Putin spokesman describes Weinstein accusers as ‘prostitutes’

Dmitry Peskov: What do you call a woman who sleeps with a human for $10 m?

Vladimir Putin’s spokesman has described Hollywood performers who alleged the latter are assaulted by Harvey Weinstein as “prostitutes”, indicating they should have spoken out earlier.

Dmitry Peskov’s comments, made during its further consideration panel at a Moscow university, came in response to a question about Russian MP Leonid Slutsky, who has been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment, prompting a public debate and comparisons with the Weinstein scandal.

Peskov said if the allegations against Slutsky were true, the women should have spoken out sooner, and suggested the claims could have been induced now because sexual harassment had become “fashionable”.

” If he groped you, if he harassed you, why did you remain silent? Why didn’t you go to the police ?” Peskov asked, echoing a widespread sentiment in Russia over the allegations.

Peskov said the case reminded him of the situation surrounding Weinstein.” Perhaps he’s a scumbag, but nobody went to the police and said’ Weinstein raped me ‘. No, they wanted to earn $10 m. What do you call a woman who sleeps with a man for $10 m? Perhaps I’m being petroleum, but she’s called a prostitute .”

More than 50 women have accused Weinstein of offences ranging from sexual harassment to rape, including a number of well-known Hollywood performers. Weinstein is alleged to have applied private investigators and legal menaces to discredit and intimidate his accusers and stop them from going public with sex misconduct claims.

Several Russian journalists have accused Slutsky of inappropriate behaviour, and one has an audio recording of an interchange during which the MP constructed inappropriate comments and allegedly groped her.

In Russia, sexual harassment is often rejected as harmless banter, and last week, the Duma’s ethics committee cleared Slutsky of wrongdoing. A leaked transcript of the hearing revealed that the MPs treated two of Slutsky’s accusers who appeared in person at the hearing with dislike. It was also suggested that the women themselves could be at fault.

Vladimir Pozdnyakov, a Communist party MP who sits on the Duma’s ethics committee, afterwards said the women may have elicited attention by the way they were garmented or behaved.

” I can see for myself if a woman is available or not ,” Pozdnyakov told the Russian website lenta.ru.” I notice their haircut, and jewellery and clothes- how she tried to look. As humen, we can feel this .”

While such attitudes are widespread in Russia, there are also signs that the mood may be slowly changing, and the Slutsky case has elicited public outrage. His accusers have received support from unexpected quarterss, including foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, who told Slutsky also behaved inappropriately with her.

Since the ethics committee cleared Slutsky, more than 20 Russian media outlets have announced they will boycott coverage of the Duma until Slutsky’s mandate is revoked.

” The younger generation don’t believe this nonsense that harassment is a normal part of relations ,” said women’s rights campaigner Alena Popova.” The norms are changing across the world and they are starting to change in Russia, too .”

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Leading feminists on why Times Up and #MeToo mean there’s no going back

Leading feminists say Times Up and #MeToo represent moment where there is no going back

Demands for an end to violence against females, equality in the workplace and more diverse representation in positions of power are nothing new on International Women’s Day- the cry for change is as regular as the day itself. But this year, feminists argue, could be different: people may only be listening.

Since sexual harassment scandals tore through Hollywood last October, the repercussions keep on coming. In multiple workplaces, across unrelated fields, we are starting to see what change might look like.

At the start of the year 300 Hollywood employees, including many high-profile superstars, launched the Time’s Up legal money to support women fighting sex misconduct; in less than a month, all UK companies with more than 250 employees will have to report their gender pay gaps; across the globe women are tackling repressive laws and speaking up at home and at work.

We asked leading feminist intellectuals if they were hopeful this International Women’s Day- and what change they wanted to see.

Rebecca Solnit, a columnist, historian, activist and contributing editor at Harper’s magazine

When this started to really get under way in about 2014, I said I have been waiting my whole life for this. What I wanted all these years is for someone to diagnose this as a huge, pervasive, societal and cultural problem that affects most, if not all, females. And to recognise that the change we need also has to be broad and deep and societal rather than females improving their savor in men or what they wear or where they run. We got so much advice about how to fix their own problems that men want to destroy us. It does feel like we are diagnosing an epidemic: that is the work that will let us treat it. And there is space to talk about it in a way there has not been before.

It does feel like this is a moment in which there is no going back. In component because it feels like this time around, as never before, a lot of men get it, are horrified by the scale and ugliness of what goes on.[ But] patriarchy is not going to give up without a battle.

