NRA hate bingo: we decode Wayne LaPierre’s loaded rant

LaPierres incendiary CPAC speech contained an exhaustive list of his dislikes and the things his adversaries apparently hate him for. See how many you can place!

Say what you like about Wayne LaPierre, the head of the National Rifle Association. He knows his audience.

A week after the tragic mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, LaPierre took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference outside Washington to defend America’s right to bear arms.

The speech was also an opportunity for the audience to play NRA” hate bingo”, as LaPierre ticked off an exhaustive- and exhausting- list of the association’s bogeymen and women: Barack Obama, the media, Hollywood,” European-style socialists “, George Soros, Mexicans, China, Black Lives Matter and NFL players who refuse to stand for the national anthem.

Having exhaustively triggered his audience, he went on to mention God, family, the flag, capitalism and all those other things his adversaries- supposedly- despise.

If you want to play hate bingo, see how many key words you can find in the speech. And here’s a selection of the most memorable quotes.

Key quotes from the speech

Their statutes don’t stop illegal criminals from crossing our own borders every single day.

Their statutes don’t stop the scourge of gang violence and narcotic crime that savages Baltimore, Chicago and every major American community.

Their laws haven’t stopped the plague of opioids and Chinese fentanyl from Mexico that inundates American streets.

Racist, misogynist, sexist, xenophobe and more- these are the weapons and vitriol these character assassins scream to permanently hang in their targets and create a growing segment of victims.

From the occupied motion to Black Lives Matter to Antifa, they agitate the offended, promote uncivil discourse.

Backed by the social engineering and the billions of people like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg.

During the Obama decade’ a tidal wave of new European-style socialists’ have confiscated control of the Democratic party.

On college campuses the Communist Manifesto is one of the most frequently assigned texts.

The United States constitution is dismissed, United States history is perverted and the second amendment freedom is despised.

It should not be easier for a madman to shoot up a school than a bank or a jewelry store of some Hollywood gala.

Here are the results …

Completed bingo card

It’s a full house!

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Trump’s solution to school shootings: arm teachers with guns

It is the gun, its the person behind the gun and its about helping people before they ever reach that point, said a mother whose son succumbed at Sandy Hook elementary

Donald Trump has said he will consider a proposal to arm school teachers in an attempt to prevent mass shootings, a move certain to prove fiercely divisive.

The US president, holding a listening session at the White House with survivors of last week’s Florida school shooting and others affected by gun violence, claimed that allowing airline pilots to carry and disguise guns had demonstrated the measure could be a success.

” It merely works when you have people very adept at use firearms, of which you have many ,” Trump said during an emotionally searing session on Wednesday that, inordinately, was broadcast live on national television.” It would be both teachers and coaches .”

Referring to Aaron Feis, a football coach who utilized his body as a shield to protect a student during the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, the president continued:” If the coach-and-four had a pistol in his locker when he ran at this guy- that coach was very brave, saved a lot of lives, I suspect.

Julia Cordover, the student body president at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School wipes away tears during a listening session hosted by Donald Trump at the White House. Photograph: Xinhua/ Barcroft Images

” But if he had a handgun, he wouldn’t have had to run, he would have shot him, and that would have been the end of it. This would only plainly be for people who are very adept at handling a handgun. It’s called concealed carry, where a teacher would have a disguised handgun on them. They’d go for special training and they would be there and you would no longer have a gun-free zone. Gun-free zone to a maniac, because they’re all cowards, a gun-free zone is:’ Let’s go in and let’s assault, because bullets aren’t coming back at us ‘.”

Trump added:” An attack has lasted, on average, about three minutes. It takes five to eight minutes for responders, for the police to come in, so the two attacks is over. If you had a educator who was adept at pistols, they could very well end the attack very quickly .”

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Trump says arming educators with concealed weapons could avoid school carnages- video

Knowledge of this would act as a deterrent to a would-be attacker, Trump claimed.” You know, a lot of people don’t understand that airline pilots now, a lot of them carry firearms, and I have to say that things have changed a lot. People aren’t attacking the way they would routinely attack and perhaps you would have the same situation in schools .”

