salah due to injury will not outstrip three weeks .”

Egypt’s opening World Cup match takes place on 15 June against Uruguay, with their second against the hosts Russia going four weeks later. Should Salah not return in time for either of those games, he could still was contained in Egypt’s final group match against Saudi Arabia on 25 June.

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Unai Emery pledges to bring special moments and memories to Arsenal

Arsenal have unveiled the former Paris St-Germain and Sevilla manager Unai Emery as the successor to Arsne Wenger

Unai Emery has pledged to give Arsenal” some special moments and memories” after his appointment as the new head coach was confirmed on Wednesday morning. The 46 -year-old Spaniard bolted from the situation of women foreigner to sudden favourite on Monday and he has succeeded Arsene Wenger, who departed after 22 years in the job at the end of this past season.

It seems significant that Emery’s title is that of head coach rather than administrator and he has been asked to concentrate his efforts on coaching and man-managing the first-team. Ivan Gazidis, the chief executive, has overhauled the club, with Raul Sanllehi and Sven Mislintat having been given overall responsibility for transfers. Emery has agreed to work within the new structure and he knows that the club will operate on a PS50m transfer budget this season.

Gazidis oversaw a thorough recruitment process and a clutch of candidates were considered and interviewed- chief among them Mikel Arteta, Max Allegri and Patrick Vieira. Arteta was the favourite last week and he expected to be given the opportunity, despite his lack of managerial experience. In the end, though, Emery came to seem like a safer pair of hands given his pedigree at a string of clubs since the 2004 -0 5 season, most recently Paris St-Germain and Sevilla.

” I am thrilled to be joining one of the great clubs in the game ,” Emery said.” Arsenal is known and loved throughout the world for its style of play, its commitment to respect for young players, the fantastic stadium, the route the club is run. I’m very excited to be given the responsibility to start this important new chapter in Arsenal’s history.

” I have met Stan and Josh Kroenke and it’s clear they have great aspirations for the club and are committed to bringing future success. I’m aroused about what we can do together and I look forward to devoting everyone who loves Arsenal some special moments and memories .”

Stan Kroenke, the club’s majority shareholder, described Emery as a “proven winner”. Emery won five domestic honours in his two seasons at PSG- including the Ligue 1 title last season- although his lack of success in the Champions League cost him his task. He also struggled to impose his will on a dressing room packed with egos.

Before that, Emery impressed greatly at Sevilla, despite having to sell the club’s best players on a regular basis. Most eye-catchingly, he won the Europa League for three seasons in a row.

” We’re delighted to welcome Unai to Arsenal ,” Kroenke said.” He’s a proven winner. We’re confident that he is the right person for the job and that he will work to deliver the triumphs our fans, staff and everyone who cares about Arsenal want.

” Several things stood out during his interview and the entire process; his football knowledge, energy, determination and love of the game. His familiarity with our club and our players, the Premier League, and the game in Europe were all very impressive. He shares our vision to move forward, to build on the platform created by Arsene Wenger and help this club enjoy greater success .”
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Gazidis said:” Unai has an outstanding track record of success throughout his career, has developed some of the best young talent in Europe and plays an exciting, progressive style of football that fits Arsenal perfectly. His hard-working and passionate approach and his sense of values on and off the pitch attain him the ideal person to take us forward.

” We conducted a confidential, wide-ranging and rigorous search involving extensive background references, data and video analysis, and personal meetings with all the candidates we shortlisted. All were interested in the position and “were in” unanimous in our option of Unai to drive the next chapter of our history .”

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Marcus Rashfords toils show up Jos Mourinho as a man without a plan | Barney Ronay

An isolated outing for the forward in the FA Cup final was dismaying proof that skilful attackers are being left to regress at Old Trafford

On a sweaty, heavy, oddly gruelling Wembley day Manchester United’s sweaty, heavy, oddly gruelling season was finally euthanised to a close.

It has been a good season in some ways, with obvious progress made in the Premier League. But it passed here without the garnish of a trophy as Eden Hazard’s first-half penalty determined a largely forgettable FA Cup final in Chelsea’s favor.

