Sadiq Khan speech disrupted by Brexit and Trump supporters

London mayor brushes off interruption by White Pendragons, describing them as what some would call very stable geniuses

A group of protesters backing Brexit and Donald Trump have disrupted a speech by the London mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Khan’s address on gender equality to the Fabian Society in central London was suspended for several minutes on Saturday morning while a small number of demonstrators from a recently formed far-right group called the White Pendragons built their protest.

Shortly after Khan began speaking at the society’s new year conference, one human told the audience:” Ladies and gentlemen, we’re here today to make a non-violent, peaceful citizen’s arrest .”

One man wailed “No to the EU” and another displayed a US flag.

Audience members began to heckle and slow-clap, but the protesters resisted attempts to remove them, claiming they would sue anyone who touched them for” common assault “.

Several police officers then moved in to escort them from the venue.

The protesters claimed the Fabian Society was ” subverting our English constitution”, with one quoting the Magna Carta.

Outside the vestibule, the ITV News reporter Paul Brand asked them several times in the interests of clarity about their objection to the society, but failed to get a clear response.

He said in a tweet that they claimed to be neither a racist , nor a far-right group.” But they told us Sadiq Khan has no right to be Mayor of London, referencing his religion .”

When Khan, a former chair of the Fabian Society, resumed his speech he quipped:” On the plus side, I wasn’t served with a P45″- a including references to Theresa May’s Tory conference speech that was interrupted by a prankster.

The mayor added:” It is a pleasure to be here even though we were distracted by the actions of what some would call very stable geniuses .”

Mafalda Damaso (@ DrMafaldaDms)

#Fab18 meeting somewhat delayed by Trump supporters who wouldn’t let Sadiq Kahn speak. The police had to intervene and remove the group of- in Kahn’s terms- ‘very stable geniuses’ d7sVx9Dc1j

January 13, 2018

Last Saturday the US president used the same phrase to describe himself in a tweet following questions about his mental health.

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Debunked: Trump reasons for cancelling London visit

The US chairwomen claims that he will not visit UK to open new embassy because of bad Obama deal fail to add up

Donald Trump’s ” reason” for cancelling his trip to London to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of the new US embassy has been torn apart.

While few people believe that Trump’s decision to stay away has nothing to do with the prospect of having to face some of the UK’s biggest street protests, many have also debunked other asserts in his tweet.

Donald J. Trump (@ realDonaldTrump)

Reason I canceled my journey to London is that I am not a big fan of the Obama Administration having sold perhaps the best located and finest embassy in London for “peanuts,” only to build a new one in an off locating for 1.2 billion dollars. Bad deal. Wanted me to cut ribbon-NO!

January 12, 2018

The Obama administration sold the embassy

Not quite. On the embassy’s UK website, a press release dated October 2008– one month before Barack Obama was elected president and three months before his inauguration- details plans to move the embassy south of the river Thames, from Mayfair to Nine Elms, in Wandsworth. The decision to relocate the building was made by the Bush administration.

However, the final marketing- to the Qatari royal family’s property company- was agreed and signed off by the US state department in 2009 when Obama was president.

The embassy was sold for peanuts

The Chancery building’s sale price was never disclosed, although in July 2000 it was estimated at PS500m.

The new embassy has been built in an’ off location’

While the new place may lack the opulence of Mayfair, Trump might find much to his taste in Nine Elms. The 230 -hectare district has been transformed from a once bleak landscape of depots and sorting offices to house some of London’s most expensive apartments and growths- about 30 of them.

Among the residential developments is neighbouring Embassy gardens, where a three-bedroom flat will set you back PS1. 7m ($ 2.3 m ). Within the regeneration area, designers including Norman Foster, Frank Gehry and Richard Rogers are chipping in to the aesthetic; and the interiors of one block of flats were designed by Donatella Versace.