The president asked for a show of hands in the room over the proposal: some were in favour, others were against.” We can understand both sides and certainly it’s controversial ,” he acknowledged, promising to discuss it seriously.

It emerged after the shooting at Parkland that there was an armed security guard on site but he did not get the chance to engage the gunman, Nikolas Cruz, on the sprawling campus. In May 2016, during the presidential election, Trump tweeted:” Crooked Hillary[ Clinton] said that I want guns brought into the school classroom. Incorrect !”

Donald Trump with notes during a listening conference with high school students and educators at the White House on Wednesday. Photo: Carolyn Kaster/ AP

Nicole Hockley, whose six-year-old son Dylan succumbed at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, spoke out against the idea of arming educators.” It’s not personally something that I support. Rather than arming them with a pistol, I would rather arm them with the knowledge of how to prevent these acts from happening in the first place ,” she told Trump.

Safety assessments programmes and interventions for distressed children are vital, she added.” Let’s talk about prevention. There is so much that we can do to help people before it reaches that phase, and I urge you please stay focused on that as well. It is the gun, it’s the person behind the handgun and it’s about helping people before they ever reach that point .”

Earlier during the session in the country dining room, where some speakers were tearful but composed as they recalled their experiences, Hockley also issued a challenge to the president.” This is not difficult ,” she told him.” These demises are preventable. And I implore you: consider your own children. You don’t want to be me. No mother does .”

During the session Trump also asserted that he would be “very strong” on background checks for firearm buyers as well as mental health issues. He sat in the middle of a semi-circle listening intently as six survivors of last week’s shooting and bereaved mothers from Parkland, Columbine, and Sandy Hook took turns to address him.

Donald J. Trump (@ realDonaldTrump)

Crooked Hillary said that I want guns brought into the school classroom. Incorrect!

May 22, 2016

Sam Zeif, 18, a Parkland student whose text messages with two brothers during last week’s shooting went viral, opposed back tears as he told Trump:” I turned 18 the day after. Woke up to the news that my best friend was go. I don’t understand why I can still go in a store and buy a weapon of war, an AR. I was reading today that a person 20 years old strolled into a store and bought an AR-1 5 in five minutes with an expired ID. How is it easier than i thought to buy this type of weapon? How are we not stopping this after Columbine, after Sandy Hook, sitting with a mom that lost her son? It’s still happening .”

Andrew Pollack, whose 18 -year-old daughter Meadow was killed at Stoneman Douglas, reflected the candid indignation of many when he took the microphone.” We’re here because my daughter has no voice- she was murdered last week, shot nine hours ,” he said.” How many schools, how many children have to get shot? It stops here, with this administration and me .”

Pollack, his voice rising with raw emotion, added:” It should have been one school shooting, and we should have fixed it, and I’m pissed because my daughter, I’m not going to see again .”


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How rightwing media is already attacking Florida teens speaking out

As students rise up to demand gun control the right aims to take them down, along with anyone who offers them support

After Parkland’s mass shooting, the wind seems to have changed. Students are speaking out, demanding that politicians act. And they’re getting some traction.

Many found their voice on Twitter and immediately attacked Donald Trump’s strange and distracted online answer to the massacre. David Hogg, a student journalist who interviewed his classmates as the carnage was occur, has been one of the leaders of a chorus of students calling for tough action on gun control. Emma Gonzalez made a widely shared, impassioned speech which assaulted the president directly, calling out the funding he has received from the National Rifle Association. Today, many of them are making their style in buses to the Florida State House to demand change.

The survivors are not elementary school students, or public employees, either shielded from media intrusion or disbarred from speaking out. They are confident young adults, many of them media savvy, and more than capable of matching the president when it is necessary to online snark. Several made it clear that” thoughts and prayers” in the wake of carnage isn’t greet.

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‘How about we stop blaming the main victims? ‘: Florida shooting survivors speak at anti-gun rally- video

So what is a rightwing media apparatus dedicated to the maintenance of unrestricted access to powerful assault weapons to do?