Chelsea have had a mixed season, too. Victory at Wembley was a reflection not of a team procuring its gears, but of the fact in Hazard they had the best player on the pitch, enough to make a difference even in only the briefest glimpse.

For United this felt like something else, a dose of necessary medication where the glimmer of another trophy might have concealed the symptoms, conceal the deeper snags and knots. Either style it seemed a fitting reflection of United’s status right now to end the season watching this sluggish red-shirted machine spend 90 minutes trying and failing to score a goal.

This remains the single most interesting thing about this powerful, strangely burdened squad. From Anfield to St James’ Park, from Andalucia to Ashton Gate, United’s season has been a heavy kind of thing, with a sense throughout of trapped energy, of cogs that refuse to click, of results wrung out of bloody-minded will.

Look back and the commission has been the one constant of the post-Ferguson epoch. Through five years and three managers successive squads have shared this clogged facet, lacking in the crucial notes of grace and fluency. Against all expectations Manchester United have somehow become the Daleks.

Mourinho’s team has now ended the season with seven objectives in their last eight games, with fewer away goals than Leicester in the league, with a single aim over 180 minutes against Sevilla, with four goals in a game just once since a fine scoring run in the autumn. Albeit, even in those most liberated moments there has been a clanking quality, like an android replicant build brief, sullen attempts to dance the Charleston.

If any player embodied this struggle at Wembley it was probably the frantic figure of Marcus Rashford, who was never on his heels, who operated constantly, passed accurately; but who seemed throughout to be playing through a kind of fog, blunt when he needed to be sharp, a player making all the right runs, only not inevitably in the right order.

With Romelu Lukaku unfit for anything more than the bench this was a wonderful opportunity for Rashford to play as a starting centre-forward in a season-defining game. Not that his year to date had provided much significant preparation.

Rashford did get a start as a centre-forward against Brighton simply a couple of weeks ago, a game that inspired a pretty wretched piece of public politicking from Mourinho afterwards.” Why always Lukaku? Now you insure why ,” was the verdict of a human charged with building the confidence, self-esteem and general pastoral wellbeing of one of the brightest young attacking talents in England. Or not, as the case may be.

Here Rashford lined up just ahead of Alexis Sanchez here in a vague, ungrooved, energetically incoherent impersonation of a two-man attack. After five minutes and 30 seconds person in a red shirt finally passed to him. For a while he made operates: curving runs, runs across the back three, operates behind the full-backs. After all it’s good to keep yourself busy. Meanwhile a football match happened 30 yards away.

Rashford is still only 20 and in the middle of one of those difficult seasons young players are allowed to have. The wider issue is the sense of a player floating into a kind of dead zone where he seems unsure not just of his role but of his own basic skills.

Mourinho’s keenest fans will be eager to excuse him from any part in this. But something is missing here. Rashford has talent and willing. There has simply been no development, only a sense of irritation that this young player is not a ready-made elite No 9.

Either way Rashford appears more like an over-promoted youth-team player now than where reference is actually was one. Surely it is clearer than ever how important Lukaku is to Jose’s United. Second balls, ricochetting off defenders, fighting for scrappy possession: this is the job now.

United did upsurge after half-time, stimulating concerted attempts to force the ball through Chelsea’s lines in a red-shirted bludgeon. With no obvious attacking plan, United went into blitz mode, midfield storming forward, the full-backs battering in intersects. But they never genuinely threatened to find the right forward gear.

There is nothing wrong with defensive football, which has its own kind of beauty. Mourinho has been the master of victory through constriction, and in the process has provided some of the most memorable and overachieving European squads of the last couple of decades.

But the past tense is significant here. Reactive, strangulating football remains his base note, but it is hardly reflected in the wider world where the most successful squads tend to pour their energies and scheming into moving forward, concentrating on the imperfections not the strengths of an opponent.

No objectives: no trophy. The magnitude to which Mourinho is willing, never mind able, to regear this United team over the summer will surely is crucial to the immediate future of both.