Perhaps the greatest symbol of extravagance within the district is the ” sky pond “~ ATAGEND, a glass bottom bathing area suspended between two buildings. Hurl in a food market, a new tubing stationand an enviable riverside view, and it could be concluded that the location is quite “on” ~ ATAGEND.

Embassy locations

The new embassy expense $1.2 bn

Not quite. The building was widely reported as costing$ 1bn, which is PS750m.

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Julian Assange is made an Ecuadorian citizen in effort to resolve impasse

Ecuadors foreign minister discloses to reporters in Quito that Wikileaks founder was awarded citizenship a month ago

The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was made an Ecuadorian citizen last month, the nation’s foreign ministry has disclosed, in an attempt to resolve the political impasse over his continued presence in the UK.

The 46 -year-old has been naturalised after living for five and a half years in the cramped, Latin American country’s embassy in Knightsbridge, central London.

Earlier this week the UK’s Foreign Office revealed that Ecuador had asked for Assange, who was born in Australia, to be accredited as foreign diplomats. The petition was dismissed.

The Ecuadorian initiative was intended to confer legal immunity on Assange, letting him to slip out of the embassy and Britain without being arrested for violating his former bail conditions.

Julian Assange posted this picture of himself in an Ecuadorian football shirt on Twitter. Photograph: Twitter

Assange failed to surrender to the UK authorities in 2012 after the supreme court rejected his appeal against extradition to Sweden to face accusations of sexual crimes, including rape. He was granted asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy.

Swedish attorneys last year unexpectedly dropped their investigation into allegations against him, which he denied. WikiLeaks, however, were afraid that the US will seek his extradition if he leaves the embassy, believing there is a sealed US indictment trying his arrest.

At a press conference on Thursday in the Ecuadorian capital, Quito, the foreign minister, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, explained that Assange had sought citizenship and that it had been granted on 12 December last year.

” The Ecuadorian government is empowered to grant nationality to the protected person and thus facilitate … his inclusion in the host country ,” Espinosa told reporters.

Assange’s life could be under threat from other states, she cautioned, adding that she was seeking a” dignified and merely” solution to his situation with Britain.

On Wednesday evening, the UK Foreign Office put out a statement explaining that:” The government of Ecuador recently requested diplomatic status for Mr Assange here in the UK. The UK did not grant that request , nor are we in talks with Ecuador on this matter. Ecuador knows that the way to resolve this issue is for Julian Assange to leave the embassy to face justice .”

At the same time Assange appeared on his Twitter account for the first time wearing an Ecuadorian national football shirt.

A statement by Assange’s legal team said:” The UN ruling, issued almost two years ago, is crystal clear in the original language.[ He] is unlawfully and arbitrarily detained by the UK authorities and must be released. The UK should not permit itself to be intimidated by the Trump administration’s public threats to’ take down’ Mr Assange .”

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London needs more gender-neutral public toilets, says mayor’s plan

Sadiq Khans planning blueprint will call for more public loos, and different types of lavatories to cater to peoples differing needs

More gender-neutral lavatories should be built in public spaces to help trans and non-binary people feel more comfy, according to Sadiq Khan’s new London Plan.

The mayor’s planning blueprint for London will argue that more public toilet should be built across the capital, including in commercial developings, to reflect the diversity of the city.

The document, due to be published this week, will include guidance saying more toilets must be built in shops, leisure facilities and large public areas that are suitable for all users, including disabled people, older people and households with young children.

For the first time, the London Plan also calls for the provision of gender-neutral toilets for trans and non-binary people.

In addition, it will argue for more” changing places lavatories”, which are designed to be suitable for people with profound and multiple impairments, some people with learning disabilities and people who require the assistance of a carer. These are different to standard disabled toilets, with additional features including a height adjustable changing bench, height adjustable sink, a toilet designed for assisted use and a hoist.

Khan said he was concerned that some Londoners and visitors to the city are restriction over where they can visit and how long they can spend somewhere because the capital does not have enough appropriate toilet facilities.