Rebecca Solnit. Photo: John Lee for the Guardian

The impact will have to be case by case. I feel a lot of men no longer feel free to grope and leer at their co-workers, and that is immeasurable but significant. And that’s what interests me about change, part of my Hope in the Dark work[ focuses on] the fact that a lot of hour change isn’t going to be measurable and calculable, and the most important things that happen as a result are going to be the things that don’t happen. The bosses who don’t think they can get away with this, the women who don’t think they have to put up with this.

I’m not optimistic, but I am hopeful. I think that there has been a transformation that is less law and legislation than shiftings in consciousness and visibilities, and that will have consequences.

Nadifa Mohamed, writer

I think there is a collective excitement. It’s about having this right to complain not just when it’s horrifying, scaring abuse but the various kinds of petty stuff that’s much more common.

Nadifa Mohamed. Photograph: Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert/ Getty Images

Even the language has changed, people now talking here micro-aggressions, on a racial or sex harassment level, and it’s actually a really good word. You are not saying your life has come to an end or you’ve been permanently harmed, but it’s an aggressivenes and it’s coming from multiple angles all the time. We now have the language to talk about that, and the opportunity to be listened to.

Susie Orbach, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst and writer

I think it is an arousing moment and it’s gathering in cross-generational constituencies. It’s also, to some extent, cross-class and surely the #MeToo motion is cross-ethnicity and cross-race. It’s allowed for all sorts of previously invisible agendas to be seen.

Susie Orbach. Photo: Katherine Anne Rose for the Observer

There is a whole new lens to see how the world has been constructed. It’s a way to think about every sector in different ways. This is connecting rape as a weapon of war with the kind of requirements for femininity that have been practised by western girls. It’s ravishing on an emotional, intellectual and political level.

I think there is a notion[ among some humen] that it has gone too far, but they are not get that from the women they are talking to.

Caroline Criado-Perez, journalist, feminist campaigner and co-founder of The Women’s Room

It’s great that people are really talking about this, and it feels like there may be a transformation. But I am just concerned about whether there is going to be a real serious change in all aspects of life as a result.

Caroline Criado-Perez. Photograph: Murdo MacLeod for the Guardian

It’s very easy for politicians and celebrities to wear a T-shirt or wear black and say this matters, it’s much harder to actually change legislation to look at the various process that are holding girls back. This isn’t just about people’s attitudes- its about the fundamental building blocks of society.

Kat Banyard, founder of UK Feminista

Everyone has a crucial role to play in ensuring that the growing calls for action against sexism translate into long-lasting change- and that includes our education institutions. To bring about a generational shifting we have to stop schools being places where young people just knowing that sexism and sexual harassment are routine experiences, tolerated by those in positions of authority.

Kat Banyard. Photograph: Martin Godwin for the Guardian

New research by UK Feminista and the National Education Union has found that sexual harassment, sexist speech and gender stereotyping are rife in schools, yet educators report feeling ill-equipped to respond. That is why Ofsted, teacher training providers and the Department for Education urgently need to step up and act now.

Laura Bates, founder of Everyday Sexism

I feel both wary and aroused. Component of me wants to believe that this really is a tip-off phase, and another part of me recollects the wise words of veteran feminist, Cynthia Enloe, who lately asked:” How many tip-off phases have we had ?”

Cynthia Enloe and Laura Bates. Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian

Brave, brilliant females have taken the first step , now we need to see proper reporting procedures, unconscious bias educate, gender pay gap initiatives, survivor support services, the reinstatement of segment 40 of the Equality Act, to build employers responsible for protecting workers from third-party harassment.

Whether or not structural initiatives are put in place was eventually determine whether this is a watershed or just another media moment.

Minna Salami, founder of the MsAfropolitan blog, which incorporates Africa and the diaspora from a feminist view

Women’s history is marked by “moments” when a sudden peak in feminist awareness emerges. We are definitely now in the midst of such a peak feminist moment. What induces it especially exciting is that, largely thanks to social media and the conversations sparked by multiple fora, it is challenging gender norms in our intimate spaces as well as public spaces. The popularity of the #MeToo and Time’s Up campaigns has brought the conversations home.

Minna Salami. Photograph: Minna Salami

There is so much courage, boldness and determination in the air. What is especially exciting is the increased awareness about feminist issues in the mainstream. As someone who’s been writing and to talk about feminism for years, I feel a sense of amazement at how quickly feminism is suddenly rippling into the collective consciousness.

Julie Bindel, freelance journalist and political activist, and a founder of Justice for Women

We have had some important victories this year- from the victims of sexuality attacker John Worboys winning their claim for compensation from the Metropolitan police, and being granted permission to challenge the Parole Board’s decision to release him, to women forced into prostitution no longer being requirements to reveal past convictions to potential employers.