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Manuel Neuer: I dont feel the fear. Im always thinking positive

In an extract from Grant Wahls new volume, the Germany and Bayern Munich captain reveals his goalkeeping philosophy and explains his sweeper-keeper role

Modern football has a lot in common with the German autobahn. The velocity of video games has no restrictions these days and the players are like finely calibrated sports cars: faster, sleeker and more powerful than ever. Movement is constant, and yet there remains an order to things, a reminder that even on the leading edge, there are forces that avoid chaos. No player better represents this than Manuel Neuer, the world’s best goalkeeper, who has redefined his position.” I’m a little bit risky, but I’m standing for security and protection, and you have to give your team-mates that feeling as well ,” tells Neuer, captain of Bayern Munich and Germany.” In life, I’m a guy who likes to drive a car quite fast, but I wear a seat belt at the same day .”

Surrounded by Champions League trophies in the Bayern Munich boardroom, the 6ft 4in, 210 lb Neuer devotes off an aura of physical power, a combination of size, strength and the potential of motion at high speed. Neuer speaks better English than he lets on at first, and he depicts a special pleasure from discussing his ultimate fast-lane experience, even if that entails taking heart-stopping risks as the last line of defense.” It’s up to me to help my defenders and it’s better for me to get the ball before the striker than to[ just waiting] have a one-on-one situation in the box ,” he tells.” That’s more dangerous than to go out, because the striker has the chance to score a goal. If he can’t get the ball, he won’t get any possibility .”

The downside of Neuer’s approach is the football version of hara-kiri. If he miscalculates the velocity and trajectory of the ball or the striker and arrives too late, he may confess a aim and appear silly in the process.” I don’t feel the dread in my head in this moment ,” he says.” I am always guessing positive. It’s all about the first step. If I guess I will get the ball, I go out. I can’t stop halfway because the goal is empty and the player would have the opportunity to shoot. You make the reaction, and then, of course, you have to be sure to get the ball. But it’s years of practice. You can’t say from one day to the other:’ Now I will do it ,’ you know? You have to feel it .”

When Neuer speaks about his goalkeeping influences as a kid, one uncover aspect is his division between German and non-German keepers and his association of the word “modern” with those who hail from outside Germany.” In Germany, Jens Lehmann was a model style for a German goalkeeper ,” Neuer says of the player who expended 10 seasons at Schalke, the club that developed Neuer.” In the international style, my idol was[ the Netherlands ‘] Edwin van der Sar. He was so modern, much more modern than Lehmann. He had another level. He could play with his left and right foot and go out of the box and go out to get crosses. He was present as a personality. Then there was Oliver Kahn: his reflexes, his ambition. He developed hard, and in that sense he was my idol. So I have some different pieces put together. It’s like having a lot of coaches, and you save something from the coach that you think is good for you- and that becomes you .”
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Of all the goalkeeper coach-and-fours Neuer has had over the years, the one he idolizes the most is Toni Tapalovic, who was hired by Bayern Munich at Neuer’s request when he joined the club in 2011. Like Neuer, Tapalovic was born in Gelsenkirchen and played in goal for Schalke. The two men are merely five years apart in age, and they developed a connect during Neuer’s formative years with the club.” When he was the No 2 goalkeeper[ at Schalke ], I was very young ,” Neuer tells.” He knew that I was a little bit better than him, but he always told me that I had to do more. He remained outside and worked with me when the team was going into the dressing room. And he was my colleague, so we had friendship and cooperation processes on the pitching. After that, he had a lot of injuries- two shoulders, a knee, hip- and he stopped his[ playing] career and started at Schalke to help coach-and-four the goalkeepers. I recommended him to Bayern. I think he has brought me to my best level .”

A goalkeeper from the age of four, he detected early on that he had a leading foot and a stand leg, and for him it felt more comfortable to leap to his left than to his right in order to make a save. Dives to his right, he says, would often result in awkward landings that devoted him bruises on his right hip.

Manuel Neuer lifts the World Cup in 2014. Photograph: Clive Rose/ Getty Images

Working with a coach-and-four, Neuer had to train himself to explode to his right more easily, just as a right-footed player would work on passing and shooting with his left. Even today, Neuer acknowledges that diving and widening his body to his right to stop a shot won’t look the same as when he does the same thing to his left.” It’s the same power, but it seems different because the body changes when you are up in the air ,” he tells.” When you are lying down on the grass and need to stand up, you stand up in a different way on both sides. It’s not symmetrical. The important thing is that you can jumping high and long and stand up promptly. It doesn’t have to look perfect, but it has to be quick .”