” I have vowed to be a mayor for all Londoners so I am determined to ensure that everyone has the ability to enjoy our great city to its fullest ,” he said.

” Toilets are a vital public service and can help to shape the experience of the capital for those who live here and for those visit. We need a range of lavatories that reflect the unbelievable diversity of this city- devoting people the confidence to move around London with dignity .”

Ruth Hunt, chief executive of Stonewall, the charity for LGBT rights, said:” We’re pleased the mayor has utilized the London Plan to call on councils to create more gender-neutral toilets, and so help meet the needs of all Londoners and the city’s many guests. Gender-neutral lavatories are a practical answer for many people, for many reasons and it’s a powerful demo of acceptance that has benefits for everyone.

” But this move isn’t just practical, it’s symbolic. By introducing gender-neutral lavatories, planners can show that London is a city that cherishes its diverse population .”

The plan also pleased charities for older people and those campaigning for disability rights. This year, half of respondents to an Age UK survey of over-7 5s said the issue of too few loos was a “regular” problem when going out shopping.

Paul Goulden, chief executive of Age UK London, said:” It is reassuring to see that the mayor’s London Plan has committed to building most accessible public toilets across the capital. We want as many older Londoners as possible to be able to move confidently around their city without restriction and this pledge should go a long way to improving their experiences when out and about in London.

” The commitment to building more changing places toilets is especially encouraging, as many older people contend with limited mobility or necessitate the purposes of a carer. We look forward to the provision of the new free, publicly accessible toilets across the city .”

Robert Meadowcroft, chief executive of Muscular Dystrophy UK, added:” The mayor has quite rightly recognised that we need changing places toilets so that profoundly disabled people won’t face a choice between exclusion or changing on the floor of a public toilet.

” Muscular Dystrophy UK and the Changing Places Consortium welcomes this positive move and are keen to work with London’s train stations, shopping centre, cultural institutions and attractions to get more facilities built and make sure the city is accessible for all .”

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Lady Lucan found dead at London home after being reported missing

Aristocrat whose husband famously vanished more than four decades ago has been found dead in Westminster

Lady Lucan, whose husband famously faded more than four decades ago, has been found dead at her home.

Police forced entry to the 80 -year-old’s property in Westminster on Tuesday afternoon after she was reported missing, and discovered her unresponsive.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan police said:” Police attended an address in Westminster … following fears for the welfare of an elderly occupant. Policemen forced entry and saw an 80 -year-old woman unresponsive.

” Police and London ambulance service attended. Although we await formal identification, we are confident that the deceased is Lady Lucan .”

Police said her demise is being treated as unexplained but is not be deemed to be suspicious.

Her son, George Bingham, the 8th Earl Lucan, told the Daily Mail:” She passed away yesterday[ Monday] at home, alone and apparently peacefully. Police were alerted by a companion to a three-day absence and attained entry today[ Tuesday ].”

Lady Lucan, formerly Veronica Duncan, was one of the last people to watch her husband John Bingham, the 7th Earl of Lucan, alive before he disappeared.

He faded after the murdered body of Sandra Rivett, nanny to his three children, was found at the family home in Lower Belgrave Street, central London, on 7 November 1974.

Even though he was officially proclaimed dead by the high court in 1999, Lucan has reportedly been sighted in Australia, Ireland, South Africa and New Zealand, and there are even claims that he fled to India and lived life as a hippy called ” Jungly Barry “.

The same night as his disappearance, the attacker also turned on Lady Lucan, beating her severely before she managed to escape and create the alarm at a nearby saloon, the Plumber’s Arms.

Lucan’s car was later observed abandoned and soaked in blood in Newhaven, East Sussex, and an inquest jury declared the wealthy peer the killer a year later.