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‘A boys’ club’: UN agency accused over sexual harassment claims

Leading campaigner, current and former faculty call for inquiry into bully and sexual assault at UNAids

The head of a resulting women’s rights movement has called for an independent investigation into what she calls permeating bully and sexism within a UN agency, alleging that she was harassed and sexually assaulted while working for the organisation.

Malayah Harper , now general secretary of the World YWCA, one of the world’s oldest women’s rights organisations, said the agency UNAids must urgently review how sexual harassment accusations are handled.

Her call for an inquiry is supported by testimonies from six current or former UNAids employees. The girls, who spoke on condition of anonymity, described a culture where senior male staff offer career progression in exchange for sexual relationships, and harass women with seeming impunity.” It’s a boy’ club environment ,” said one employee.” They just see it as nearly part of their due .”

Harper, who worked for UNAids for more than 10 years, alleges she was sexually harassed for years and sexually assaulted in 2013 by Luiz Loures, the agency’s deputy executive director. She did not report the incidents at the time because she believed no action would be taken. A previous objection she had stimulated, against a different member of staff which related to bully and intimidation, had not been handled adequately, she said. The investigation report was not shared with her , no counselling was offered and the alleged perpetrator was moved on through a promotion, she added.

” I’m a feminist, I was the lead in the organisation on gender- and I had been bullied quite seriously, and then sexually harassed for years. The irony of it did not escape me ,” said Harper. A bigger irony, she added, was that this was happening at the UN:” The UN is the custodian and standard setter for the human rights of women and girls .” She also said that UNAids’ policies for tackling sexual harassment were” based on reporting, on weakly enforced punitive measures- not on prevention or providing support to employees “.

Harper said she had decided to speak publicly because she believed that UNAids is failing many female members of staff and the people the UN serves.” A manager has a responsibility to ensure staff are in a safe place of work. If you do nothing, you are accountable. The surrounding becomes corrosive and pernicious ,” she said.

UNAids said it has zero tolerance for sexual harassment and abuse, and that it had clear procedures to address complaints.

Two females told the Observer they had warned the agency’s executive director, Michel Sidibe, about Loures’s alleged behaviour. One former employee, who left in 2015, said:” I had an exit interview with Michel when I left and the first words out of my mouth were,’ your deputy director is a sex predator and everybody knows it. I’m telling you because you really have to do something about it .'”

UNAids said Sidibe always took complaints severely and always acted in accordance with required procedures.

On Friday, UNAids said that Loures, who is also an assistant secretary-general of the UN, would not seek to renew his contract when it expires at the end of March. Loures has recently been investigated over separate claims that he assaulted a current staff member in a lift while on run travel. An inquiry, which was criticized by campaigners, received the allegations to be unsubstantiated. The bureau said Loures’s decision to stand down was not related to sex misconduct claims.

The announcement of Loures’s departure follows news that Justin Forsyth has stepped down as deputy executive director of Unicef, the UN’s children’s agency, after accusations of inappropriate behaviour toward female faculty while working for Save the Children. He said his resignation was not related to past mistakes constructed while working for the charity. On Saturday, a number of charities, including Plan International and the International Committee of the Red Cross, disclosed the number of recent allegations of sexual misconduct or sexual abuse by staff members.

Harper said the deviation of high-profile officials did not exonerate the UN of responsibility, and that it had allowed a culture of sexual harassment to fester for years. She says she was repeatedly invited to drinkings by Loures, who once told her she was ” a very naughty daughter” because she had declined an offer in South Africa to satisfied him one night in his hotel room. In addition, following a run conference, Loures assaulted her in a lift, she said.” We left the conference and shared a lift together and he attempted to kiss me. In the process of me are moving, he bruised my lip. On exiting the lift he tried to get me into his hotel room and rent a button off my shirt .”

A second woman, who wished to remain anonymous, also alleged she had been assaulted by Loures, after a work meeting. She did not file a complaint.” He grabbed me, pushed me against himself, stuck his tongue in my mouth and touched me all over. I was so shell shocked ,” she claimed.” I can’t say he was extremely aggressive but he was constantly all over me putting his hands on me. I said I can’t, I don’t want this, let me go. He tried several times and then he let me go .”

A farther two women alleged that Loures had pursued or sexually harassed them.” When I would talk to him he had this route of backing me up against the wall and putting his arm so you’re literally trapped, pulling me in for a hug, truly insisting that we needed to go out for dinner ,” said one woman.

Some females said they believed run had been taken away from them, or that their career progression was slow, because they did not comply or engage in sexual relationships.

They did not report what had happened because they did not trust the complaints system, or because they had also experienced sexual harassment at the hands of the senior personnels to whom they turned for support.