Yet shot stopping, which was once the hallmark of a proficient goalkeeper, is now a bare-minimum requirement. The 21 st-century keeper also needs to organise the back line and set-piece defence, command the box on cross, disrupt resisting assaults outside the box and initiate his team’s attack.

Comfort on the ball with both feet is mandatory, as is the ability to play passes to moving targets over short and long distances, with your feet and with an overhand hurl. What’s more, the strategic tendency of extreme defensive pressing all over the field entails goalkeepers often need to construct themselves available as pressure-release valves for defenders needing to get rid of the ball.

” To be a modern goalkeeper, I have to think offensively, to initiate our attacking moves safely and securely ,” Neuer says.” Both my squads, Bayern and Germany, usually have more than 60% possession. So I have to be outside the box and be involved in the passing game from the back to get the ball to the first, second and third row of players. All these things are incorporated in my game, but I can afford it because I’m in these strong teams .”

If you watch Bayern Munich regularly, it becomes clear that Neuer almost never boots the ball aimlessly downfield, like so many other goalkeepers do. Under Pep Guardiola, the word you heard most often from the Bayern players describing their attacking philosophy was ” control “. Why would you boom the ball downfield and hazard giving up control?” The passing game has become more important ,” Neuer says.” We rarely just hammer the ball forward. I probably have twice as many touches of the ball now than I used to have at Schalke .”

Bayern Munich’s and Germany’s stranglehold on possession often entails Neuer has fewer occasions to demonstrate some of the more traditional goalkeeping skills. But he still has to call upon them at times, knowing that one mistake can turn a game. How does he know when to come out for a cross? The thought process on whether to commit is not much different from deciding whether to leave his box to cut a through-ball- though there tends to be more human traffic in his path on traverses, involving him to read even more variables in a split second.” You have to know which players are in your area and whether you have a free style to get to the ball ,” he explains.” If I know I can’t get the ball, then I have to stay in .”

Television commentators sometimes say goalkeepers should always come out for any cross in their six-yard box. But Neuer argues that is not inevitably the occurrence.” It depends how high the ball is coming into the box ,” Neuer says.” If it’s a high ball they can’t reach, you know you can go out. But if it’s a very low ball and a striker is there, it’s very dangerous and you can’t go out .” Even today, there are enough variables that the same keeper who will venture 40 yards from his objective to pick off a through-ball will sometimes refuse to move even six yards, depending on the situation.

More usually, though, Bayern’s and Germany’s obsession with control entails the ball is at the other end of the field. Neuer tells one of the hardest parts of his task is when he hasn’t faced a shot from the opposition in 45 minutes, and then he’s abruptly called into action.” Sometimes in the winter it’s very cold, you know, especially in Bavaria ,” he says, half-smiling but fully serious.” It’s not easy in this moment, because you have to go from 0 to 100 .”

Such is life on the German autobahn.

This is an edited extract from Football 2.0: How the World’s Best Play the Modern Game by Grant Wahl. It is out now in paperback and ebook

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Jlloyd Samuel, former Aston Villa and Bolton defender, dies in car crash

The Trinidad and Tobago FA said it had received some terrible news

The former Aston Villa and Bolton defender Jlloyd Samuel died in a automobile crash on Tuesday morning.

” We are deeply saddened to hear of the death of our former player Jlloyd Samuel at persons under the age of only 37 in a car accident ,” Villa said on Twitter.

” Our players will wear black armbands as a trade mark of respect tonight[ in the Championship play-off semi-final against Middlesbrough] and our thoughts are with his friends and family at this very difficult time .”

Samuel played 169 league games during nine years at Villa before joining Bolton in 2007, going on to build 71 league appearances over four years. He also had loan spells at Gillingham and Cardiff. Most lately he has been the player-manager of the non-league club Egerton.