John Richard Bingham, Earl of Lucan, and Veronica Duncan after their wedding in 1963. Photograph: Douglas Miller/ Keystone/ Getty Images

Roger Bray was the first journalist on Lord Lucan’s doorstep the morning after the dramatic events unfolded, and wrote one of the first newspaper reports about the mystery.

Derrick Whitehouse, head barman at the Plumber’s Arms, told Bray that Lady Lucan ” staggered” in and said:” I guess my neck has been broken. He tried to strangle me .”

The barman said Lady Lucan was ” just in a delirious nation” and added:” She just said’ I’m dying.’

” She kept going on about the children.’ My children, my children ,’ she said. She came staggering in through the door and I gave her all the help I possibly could. I’ve only find her in here once before .”

Whitehouse told Bray that Lady Lucan had” various head wounds” that were” quite severe”, adding:” She was covered in blood. She’d been bleeding profusely when she came in .”

Earlier this year, Lady Lucan, formally named Veronica, Dowager Countess of Lucan, gave a Tv interview in which she said she believed Lord Lucan had made the “brave” decision to take his own life.

Ahead of the hour-long documentary interview called Lord Lucan: My Husband, the Truth, Radio Times magazine shared some of what she had told director Michael Waldman.

She said:” I would say he got on the ferry and jumped off in the middle of the Channel in the way of the propellers so that his remains wouldn’t be found- I guess quite brave .”

During the ITV programme, she spoke of her own depression and her husband’s violent nature following their matrimony in 1963.

Describing how he would beat her with a cane to get the” mad ideas out of your head”, she said:” He could have hit harder. They were measured blows.

” He must have got pleasure out of it because he had intercourse[ with me] afterwards .”

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Sadiq Khan: London mayor who took on Trump won’t flinch in fight with Uber

The pugnacious 46 -year-old, who has stripped the ride-hail firm of its London license, has a history of standing up to powerful interests not least Trump

Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim mayor of a western capital city, is no stranger to making powerful adversaries, and few come as mighty and ill-tempered as Donald Trump. The mayor of London and the US president have clashed several times- spats that appeared engineered by Trump to show who’s boss. Khan has not flinched, chastising and ridiculing Trump with apparent relish.

News that the 46 -year-old son of a Pakistani bus driver was taking on Uber would have astonished few seasoned Khan-watchers. His 15 months as mayor of a London navigating one of the most tumultuous periods of its modern history have left him battle-hardened rather than bowed.

In recent months, London has suffered a spate of terrorist attacks, the most recent a week ago, and a serious fire in a block of flats that killed almost 80 people- all against the backdrop of the city’s painful extraction from the EU, an act that that presents an existential threat to its economy and identity.

Khan has emerged with his integrity and popularity intact, unlike his predecessor Boris Johnson , now foreign secretary, whose posh schoolboy goofishness divided Londoners.

Khan’s willingness to build Uber “play by the rules” is merely the latest example of his eagerness to take on wealthy corporations and the rich, having attained considerable political capital on populist issues such as the injustice of foreign ownership and ghost mansions.

Earlier this month, Khan made leaders of other wealthy cities experiencing a lack of affordable homes take notice by appealing for powers to hike up taxes for high-value homes left empty by the international elite.

But in the US it is Khan’s run-ins with Trump that have garnered most attention. After the July attacks on London Bridge and the city’s Borough market, the US president tweeted:” At least seven dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is’ no reason to be alarmed ‘!”

Donald J. Trump (@ realDonaldTrump)

At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is “no reason to be alarmed! “

June 4, 2017

Trump, in his seeming haste to point fingers, had got the context incorrect. Khan, who joined the Labour party aged 15, had merely said the public should not be perturbed by the increased police presence on London’s streets.

Undeterred, Trump followed up with another tweet, that this was a” pathetic excuse” that the mainstream media “is working hard to sell”. Khan’s response, very clearly designed to hurt Trump, went beyond words. The London mayor called on the British government to cancel a planned state visit by Trump, twisting the knife by also claiming” his policies go against everything we stand for “.