UNAids said personnel were regularly informed of the channels available to raise a complaint, including a 24 -hour hotline, and were offered protection when they did so, such as reassignment to another squad. In recent years it has taken extra measures to prevent harassment at the workplace, it said, adding that it fosters current or former staff who have a complaint to report it.

UNAids has been criticised for its handling of a recent investigation into Loures. An internal investigation report said Sidibe had attempted to settle the assault allegation informally, despite the issues being under official investigation by the World Health Organisation’s investigations squad, Internal Oversight Service.

UNAids afterward told the Observer that Sidibe had no role in the decision-making process of the case and that the investigation could not have been stopped through an informal solving.” Any formal complaint received by UNAids is always acted upon in accordance with due process ,” it added.

This month, the Labour MP Gareth Thomas wrote a letter to Penny Mordaunt advising that the UK, as chair of the UNAids governing body, should immediately establish an external investigation into abuses of power, harassment, assault and bullying.

” This is not just one individual, it’s more than that ,” said one of the women who says she was harassed by Loures.” It’s about how you establish a system that creates perks for the chosen ones, which is a group of senior men .”

Loures did not respond to a request for comment.

UNAids added in a statement that, other than the investigation recently concluded that find the allegations to be unsubstantiated, it had received one other complaint of sexual harassment in 2009. Those allegations were also be considered to be unsubstantiated and both parties accepted the decision, it said.

” Informal channels of reporting and resolve require that the person making such an informal complaint expressly authorises that the matter be formally addressed ,” the statement said.

” Individuals who are not satisfied with the outcome of a formal resolution process may appeal to the administrative tribunal of the International Labour Organization. They also have recourse to local national jurisdiction .”

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Selma Blair: ‘I’ll lose everything, I’ll go to court’

Selma Blair maintained asking herself why she didnt only hit James Toback and run out of the room. A leading voice in exposing Hollywood talks single parenthood, stray dogs and how speaking out helped her. By Sophie Heawood

Halfway through our interview, Selma Blair’s one-eyed dog Buster climbs on to the restaurant table at the Chateau Marmont in LA and blithely devour an entire plate of leafy greens. Strangers are staring. I’m gazing.” Are you disgusted that I’m letting my puppy do this ?” Selma asks, her face serious, her tone as drily hilarious as it has been for the past hour, even when discussing the state of Hollywood for women and her fears that she’ll never run again. In fact, I’m just astounded that, here in Hollywood, even rescue mutts with part of their face missing seem to enjoy rocket salad with a blue cheese dressing.” I wonder if it’s possible to overdose on arugula ?” she believes aloud.” We’ll see when the dog dies tonight .”

Blair made her name with Cruel Intentions , a 1999 mean-teen remaking of Dangerous Liaisons , and has since acted in Legally Blonde , the Hellboy films directed by Guillermo del Toro and in the US remake of Kath& Kim , where she played the hysterically funny and spoiled daughter. More recently she played Kris Jenner in an episode of American Crime Story. Now she’s in a comedy-ish horror film called Mom and Dad , which isn’t going down too well in America, what with its theme of mothers overtaken by the urge to murder their own children, though Blair’s performance has been praised by the Hollywood Reporter , which describes her as a” chronically underused talent “. Nicolas Cage plays her husband, and they expend half the movie trying to end their two children with an smorgasbord of homemade weaponry.

” I happen to love it ,” she acknowledges,” because I had such a good time on it, giggling. It was funny to me. Isn’t that terrible? I can’t bear horror movies usually- my mama took me to consider American Werewolf in London as a kid and I couldn’t be alone for two years after that , not even to tie my shoelace. So I would have said a movie like this doesn’t help anybody, we have enough problems with killing. But then there was something so freshening to me about saying, aaaah, fuck it all! And the premise is so much more horrible than the movie itself .”

Her real son Arthur came out to the location and played with her son from the movie.” He was actually taken with Zach[ her son in the film, Zachary Arthur ], he was like:’ I finally have a brother !’ I was like:’ Er , not real, and I’m trying to kill him ?’ He hasn’t seen the film, but when he misbehaves I’ll indicate him .” Also came to see you soon is a remake of Heathers , in which it’s not the traditionally beautiful girls who run the school at all, but the outsiders who’ve taken over. Blair, who rose to reputation as part of the young Hollywood of the original Heathers generation, is now 45 years old, and plays” a diabolical stepmother who turns out to be the only sane person in it, because she’s the one who devoted zero fucks and didn’t have a conscience to begin with “.