Samuel was capped by England from under-1 8 to under-2 1 level and was an unused substitute for a senior international against Sweden in 2004. He decided to represent Trinidad and Tobago, winning two caps. He also played club football in Iran between 2011 and 2015.

The Trinidad and Tobago FA said in a statement:” We’ve received some terrible news that former national defender and ex-Aston Villa and Bolton Wanderers player Jlloyd Samuel died in a automobile accident this morning in England.

” According to reports, Jlloyd was returning home after dropping his kids off to school and collided with an oncoming vehicle.

” The Trinidad and Tobago FA and his former national team-mates at this time extends deepest condolences to his family members both in the UK and here in Trinidad and Tobago .”

Jlloyd Samuel in action for England U2 1s. Photo: The FA/ Rex/ Shutterstock

Born in San Fernando, Trinidad, Samuel moved to the UK as a youngster and attended school in Blackheath. He played for London Schoolboys and Charlton youth sides before signing for Villa.

Cheshire police said they were called to a serious collision involving a van and a Range Rover in High Legh, Cheshire at 7:55 am.

” Sadly the driver of the car, Jlloyd Samuel, 37, from Lymm, died at the scene ,” they said in a statement.” The driver of the van, a 54 -year-old man, sustained serious injuries and has been taken to hospital .”

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Brazil confirm Dani Alves will miss World Cup due to knee injury

The Brazilian Football Confederation has confirmed in a statement his knee injury builds it impossible to call Dani Alves for the period of preparation, friendlies and, consequently, the World Cup.

Brazil’s right-back Dani Alves will miss the Football world cup. The Brazilian Football Confederation has confirmed in a statement his knee trauma builds it” impossible to bellow Dani Alves for the period of preparation, friendlies and, consequently, the World Cup .”

The 35 -year-old was injured on Tuesday in the French Cup final while playing for the wins, Paris Saint-Germain.

The injury will sideline him for at least three weeks. Brazil’s first game in Russia will be on 17 June against Switzerland. Alves played in the previous two World Cups and has 107 appearances for the team since his 2006 debut.

Neymar, meanwhile, has admitted he still has anxieties over missing the Football world cup due to the violate right foot he suffered in March.

In an interview published on Friday, the Brazil and Paris Saint-Germain striker said therapy has worked” but there is always that fear of it[ the trauma] coming back “.

” I need to lose that fear as quickly as possible to arrive at the Football world cup at my best ,” Neymar said in an interview on Zico’s YouTube channel.” In the beginning we are hesitant about making the complete motion .”

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Jake Livermores late winner keeps alive West Brom hopes of staying up

Minutes away from being relegated from the Premier League, Doug Livermores scrambled aim devoted West Bromwich Albion a 1-0 win against Tottenham Hotspur

A sensational last-gasp escape from relegation remains possible for West Brom thanks to Jake Livermore’s stoppage time winner. If other outcomes go in their favour- they need Swansea and Southampton to draw on Tuesday for a start- then victory at Crystal Palace next Sunday could secure their survival.

That outcome seemed utterly implausible when Darren Moore stepped into the vacancy left by the dismissal of Alan Pardew last month but Moore has transformed the team’s lucks, inspiring a operate of three wins and two draws from his five matches at the helm. No wonder the crowd clamoured here for him to be appointed on a permanent basis.

As the clock ticked past 90 minutes West Brom were on course to prolong Moore’s unbeaten record but his team knew anything less than a win would lead to demotion on the spot. So there was an detonation of elation all around the Hawthorns when Livermore forced the ball over Spurs’ line from close range following an almighty scramble after a corner by Matt Phillips.

All around the ground except in the visiting dugout, that is, as Mauricio Pochettino was left to lament the” absence of aspiration” shown by his squad throughout a match from which they seemed to expect a comfy win. No such criticism could be directed at Moore’s side.

Spurs, aiming to consolidate their place in the four largest and retain their notional opportunity of leapfrogging Manchester United into second place, began as if their victory was as inevitable as the hosts’ relegation was supposed to be. They set up camp in West Brom’s half and waited for an opening to present itself, hogged possession but were ponderous. Unable to create early on, Tottenham seemed in need of unwitting assistance from their foes. But, unlike during the majority of members of the campaign, West Brom did not oblige. They defended steadfastly.
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Not until the 24 th minute did Spurs even attempt a shot. It was a good one, Victor Wanyama’s curling endeavor from 20 yards forcing Ben Foster to tip over the bar. Danny Rose tried something similar one minute afterwards but sent the ball into the stands.