Since then Khan has preferred to dismiss the US president as juvenile.” We’re not schoolchildren. He’s the president of the United States, so I’m unclear what his beef is with me ,” he told the Guardian in July.

The beef, say some, is because of Khan’s religion. Londoners, though, have no such reservations. Some recent polls have shown Khan to be one of the more popular legislators in the country.

And it is Khan’s background that advocates say most obviously articulates the hopeful possibilities of the city he represents: his humble beginnings in Tooting, south London, his family tree and subsequent rise. Supporters say his journey reflects the determination and decisiveness in his approach to politics and action against Uber.

Such decisions create his international profile, another step on what some see as a marching toward the Labour leadership and becoming Britain’s first Muslim prime minister. Trump’s response to such an eventuality might demonstrate less than charitable.

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Uber loses its license to operate in London

In a huge jolt to Uber in the UK London’s transport regulator has rejected its application to renew its license to operate in the city.

In a statement today TfL said it has concluded that Uber is “not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence”.

“TfL’s regulation of London’s taxi and private hire trades is designed to ensure passenger security. Private hire operators must meet rigorous regulations, and demonstrate to TfL that they do so, in order to operate. TfL must also be satisfied that an operator is fit and correct to hold a licence, ” it said.

The regulator added that Uber’s “approach and conduct demonstrate a lack of corporate responsibility in relation to a number of issues which have potential public safety and security implications” — including for the following issues 😛 TAGEND

Its approach to reporting serious criminal offences

Its approach to how medical certifications are obtained

Its approach to how Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service( DBS) checks are obtained — which relates to carrying out background checks to ensure employees do not have a criminal record

Its approach to explaining the use of Greyball in London — software that could be used to block regulatory bodies from gaining full access to the app and prevent officials from undertaking regulatory or law enforcement duties

Parsons Green bombing: police arrest man and raid Surrey house

Armed police raid address in Sunbury as home secretary Amber Rudd hails arrest at port of Dover as very significant

Police hunting the London tubing bomber have arrested an 18 -year-old man in Dover and raided an address in Surrey as investigators raced to thwart a second attack.

Police and the home secretary, Amber Rudd, hailed the arrest under section 41 of the Terrorism Act as very significant. Researchers believe the suspect may have been in the port area of Dover to try to board a ferry to leave Britain.

There was confidence among counter-terrorism officers that detecting and imprisoning the suspect at 7.50 am on Saturday represented a major breakthrough in the investigation.

It led to the decision to raid an address in Sunbury at 1.40 pm. Residents were evacuated as armed police and their colleagues searched a home.

The UK remained at its highest nation of terrorism alerting with researchers still unable to rule out more than person or persons to get involved in the attack or its preparation. The alert level was at critical on Saturday, entailing another assault may be imminent.

The threat level was being reviewed hour by hour as the investigation unfolded, sources said.

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London tubing bombing: Amber Rudd says Dover arrest is ‘very significant’- video

Police and security services believe the improvised explosive device( IED) that partly detonated at about 8.20 am on Friday was intended to kill.

It was detonated by a timer, but unlike in previous bombings, the timing device was not a mobile phone. The IED at Parsons Green contained fairy lights, which may have been used as an initiator that was meant to set off the main explosive charge.

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Theresa May: terror threat level created to critical after London tube blast- video

Deputy assistant commissioner Neil Basu, the senior national coordinator for counter-terrorism policing, said on Saturday:” We have made a significant apprehend in our investigation this morning. Although we are pleased with the progress made, this investigation are ongoing and security threats level remains at critical.

” The public should remain vigilant as our faculty, policemen and partners continue to work through this complex investigation. We are not, at this time, changing our protective security measures and the steps taken to free up extra armed policemen remain in place.