‘ I’ve been in love, I’ve been in lust, I’ve been crazy about someone ‘: Selma wears jacket by Coach 1941 x Keith Haring, dress and T-shirt both by Coach 1941, and shoes by Christian Louboutin. Photo: Dylan Coulter for the Observer

Blair grew up in Michigan, one of four sisters in a Jewish family. Her parents were both lawyers- her mom a magistrate- and they sent her to Cranbrook Kingswood, a private school that Blair speaks about with great affection. Yoko Ono was a guest; Keith Haring designed their yearbooks, and Blair still has her best friend from there because, apparently:” It wasn’t cliquey, there were no mean daughters. It’s still one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen .” She remembers the glamour of her mom power-dressing in Ungaro suits, with” the looks of Sofia Loren”, and also the formalities.” She had us all by C-Section at 8.45 am on a Friday so she could be back to run by Monday .”

Blair began acting at school and, after encouragement from a teacher and various Tv and cinema parts, her breakout role was in Cruel Intentions , a film she now describes as” pioneering for teens. It was the first time two daughters kissed onscreen in such a mainstream movie .” She was actually 25, but playing a 14 -year-old,” because this was before HD so you could still seem somewhat young on screen “.

Yet her early 20 s in Hollywood were not easy. In the wake of the accusations against Harvey Weinstein, Blair spoke to Vanity Fair alongside Rachel McAdams about another big Hollywood figure, the director James Toback. She was told he wanted a meeting with her, but then, like Weinstein, he insisted the session be conducted in his hotel room, where he became manipulative, trying to convince her he could only fully coach her as relevant actors if he saw how she used her naked body, and then trying to block her from leaving the room until he ejaculated on her because he” required his release “.

At the time Blair was estranged from her parent after her parents’ divorce, and she says Toback said he could have him killed, because “hes working with” contract killers. She says Toback also threatened Blair’s own life. She was scared and felt it was safer to go along with his sex demands.

” I said recently that once I had said it, I let it go altogether. But I didn’t let it go wholly. I let go of the dishonor. And I was ashamed for being a part of it, like how could I not hit him over the head and run out of the room? But I could let that go when other women told their tale to me. I supposed, well, this was a natural reaction for that time .”

‘ Cruel Intentions was pioneering for teens. It was the first time two girls kissed in such a mainstream movie ‘: Selma wears dress by Erdem. Photograph: Dylan Coulter for the Observer

At first, she says, she was too frightened he would sue her.” So we women assembled behind the scenes on Twitter and I was saying in DMs[ direct messages ], go to this reporter, go to this reporter. But I was still afraid because I was the only one who was somewhat known, so I thought this is all gonna be on me, this lawsuit. I won’t be able to set my child through school. Then it turned out there were 38 other women accusing him, and he called them cunts and cocksuckers and liars, so I guessed, OK, I’ll lose everything, I’ll go to court. I will be on the right side of history. Now he’s up to 396 women, and I’m sure there are thousands. I also know plenty who haven’t come out, because what he did to them was so horrifying. He has yet to speak again of it .”

So what happens next? Why isn’t he in jail?” Oh, he gets to only hide. I filed a police report, but there is a statute of limitations. He won’t work again, but he’ll never genuinely be held accountable, even though he should be in a mental hospital and a jail .”

Blair is now the single motherof six-year-old Arthur, her son with her ex-boyfriend Jason Bleick, a fashion designer. She texts her babysitter during our lunch, hoping that her beloved boy can join her here at Chateau Marmont, where the staff like her so much that she has a much sought after key to the locked swimming pool.” It’s my only Hollywood perk, literally my only one after 20 years. They treat Arthur like the Prince of the Chateau .”

She and her son love animals and she goes riding at 6am as often as she can. She scrolls through her telephone to find me a picture of their pony, grumbling:” Why am I doing this to you? Why am I forcing this picture on you ?” She never planned to get pregnant, and wasn’t married.” But my body felt good and I felt happy. And I’m not necessarily, historically, engineered that route ,” she adds, meaning she has been prone to melancholy all her life.” So I was, like, maybe it’ll change me forever !” And has it?” You know what’s weird ?” she asks.” Your DNA changes and you get your child’s DNA inside you, because cells from the foetus cross the placenta. And because some of your child’s DNA is the other person’s, you get their DNA, too .”

Having bonded over the fact that we are both single mothers of unplanned six-year-olds, we now sit and think about our bodies containing parts of our ex-boyfriends eternally. There is a loaded silence. Blair had a bad, induced labour and a rough time afterwards , not sleeping, absence supporting. One friend would come and cook for her on Sundays, but otherwise she thinks she became malnourished.( All new moms talk about the lack of sleep. Single mothers talk about the lack of food .) Yet she managed to breastfeed not for months but for years,” because I’ve always been someone that could construct milk, ever since I was seven years old. Never had breasts, always had milk !”