Kieran Trippier created the first really incisive pass of the game, sliding in Harry Kane on the half-hour. Foster rushed off his line and diverted the striker’s shooting from eight yards behind for a corner. From the set piece Spurs worked the ball to Christian Eriksen, whose cross from the left find Kane. But the striker could not steer a header on target.

West Brom’s rope-a-dope strategy nearly paid off before the breach. Chris Brunt’s long free-kick into the box in the 41 st minute ran all the way to Jay Rodriguez, who dabbed the ball across the face of objective. Toby Alderweireld headed it out for a corner before any home player could pounce. But three minutes later West Brom virtually took the leading from another corner, merely for Ahmed Hegazi to nod broad from six yards.

Spurs were nearly caught out within moments of the resumption after half-time, as Phillips glided down the right and crossed for Salomon Rondon but the striker missed his kick from close range.

West Brom grew bolder as the finale depicted closer.” We knew we had to contain them early on and the pendulum started to swing around the 60 th minute ,” said Moore.” We just had the confidence and faith that we would get a objective .”

As West Brom applied greater pressure Kane became so spooked that he almost slicked a cross into his own net. Hugo Lloris had to make a brilliant save to prevent the England striker from being credited with a objective that he would not have wanted to claim.

The one West Brom craved came in stoppage day, Livermore stabbing the ball into the net from inches out after Lloris parried a close-range header by Craig Dawson. When the final whistle went, players who have been booed off many times this season were acclaimed by the Hawthorns crowd. Fans made it clear they want Moore to remain at the helm for next season no matter the league they play in.

” There’s been some pride restored ,” told Moore.” The feelgood factor is back around the community and club. I feel from the supporting that there is a real good energy in the club again and that’s all anybody are truly want .”

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Steven Gerrard appointed as new Rangers manager: ‘It was a no-brainer’

Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard concurs deal to become boss at Ibrox on a four-year contract

Steven Gerrard revealed that gut instinct was key to his acceptance of the post of Rangers manager, after being unveiled at Ibrox on Friday. Gerrard has signed a four-year deal that will begin on 1 June because of commitments with Liverpool and BT Sport. This marks his first task in management.

” When the bellow came to speak to Rangers, it was a no-brainer ,” Gerrard told.” It was a different feeling in my stomach from other opportunities I have had to be a administrator. I got a special impression and I knew then that Rangers was for me. I have confidence I are available in here as a director. A huge opportunity presented itself. I was very aware of the size of club having watched from afar for many years .”

A relaxed, composed Gerrard was greeted by hundreds of Rangers supporters as he made one of the most eagerly anticipated arrivals in Scottish football history. Gerrard responded with a forceful” Bring it on” when asked how he may handle the intensity associated with football in Glasgow. Celtic’s 5-0 win over Ranger last weekend meant a seventh title in succession for the side managed by Brendan Rodgers.

” I don’t mind being under pressure ,” Gerrard said.” I played under pressure and I have lived under pressure since I left school. Since I have stopped playing I have missed the pressure of going out and fighting for three points on the weekend. Pressure isn’t a bad thing. If you’re working under pressure then you’re in a good place. I know there will be a lot of scrutiny and a lot of pressure but that’s what I love about being involved in football.

” I’m here for a reason: to front the challenge and take the club forward. I’m confident or I wouldn’t be in this seat. In terms of targets I merely want to win. That’s what I love doing, that’s my buzz. That’s the demand here and I’m looking forward to it.

” I love a challenge. My parents brought me up in life to front up to a challenge if you feel it’s the right one. That’s what I’m here to do .”

Gerrard refused to be drawn on what resources may be made available to him or what his broad targets are from next season.” From the first conversations with the club I found positivity and aspiration which matches mine ,” he said.