” This arrest will lead to more activity from our policemen. For strong investigative reasons we will not devote any more details on “the mens” we apprehended at this stage.

” We are still pursuing numerous lines of inquiry, and at great pace. Our priorities are … to determine and situate any other potential suspects .”

The motivation for the attack is believed by counter-terrorism examiners “mustve been” jihadi. Isis has claimed responsibility, but it has done so after other attacks that it had nothing to do with.

Saturday morning’s apprehend is significant, but investigators are keeping an open mind as to whether anyone else was involved in placing the bomb on the tube develop at Parsons Green, or helping to make it.

Investigations will continue and questions about whether there were other conspirators will be put to the Dover detainee.

Detectives will also scour reams of CCTV footage they have secured from before and after the attack in an effort to track the movements of those they suspect of involvement.

Any computer and phone owned by a suspect will be examined and the remnants of the IED may also provide forensic clues.

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‘A fireball singed my hair’: what Parsons Green witnesses ensure- video report

Parsons Green station reopened in the early hours of Saturday, shortly after the end of the terror threat was raised to its highest level.

It is the second time this year the country has been placed on critical alert. The other occasion was after the Manchester Arena bombing that killed 22 people in May.

Authorities have said the number of people hurt on Friday could have been much higher, with possibilities for fatalities and life-threatening injuries, had the bomb, which was disguised within a supermarket carrier bag, fully exploded.

It is not yet known whether the device, which was reportedly fitted with a timer, went off at its intended target.

The train, which was bound for Edgware Road, was pulling into the station in south-west London when the bomb detonated in the rear carriage, sending passengers fleeing for safety.

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Firefighters describe their battle with Grenfell Tower blaze

All the rescue squad members were prepared to die to save others, London fire brigade commanders say

Firefighters who combated the Grenfell Tower inferno have spoken of the chaos and misfortune they encountered when they were called to the building last month.

Speaking in a forthcoming ITV documentary , commandants from the London fire brigade said every member of their rescue squad was prepared to die as flames devoured the 24 -storey high-rise that night.

The crisis escalated rapidly as the fire tore through the structure in cases of minutes, trapping dozens inside.

Pat Goulbourne and Richard Welch were the senior officers at the scene and described the hellish situation as a rescue operation became entwined with the battle against the blaze.

Welch told Inside London Fire Brigade, to be broadcast at 9pm on Thursday on ITV: Every single person within that building was willing to lose their own life to try to save others. Every single person.

He had first been alerted to the unfolding calamity in the early hours of the morning. My pager went off at 1.18 am to inform me of a flat fire at Grenfell Tower, Welch told. Initially they had six machines there. Then they asked for eight, and then 10, and then 15, 20 and then 25. Im hearing that on the way there, so its becoming really clear that weve got quite a serious incident going on.

One of the first things I did was actually declare it a major incident because I knew we were going to need a lot of help.

The trepidation was shared by Goulbourne, who had visited the building in the past.

As I was approaching it, I only knew we had probably the job of our lives on the go because already I could see flame from the lower floors and I couldnt believe I was looking at fire to the top floor, Goulbourne said. Ive never seen anything like that, ever. The flame was changing, it was moving rapidly.

Hundreds of people had been inside Grenfell Tower when the flame took hold on 14 June. Many of them heeded official fire security advice to stay put in their flats. Others, however, fled their homes as choking fumes began to envelop the corridors.

You could hear people screaming for help, Goulbourne said. There were people constructing signals for help. It was dreadful. There are hundreds of people in there. Men, females, children were coming out fully sooted. Black. They had been through a layer of smoking in complete distress.

The perilous nation of the stairwell further complicated the rescue effort, Welch said.

In the programme, it also represents explained that firefighters established a bridgehead, an operational hub within the building. This was on the second floor of Grenfell, two floors below the flame, and it was from there that Welch and Goulbourne worked.