‘ I’d be content if I could just ride ponies all day ‘: Selma wears dress by Alexander McQueen and shoes by Christian Louboutin. Photograph: Dylan Coulter for the Observer

My jaw drops again. What? Turns out she has the rare condition idiopathic hyperprolactinaemia, which can lead to galactorrhea, in which the nipples emit a discharge resembling milk. An Ayurvedic healer once told her she was producing this” because I had never loved anybody, and this was my spirit trying to bring that person to me, to be loved “. Though Blair looks like someone who’d laugh in the face of hippy mending ideas, that is something that resonated with her.” I was about 34. And I believed, maybe that’s right, I’ve never loved somebody unconditionally- I’ve been in love, I’ve been in lust, I’ve been crazy about someone, but I’ve never really still … no. It rang true .” This was after her two-year marriage to Frank Zappa’s son Ahmet had ended.” And then my son had some health matters and he genuinely required the breast milk, so that really was my job. I guessed:’ Aaaah, I guess I can die now, I got him through that !’ But I depleted myself, too, and I’m still recovering. I still have to remind myself that my own body needs healthier fats than fried food .”

She lately bought the film rights to a novel she loved, The Lost by Sarah Beth Durst, which is about a woman who has been caring for her sick mom for years, but one day merely get in her vehicle and drives, merely to be concluded in a mysterious township where nothing grows and everything has been lost and disposed from elsewhere.” It was so simple, but also metaphysical and sorceries. It actually lifted a veil in my intellect. There are so many females to play, so much room for them .” So she wrote project proposals and is now pitching it, with her as producer and maybe as the lead. She has no other work lined up” and it feels like my only salvation. I had to do this .”

But then she started talking to humen in meetings about it.” They just sit like lumps, going:’ I don’t want to like this character because she left her mom .’ Well, one, she left her mother for a drive, and two, you can’t like a woman who’s broken her back to take care of other people her whole life? You’re not gonna follow this heroine?

” Once I had my child, I realised how unjust life has been for women. When you deal with potential custody issues, which we aimed up not having, but you look into it and realise this is all geared towards men now, and the court systems usually loathe single moms. I guessed, I do not have this fight in me, I don’t know how to deal with this. We’re too powerful, so we dim our glisten to get through stuff. I didn’t even realise until people started speaking up how genuinely kind of … furious … we should be allowed to be .”

I feel like this could be 10 years of fury.” Yeah, this is just the beginning. It starts with stories and then how do you change the system, how do you change the lesser attackers, the ones who shouldn’t be criminalised, but how do we teach our children no, you get out of the room, you have that right. And not have the consequences be so scary .”

I ask if it’s right that females are carrying this whole movement: should men be helping more? She responds that it was another male Hollywood director who promoted her to speak up about Toback.” And the men who are trying to change themselves and be more appropriate people every day … Fuck , I love them! Even the assholes. If they could just own some of it. How far it would go to mending some people if they could just say:’ I did it .’ Louis CK– even if he was cornered into saying it, and it doesn’t attain everything right, but saying:’ I belittled people, I did much worse ,’ well, that does something. So I hope I create a son who wants to be a better person every day .”

In the meantime, she needs to attain some money. I say she seems like she doesn’t want to join the Hollywood club. She agrees.” I likely need to look like I’m trying to join the club. It’s true, there wasn’t a desperation before, but with a kid I’m being introduced to some desperation. I’ve never made tons of fund, I’ve never been a huge star. I’ve always been the dark horse .”

Surely this goes in your favor, too? She cheers up and admits that it can.” It’s true, I’m not wholly out because I’ve never been totally in. There’s a certain luck I have because people suppose I’m still swanks, because I never wanted to be totally in. For me it’s about survival. I’d be content if I could ride ponies the working day and be with my son and read books. I’m various kinds of simple. But I have to make a living and I’m a bit scared shitless how I’m gonna do this .”

The other people I interview never admit that.” Well, maybe the other people you interview aren’t scared shitless. Could someone paid in full for an Instagram post? How do all these people do it? I would be very happy to shill something I liked !” Such as what, I ask?” Well, I don’t know what my marketplace is ,” she replies,” but maybe the Salad Association would like my dog .”