” I don’t think this is the time to speak about what’s available and what has been said to me in private meetings. The most important thing for me provided an opportunity and current challenges. The key here is stability but I need to get my teeth into the job before I can weigh up exactly where we need to strengthen. I’m confident that we can do well .”

Steven Gerrard is unveiled as Rangers manager in front of fans at Ibrox. Photograph: Ian MacNicol/ Getty Images

Gerrard confirmed that Gary McAllister would join as his assistant.” I have huge respect for Gary and he ticks the box where perhaps I’m not the most experienced director sitting here right now ,” Gerrard said.” He’s been in the game for a very long time and as partnership agreements I feel that will be very strong. I have known him for a very long time, since he was a player at Liverpool, and we remained close.

” He will be a rock and a bigger support and as soon as I asked him it was a’ yes’ straight away. I learned so much from Gary as a person and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to take on this challenge with me .”

Gerrard dismissed fears about his lack of managerial experience. The 37 -year-old will leave his post coaching in Liverpool’s academy and is bringing Michael Beale from there to join his staff.

” That[ experience] is not an issue for me- it seems to be for other people ,” he told.” I can’t control that but I respect everyone’s opinion. I’ve been around a big football club for a long time. I have been around big matches, I have watched big administrators perform.
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” There is only one route to go and get experience, that’s by believing in yourself and taking a challenge head-on. You have to believe in yourself .”

Dave King, the Rangers chairwoman, was similarly bullish.” That Steven hadn’t managed before was the only box he didn’t tick ,” King said.” If I looked at a lot of the other names, they had experience but not all of it was good. I don’t think experience will work against him .”

Gerrard said he did not speak to Rodgers, his former director at Liverpool, before inducing the decision to join him in Glasgow.” Me and Brendan are penalty ,” Gerrard told. “I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

Speaking on the other side of the town, Rodgers welcomed Gerrard but warned of a new surrounding.” It is a totally different experience ,” said Celtic’s manager.” There is a curve of experience that you need to go through. I am a much better manager, I suppose, than I was when I started. So you only get it through doing it .”

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Liverpool’s Jrgen Klopp warns Real Madrid: We will be on fire in final

Jrgen Klopp told his Liverpool side they must go and finish the job in Kiev by winning the Champions League after winning their semi-final against Roma 7-6 on aggregate

A beaming Jurgen Klopp told his Liverpool side they must go and finish the job in Kiev by winning the Champions League after surviving their Roma scare. Liverpool were beaten 4-2 at Stadio Olimpico, their first defeat in Rome, but advanced 7-6 on aggregate to the final where they will face Real Madrid.

And the Liverpool manager alerted right holders that his team will be “on fire” in Ukraine having weathered another Roma recovery in the second leg of the semi-final. Klopp, who re-emerged from the passageway to celebrate with the 5,000 delirious away fans half an hour after the final whistling, admitted his team had suffered and under-performed in the Italian capital. Not that he cared. Having guided Liverpool from the Champions League qualifiers to their eighth European Cup final appearance Klopp insisted his only focus was on ending a run of near-misses in finals and Real’s hold on the trophy on 26 May.

” We were in a League Cup final and didn’t win it ,” the Liverpool manager said.” People don’t tell me in the street since then:’ Thank you for bringing us to the final .’ We were in the Europa League final too. Nobody tells me thank you. I watch no trophies after these games. They don’t hang silver medals at Melwood. That’s a pity, but that’s the game. There’s still a job to do.

” Going to a final is really nice but winning is even nicer. We will be ready but it is Real Madrid. You cannot be more experienced in this competition than Real Madrid. I suppose 80% of their team played all these finals. They are four times in the last five years and always together. They are experienced, we are not, but we will be really on fire .”

Klopp joined his players in prolonged festivities with the Liverpool supporters at the Stadio Olimpico. He afterward came back out to continue the revelry alone. He explained:” Assuring all these happy faces is the best thing that football can do. These people followed us all over Europe, come to Anfield, create an exceptional ambiance, and we all know how big the desire is to come back on the winning track. They had such a big its participation in the season so far so if they want to see me, they can see me , no problem .”
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The Liverpool manager said his team were made to suffer by Roma because they did not capitalise on several counterattacks.” A big compliment for Roma ,” added Klopp.” What a performance, what a comeback, what a great football match. In the high-intense moments we had brilliant counterattacks but not enough to finish them. There was a few penalty situations but I didn’t see them back so far. It was first time we were not as good as we can be.

