Elon Musks Boring Co. flamethrower is real, $500 and up for pre-order

So that flamethrower that Elon Musk taunted The Boring Company would start selling after it ran out of its 50,000 hats? Yeah, it’s real- and you can pre-order one now if you want require a ridiculous way to spend $500.

Musk uncovered the flamethrower on Saturday, after some digging tip-off its existence late last week. The Boring Company Flamethrower is functional, too, as you can see from this Instagram featuring some Boring Co. staff, presumably well safety trained, firing off two of the things IRL.

Great for roasting nuts

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Marketing copy for the flamethrower includes a “guarantee” that it will “liven up any party, ” and a proclamation that it’s “world’s safest flamethrower, ” in case you were concerned( you probably are not, if you’re ordering a flamethrower on the internet ). The $500 fee doesn’t include taxes and shipping, which are added at checkout, and the initial shipments will come out in spring.

There’s also a disclaimer about international shipping incurring extra fees( and maybe seizure at the border ?) plus, buyers will be required to review and accept a terms and conditions document prior to getting their flamethrower in the mail.

Say hello to my fucking girlfriend …

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The Boring Co. also sells a fire extinguisher, because they know how to make an upsell with specific relevance, and it’s $30, which they fully admit is more than you’d pay elsewhere. But it has a sticker. There’s not even a image, so it probably doesn’t look all that impressive.

Musk’s Boring Company is literally a company focused on passageway boring, but it seems like it’ll be a while before it has revenue or significant results( even if it’s already digging exam tunnels ). To money the project until then, selling weird stuff with the company’s logo to Muskheads everywhere seems like a decent plan. Even if it contributes negatively to the sum total of working flamethrowers existing in the world.

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The Boring Co.s Initial Hat Offering raises $300K for digging in hat sales

Do you like hats? If you do, perhaps you already contributed to The Boring Company’s they are able to dig a network of underground tunnels. Since Elon Musk started selling The Boring Co. hats, featuring the logo on the front( which he once claimed devised by director J.J. Abrams ), the company has apparently sold $300,000 worth of the merch.

That’s a lot of hats: At $20 per, that’s approximately 15,000 hats sold thus far since they went on sale in October. We knew they were doing well initially, with $80,000 in marketings within the first 24 hours, but momentum seems to have continued for the comparatively boring unexciting covering.

Musk calling the thing an “Initial Hat Offering” is just the icing on the cake, and a clear dig at the recent fad for using initial coin offerings( ICOs) as a financing instrument among startups.

Now imagine you sold Boring Co. battery chargers, Elon. Or I dunno what’s more appropriate — maybe a passageway digger-shaped suppository?

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Heres our first look at Elon Musks Boring Co. LA tunnel

Elon Musk is digging a tunnel under Hawthorne near SpaceX headquarters in California, after receiving approval from city council to do so. Musk’s Boring Co. “ve already made” considerable progress on the excavate and tunnel construct, apparently, as Musk shared an image of the tunnel from the inside showing a reinforced tube that stretches off into the distance out of sight.

The tunnel features paneled walls, cables and a large upper conduit, as well as lighting and what appear to be tracks. The passageway just outside of LA is the first the Boring Co. has undertaken, but it recently received provisional approval to start excavating in Maryland, too, on a second test excavate that will potentially become part of an underground Hyperloop network.

Musk’s LA tunnel is a pilot project designed to test the feasibility of his plan to dig tunnels at a lower cost and more efficiently than current tunnel boring companies operate, with the eventual purpose of rendering cities and regions with underground passageway networks that can transport goods and services while avoiding surface obstacles and traffic.

The Boring Co. is still a long way from comply with the grand vision of constructing inter-city underground Hyperloop tubes for high-speed traveling, but it’s inducing rapid progress on its initial test digging and passageway construction, which should go some route to proving to its detractors that this is more than just a pipe dream.

The Boring Company tunnel under LA

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Elon Musk gets permission to begin Boring Co. digging in Maryland

Elon Musk’s week is running pretty great thus far, between satisfying the creators of Rick& Morty and now gaining granted permission to excavation even more passageways — besides the one he already got the OK to begin excavating closer to home in Hawthorne.

The new passageway will be a 10.3 -mile route that undercuts a state-owned operation of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway in Maryland, and could eventually become the anchor point for a network that would span Washington to New York, with stops in-between at urban centers in Baltimore and Philadelphia, according to the LA Times.

The Boring Company, Musk’s tunnel-digger operation, is gaining steam with a second boring machine ready to come online and start chewing away at the Earth. Maryland has offered Musk a conditional permit so he can start operations, though it’s not providing any financial support to the project at this sage. It’s probably not a huge hazard on Maryland’s part, given the limited scope of the initial project — and if this works out, they can always turn the site into a tourist attraction for the start of the world-famous underground hyperloop network.

Maryland Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn told the LA Times that the passageway truly wasn’t any different from the various utility access phases that it offer permits for all the time, so it wasn’t that complicated from a permitting perspective. Still, there’s a lot of red tape left to cut through to make a cross-state underground hyperloop an actual reality.

Musk will also have his hands full building a space airliner for super-speed terrestrial travelling, but you know what they say: Two if by underground super-low pressure capsule, three if by low-Earth orbital big f* cking rocket.

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Elon Musk suggests L.A. Mayor open to Boring Co. tunnel network

Elon Musk says that hes had promising conversations with L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, regarding the potential of a network of passageways underneath the city that would allow for a high-speed transit network unburdened by surface traffic. Thats the vision Musks recently founded Boring Company be available to make a reality, as illustrated by a notion video debuted by Musk at this years TED conference in Vancouver.

Garcetti name-checked Musk during an interview on ABC 7, the networks L.A. affiliate. The Mayor suggested that tunnel excavating tech improvements included those being developed by Musk might make it possible to create an express line to LAX airport from L.A.s Union Station central ground transit hub.

Musk noted in his tweet that the permits are necessary to cities and regulatory bodies are likely the most difficult part of making a network of interconnected underground tunnels a reality. The technology, he said, would likely be easier to achieve than permits, hence why the consultations with regulators even at this very early stage are so important.

In May, Musk posted a short clip to Instagram of the first section of the inaugural passageway being dug by The Boring Company, which is designed to span LAX to Culver City, Santa Monica, Westwood and Sherman Oaks. Eventually, he hopes to create a network with tunnels that cover all of LA. These will be used by surface vehicles, including individual passenger cars, which will be transported below and moved around the tunnel network at high-speed using sleighs on rails, provided the final version resembles the concept video created by The Boring Co. to show its designs.

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