Mom and Dad is in cinemas from 9 March

Styling by Gaelle Paul and Hope Lawrie. Hair by Anh Co Tran, L’Oreal ambassador at Tracey Mattingly. Make-up by Kathy Jeung at Forward artists use NARS. Shot at Quixote Studio

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Sexual harassment is about power. So why not fight it like we do bullying? | Claire Potter

Show me a sex harasser and Ill present you a bully who likes to build everybody squirm

Trump ally Steve Wynn out as Republican finance chair after sexual misconduct report

RNC chair spoke to president before accepting resignation of casino mogul and donor after Wall Street Journal report on multiple claims of harassment and assault

Justin Trudeau tells Davos: tackle inequality or risk failure

Canadian prime minister says applying more women is the smart thing to do

Mario Testino and Bruce Weber ‘sexually exploited models’

Top fashion photographers suspended from titles including Vogue after models accused them of sexually exploiting them

Mario Testino and Bruce Weber have been suspended from working with way magazines including Vogue after models accused the photographers of sexually exploiting them.

Lawyers for Testino, known for photographing the royal family, disputed their accounts while Weber denied the claims to the New York Times, whose investigative report detailed a string of allegations.

Anna Wintour, the artistic director of Conde Nast, which publishes publications including Vogue and GQ, said the publisher would not work with the pair for the” foreseeable future” following Saturday’s report.

Testino, who took the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official engagement photos and was given an honorary OBE in 2014, was accused by 13 male assistants and models of subjecting them to sexual advances.

Some said the Peruvian photographer’s behaviour, going back to the mid-1 990 s, included grope and masturbation, the paper reported.

Ryan Locke, a model who worked with Testino on Gucci campaigns, accused him of being aggressive and flirtatious throughout shoots, adding:” He was a sex predator .”

Hugo Tillman, a photographic deputy, said Testino had once grabbed him on the street and tried to kiss him and, a few a few weeks later, pinned him down on a bed until he was removed by another person.

Another assistant, Roman Barrett, said Testino had masturbated in front of him, and added:” Sexual harassment was a constant reality .”

One anonymous deputy said Testino had masturbated on him during a business trip-up, while another said the photographer had groped his backside, the newspaper reported.

The paper reported that lawyers for Testino, 63, said the sources could not be considered reliable.

The American photographer Weber, 71, was accused by 15 current and former models of subjecting them to unnecessary nudity and coercive sexual behaviour, in agreement with the New York Times.

The model Josh Ardolf said that during a nude shoot his genitals had been grabbed by Weber. Another model, Bobby Roache, said Weber had tried to put his hands down his trousers during a casting in 2007.

In a statement to the paper from his lawyer, Weber said:” I’m completely shocked and saddened by the outrageous asserts being made against me, which I perfectly deny .”

Wintour said the allegations against her” personal friends” had been” hard to hear and heartbreaking to confront “.

” I believe strongly in the value of remorse and forgiveness, but I take the allegations very seriously, and we at Conde Nast has now decided to set our working relationship with both photographers on hold for the foreseeable future ,” she said in a statement.

The publisher lately distanced itself from Terry Richardson in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, despite the denied asserts about the photographer mistreating models having been aired years previously.

Lavely& Singer, the law firm representing the pair, did not reply to a request for comment on the claims about Weber from the Press association and said there would be no additional comment regarding Testino. Representatives for both photographers are yet is in response to similar petitions.

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James Franco denies sexual misconduct claims during Stephen Colbert interview

Actor says claims made against him by two women are not accurate after being quizzed by Late Show host

James Franco has described sex misconduct accusations made against him as” not accurate”, when quizzed on the subject on Tuesday’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The actor, who on Monday received a Golden Globe for his performance in slapstick biopic The Disaster Artist, responded to claims make use of two women on Twitter in the wake of his victory. Actor-director Sarah Tither-Kaplan alleges that Franco exploited her by asking her to perform nude in two of his cinemas for $100 per day, while performer Violet Paley alleges that Franco tried to force her to perform oral sex on him while in a car.

In a later tweet Paley claimed that Franco had apologised to her and several other women over the phone several weeks before the allegations came to light.

Violet Paley (@ VioletPaley)

A couple weeks ago, James offered me& a few other girls an overdue, annoyed, convenient phone “apology”. I don’t accept, but maybe some other people’s lives would be made easier if he donated all of his earnings from” The Disaster Artist” to @RAINN01.

January 9, 2018

Colbert addressed the claims during Tuesday’s episode of The Late Show , noting that Franco had received criticism online for wearing a badge supporting the Time’s Up motion and asking whether he wanted to respond to accusations made against him.

” The things that I heard that were on Twitter are not accurate, but I wholly support people came to see you and being able to have a voice since they are didn’t have a voice for so long ,” Franco told Colbert, adding that he didn’t” wishes to, you know, shut them down in any way. It’s, I think, a good thing and I support it .”

” The route I live my life, I can’t live if there’s restitution to be made. I will make it. So if I’ve done something wrong, I will fix it. I have to. I entail, I think that’s how that works. I don’t know what else to do ,” he added.