” We needed luck, that’s what we had, and over the whole campaign it’s deserved. It would have been deserved for Roma too. For both teams it would have been crazy to play extra day. So it was 7-6 on aggregate, which sounds crazy because it is crazy.

Liverpool players celebrate after the match with a banner in tribute to fan Sean Cox. Photo: Ettore Ferrari/ EPA

” We came as a qualifier and are now in a final. I’m really happy for the boys, the club, the fans. It’s been a fantastic ride so far; now we go to Kiev, which sounds crazy but it’s the truth. We will go to Kiev .”

The Roma president, James Pallotta, was livid with the Slovenian referee Damir Skomina, insisting his refusal to award a penalty for handball by Trent Alexander-Arnold or dismiss Loris Karius for a contaminate on Edin Dzeko constructed the introduction of VAR an imperative in the Champions League.

Pallotta told:” It is very clear VAR is needed in the Champions League because you just can’t let stuff like this happen. El Shaarawy potentially[ in] the 49 th minute wasn’t offside and he[ Dzeko] get taken down by the goalie, the 63 rd minute was a handball that was obvious to everyone probably in the world except people on the pitching, the 67 th minute[ Patrik] Schick gets taken down in the box.

” I know it is difficult to ref but it is really embarrassing that we lose on aggregate like that. By the style, it should have been a red card which would have been 10 men in the 63 rd minute. Liverpool are a great team, congratulations going forward, but if they don’t get VAR in the Champions League, stuff like this is an absolute joke ,” Pallotta said.

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Jrgen Klopp expects Liverpools prize assets to commit futures to club

Jrgen Klopp is confident Roberto Firmino will be the first of Liverpools prized assets to committed his future to Anfield, with Mohamed Salah and Sadio Man also scheduled for new contracts

Jurgen Klopp is confident Roberto Firmino will be the first of Liverpool’s prized assets to perpetrate his future to Anfield, with Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane also scheduled for new contracts.

Firmino signed a five-year bargain worth PS180, 000 -a-week plus incentivised bonuses on Sunday having developed into a crucial member of Klopp’s team. Liverpool have also opened negotiations with representatives of Salah and Mane as they bid to secure their formidable assault for the long term, while Ragnar Klavan and Alberto Moreno are expected to be offered extended terms.

The Brazil international has scored 27 goals and 16 assists this season to help Liverpool to the brink of the Champions League final. Klopp, whose team take a 5-2 lead into Wednesday’s semi-final second leg at Roma, believes others will follow Firmino’s lead in dedicating their best years to Liverpool.

” It’s unbelievably important news for us, really cool ,” the Liverpool manager told.” This is one very important step but even Roberto cannot play alone. We need to carry on in this style. In the moment every player knows about our schemes. He’s the first[ to commit] but for sure he won’t be the last .”

Salah is merely one year into the five-year contract he signed when joining from Roma last summertime. Liverpool, however, remain in close contact with the Egypt international’s representative, Ramy Abbas, over improving the terms of a player whose phenomenal impact and soaring profile will attract rival interest. Salah was named footballer of the year by the Football Writers’ Association on Tuesday having already been named the Professional Footballers’ Association’s player of the year.

Klopp insists the development of Firmino shows Salah and Mane can both fulfil their aspirations at Anfield, rather than at Real Madrid or Barcelona. He said:” I heard what he[ Firmino] to say something about it being an easy decision for him and I can really imagine that it was. He knows and appreciates perfectly this club. The other boys truly respect him for all the run he’s doing.
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” This constant debate about whether he’s undervalued or whatever in public, this never happened for one second either in the club or in the team. He feels altogether comfy and is planning for the long term here. That’s becoming rare because if you are not Barcelona or not Real Madrid then there’s usually another club somewhere you can go to. It’s really good news for us. He’s absolutely a big factor in our future .”

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