By and big, the answer has been to attack the students, along with anyone who offers them a platform or any other form of support. The nature of such assault has varied with the self-perceived seriousness of the outlet, but virtually the totality of the right has joined in. Unremitting is supportive of the present interpretation of the second amendment and the advocacy of the NRA is one of the single issues that unifies them.

The sleaziest and most direct assaults on individual students have come from the right’s more conspiratorial fringe. On Jim Hoft’s pro-Trump, conspiracy-minded website, Gateway Pundit, Lucian Wintrich performed a hatchet job on David Hogg, is recommended that he was ” heavily coached on lines and is merely reciting a script “. Wintrich once told the Guardian that he learned about the perfidy of the left while attending Bard College. In his new piece, he claimed that because Hogg’s father works for the FBI, he may well be part of a broader anti-Trump conspiracy.

Gateway Pundit has been retweeted by Donald Trump senior and junior in the past, and they were trying their best last year to get White House Press Corps accreditation.

Conspiracy kingpin Alex Jones, who once told Piers Morgan that” 1776 will commence again if “youre just trying to” take our handguns ,” published a similar attack on his Infowars website. His minions trawled through Hogg’s past, unrelated media appearances, saying that they “raised questions”. The piece then quoted one of their bevy of retired military “experts” who had appeared on Infowars, who repeated the FBI conspiracy theory, claiming that the bureau” has been hiring Social Justice Warriors for years “.

Tyra Heman, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, holds a sign that reads’ Enough ‘. Photograph: Joe Raedle/ Getty Images

It’s not that Jones doesn’t want to hear from students at all. The site, and Jones show, has highlighted commentary from a witness who claimed that there was a second shooter, and devoted a lot of airtime to another who bolstered Jones’s now-reflexive” false flag” take on any devoted carnage. They just don’t want to hear from any who think that others should be spared the trauma they have endured through some measure of gun control.

Another approach was to find individual survivors of this carnage who did not happen to support the bellow from a large number of their classmates for gun control. The Daily Wire managed to find a pro-gun Marjory Stoneman student who accused the media of “politicizing” the carnage to talk about gun control. Glenn Beck’s outfit, The Blaze did their best to extract criticism of the FBI , not Trump, from one student’s CNN interview.

Others reached back into history to feature the wisdom of survivors of murders in the more distant past. The Washington Times spoke to Columbine survivor and Colorado Republican Patrick Neville, who wants to remove restrictions on disguised carry in K-1 2 schools. His thoughts were reliably distributed by Breitbart and other outlets.

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Protect kids , not firearms: students stage gun reform protest in front of White House- video

The Federalist, a would-be purveyor of held debates, considers itself a cut above such vulgar assaults- instead, under the guise of big tent commentary, they featured novelists who have simply tried to undermine the students’ credibility by claiming they have no special status in the debate. On Monday, Chandler Lasch complained on the site that” Media tends to treat survivors like Hogg as if they are policy experts … Yet enduring tragedy does not make anyone information sources of wisdom on legislation .”

Just because your school has been shot up by a disturbed young man with a semi-automatic weapon, the logic seems to run, you don’t deserve a more extensive hearing than a Hillsdale College student, hundreds of miles away.

Talk radio heavyweight Rush Limbaugh also likes to affect a certain gravitas. He was invited to discuss the carnage, and the students’ activism, on Fox News Sunday. Speaking to Chris Wallace, he defended the status quo, and recommended that more guns be introduced to schools to defend them from mass shooters. He lubricated the message with a few crocodile tears about the students’ pain.

Conservative movement stalwart the National Review is similarly fastidious- but they’ll reliably set their shoulders to the wheel to prevent measures that might lessen the incidence of large scale, random carnage. Ben Shapiro spat outa would-be demolition of the students, and the left, arguing that their activism should be dismissed because in adolescence,” the emotional centers of the brain are overdeveloped in comparison with the rational centers of the brain “.

Dan McLaughlin, who has long blogged and tweeted under the moniker of The Baseball Crank, added that” if you have ever been, or known, a adolescent, you know that even comparatively well-informed teens are almost always merely advancing debates they’ve heard from adults “.

Even, it seems, teens who have recently been shot at by a mass murderer.

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