Welch said: We had our hoses going up the staircase. We had people trying to get off coming down the staircase. Weve get firefighters going up the staircase and the staircase was filling with smoke. So the priority was truly to try to reach the flats we knew had people in. The issue we had was the intensity of the fire. There was the potential for the building to collapse.

Two hundred firefighters responded to the Grenfell disaster using 40 engines and a range of expert vehicles. But despite the fortitude of the emergency response teams, at least 80 people died.

Earlier this month, firefighters who attended Grenfell said a lack of equipment, low water pressure and radio problems hindered the response to the disaster.

A London borough commander, Steve Dudeney, told: There were firefighters laying about with haunted looks in their eyes. After 30 years in the London fire brigade I didnt ever expect to see anything like that. And I pray to God I never will again.

Welch added: There is a feeling of being extremely proud of what we did and how hard everyone run. But theres also that horrific feeling of we didnt get everybody. And we tried. Really hard.

Inside London Fire Brigade is a three-part series which will begin with the Grenfell Tower fire on Thursday night. The first episode also follows a rescue crew member as he responds to the Croydon tram accident in which seven passengers lost their lives.

The crews are also called to a big detonation which destroys a block of flats in east London and attend a flame in a flat in north London that breaks out on Bonfire night.

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Adele review: global star shines all the brighter on emotional night

Wembley Stadium, LondonAfter hinting it may be her last live tour, Adele devoted the crowd the expected highs and lows

A year ago this week she was at Glastonbury, oscillating between devastating ballads of loss and enquiries as to which of the audience had shit themselves. Now, Adele rounds off her 25 tour with four nights at Wembley hosting 98,000 people a night a stadium record for a music event coming to commune in the emotional Big Four: love, rage, regret, joy.

Having told the world earlier in the working day on Instagram: I dont know if Ill ever tour again, and so I want my last time to be at home, feelings are operating higher still, and the ros has been poured in readiness.

Lips are wobbled further by Grenfell. Adele has expended period there meeting residents and firefighters, and her first appearance of the night is on screen appealing for gifts. She dedicates Make You Feel My Love to a human called Abraham who was on the ground helping residents, and tells the crowd: If you dont have social conscience, you can grow one. Its apprehend, but more so is London-pride anthem Hometown Glory( arguably chucked away too early in the situated) that generates a hot adrenal jolt of heartbreak as the towers burned husk looms onto screen.

Adele performs at Wembley Stadium. Photograph: Samir Hussein/ Getty Images for September Management

Adele knows, though, that most of her sungs cant be transmuted into moments of civic healing; nor are many of them even midtempo have a little dance because you aint get much of a chance for the rest of the situated, she says ahead of Rumour Has It. No, most are piano-centric and, as she tells, about dickheads.

Some of her lovelorn lamentations( Dont You Remember, Take It All) waft along, but her -Agrade material makes a gigantic vent for the injustice of lost love. Take Rolling in the Deeps we could have had it all, rising into clarity, or the middle eight of Set Fire to the Rain, which is animated by the kind of bewilderment that sends the brokenhearted pacing pointlessly around the streets at night. All of this is delivered with masterful and creative vocal control. Wembleys cavernous acoustic suits her too, adding to the sense of emotional chaos with vocals lightly echoing back on her.

But its her rambling creek of banter between sungs that turn this into a indicate, skewering the grace of a filmed underwater sequence by saying she was channelling Kate Winslet and the Little Mermaid, comparing popcorn bags to sexuality dolls, and of course not so much peppering as salting the entire event with a creek of F-bombs; her very first words on stage are: Fuck me, Ive never been so fucking frightened in my entire life. Her acknowledgement of Grenfells physical and psychological meanders was worthy, but crucially she also applied a balm, and with laughter as much as anything.

I might never see you again at a live demonstrate, but Ill remember this for the rest of my life, she tells at one point; and it would be a dishonor if this is the last stage that this instinctively charismatic musician ever sees.

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