In the interview with Colbert, Franco also addressed a series of tweets by Breakfast Club starring Ally Sheedy, who he had directed in 2014 in the off-Broadway play The Long Shrift.” James Franco just won. Please never ever ask me why I left the cinema/ tv business ,” Sheedy wrote, later adding a second tweet which read:” Why is a man hosting? Why is James Franco allowed in? Said too much. Nite love ya #goldenglobes .” Sheedy has since deleted the tweets. However, screenshots have been widely circulated online.

” I have no idea what I did to Ally Sheedy ,” Franco said.” I directed her in a play off-Broadway. I had nothing but a great time with her and I have total respect for her. I have no idea why she was upset .”

Earlier on Tuesday the New York Times cancelled an event are planned for Wednesday with Franco and his brother Dave in the wake of the allegations.” The event was intended to be a discussion of the build of the movie, The Disaster Artist. Dedicated the disagreement surrounding recent accusations, we’re no longer comfy proceeding in that vein ,” the Times said in a statement.

The Guardian has contacted a representative for Sheedy for clarification on the comments made against Franco.

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China’s women break silence on harassment as #MeToo becomes #WoYeShi

Beijings strict social control mean few have risked speaking out about misogyny but campaigners are beginning to make their voices heard

It has been 12 years since Luo Qianqian says she was pounced upon by her PhD supervisor while she was studying in Beijing.” Please don’t do that ,” she recollects protesting.” I’m still a virgin .”

Luo , now in her mid-3 0s, recollects exploding into tears at the unwanted advance; her educator, who denies the claims, withdrew but afterward touched her hand as he implored her to keep quiet.” I was too panicked to speak ,” she remembers.

Since accusations of sex misconduct against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein turbocharged the #MeToo hashtag campaign last October, there has been an outpouring of fury over misogyny and sexual violence suffered from Hollywood to Hanoi and Hong Kong.

But while the Weinstein effect has swept across the Americas, Europe and other parts of Asia, there has been near silence in China’s authoritarian mainland.

” Some girls have come out …[ but] what’s really striking is how few ,” says Leta Hong Fincher, an expert in China’s feminist movement, who argues Communist party censorship is the perpetrator.

Hong Fincher believes the party’s almost entirely male leadership feels “spooked” by the idea that members of a supposedly “untouchable” male elite could be toppled by a similar campaign here.

As a result, she suspects authorities have ordered China’s intensely controlled media to avoid aggressive, in-depth coverage.” There is a history of the Chinese government being really worried about political upheaval outside its borders affecting its own population and there is no question whatsoever that the #MeToo movement is insured by the authorities as potentially posing a threat ,” she says.

Slowly, however, females are violating the silence in a country where one analyze suggested 80% of women had experienced sexual harassment.

On 1 January Luo published an eloquent online denunciation of her alleged experience. “[ There’s] no longer any need to be afraid … we need to stand up bravely and say’ No !’,” she wrote, recommending others to speak out using the hashtag #Wo Ye Shi (# WoYeShi or #MeToo ).

Huang Xueqin, a Guangzhou-based journalist who was herself assaulted in 2012, is conducting a survey of her industry to uncover the prevalence of sex misconduct.

Huang said her activism was partly driven by a feeling of guilt that she had previously failed to confront perpetrators of workplace harassment:” I didn’t want to be a troublemaker- but silence is equal to connivance .”

Also inspired by the United States’ ” Silence Breakers “, Zheng Xi, a student from Hangzhou, recently launched a public anti-sexual harassment campaign.” I believed those performers were so brave ,” she said.

Hong Fincher, who is writing a volume called Betraying Big Brother: China’s Feminist Resistance, expects more voices will emerge. So far merely” the tiniest, tiniest tip of the iceberg” has been uncovered:” All the activists working on these issues- rape, sexual harassment and domestic violence cases- will tell you that .”

Despite their nervousness, Hong Fincher wagers authorities will not totally snuff out the debate, so long as it remains” manageable troublemaking “.

” It’s OK for an individual girl here and there to come out and talk about her experience … but if any of these women stimulated it a really big deal or started to get a lot of sustained attention on social media I have no doubt that the police or somebody would come and visit her .”

Challenging the party is a risky business. Since Xi Jinping became leader in 2012, a severe human rights crackdown has unfolded, landing even moderate activists in jail. In 2015 five leading feminists were detained after plotting to distribute stickers about sexual harassment on modes of public transport.

Even so, members of China’s nascent # MeToo movement said they would continue to protest.” If people like me don’t break the stillnes, how can you expect others to ?” said Huang.

” I need to be the whistleblower. Someone has to do something .”

Additional reporting by Wang Zhen and Wang Xueying .

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