8 big announcements from Google I/O 2018

Google kicked off its annual I/ O developer conference at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California. Here are some of the biggest proclamations from the Day 1 keynote. There will be more to come over the next couple of days, so follow along on everything Google I/ O on TechCrunch.

Google goes all in on artificial intelligence, rebranding its research division to Google AI

Just before the keynote, Google announced it is rebranding its Google Research division to Google AI. The move signals how Google has increasingly focused R& D on computer vision, natural language processing, and neural networks.

Google makes talking to the Assistant more natural with “continued conversation”

What Google announced: Google announced a” continued dialogue” update to Google Assistant that stimulates talking to the Assistant feel more natural. Now, instead of having to say “Hey Google” or “OK Google” every time you want to say a command, you’ll merely have to do so the first time. The company also is adding a new feature that allows you to ask multiple questions within the same request. All this will roll out in the coming weeks.

Why it’s important : When you’re having a typical dialogue, odds are you are asking follow-up questions if you didn’t get the answer you wanted. But it is feasible to jarring to have to say ” Hey Google” every single hour, and it violates the whole flowing and makes the process feel pretty unnatural. If Google wants to be a significant player when it comes to voice interfaces, the actual interaction has to feel like a dialogue — not only a series of queries.

Google Photos gets an AI boost

What Google announced: Google Photos already induces it easy for you to correct photos with built-in editing tools and AI-powered features for automatically creating collages, movies and stylized photos. Now, Photos is getting more AI-powered fixes like B& W photo colorization, brightness correction and suggested rotations. A new version of the Google Photos app will suggest quick fix and tweaks like rotations, brightness corrections or adding pops of color.

Why it’s important : Google is working to become a hub for all of your photos, and it’s be permitted to woo potential users by offering powerful tools to edit, kind, and modify those photos. Each additional photo Google gets offers it more data and helps them get better and better at image recognition, which in the end not only improves the user experience for Google, but also constructs its own tools for its services better. Google, at its heart, is a search company — and it needs a lot of data to get visual search right.

Google Assistant and YouTube are coming to Smart Displays

What Google announced : Smart Displays were the talk of Google’s CES push this year, but we haven’t heard much about Google’s Echo Show competitor since. At I/ O, we got a little more insight into the company’s smart showing efforts. Google’s first Smart Displays will launch in July, and of course will be powered by Google Assistant and YouTube. It’s clear that the company’s expended some resources into building a visual-first version of Assistant, justifying the addition of a screen to the experience.

Why it’s important: Users are increasingly getting accustomed to the idea of some smart device sitting in their living room that will answer their questions. But Google is looking to create a system where a user can ask questions and then have an option to have some kind of visual display for actions that only can’t be resolved with a voice interface. Google Assistant handles the voice part of that equation — and having YouTube is a good service that runs alongside that.

Google Assistant is coming to Google Maps

What Google announced : Google Assistant is coming to Google Maps, available on iOS and Android the summer months. The addition is meant to provide better recommendations to users. Google have all along worked to stimulate Maps seem more personalized, but since Maps is now about far more than merely directions, the company is introducing new features to give you better recommendations for local places.

The maps integration also combines the camera, computer vision technology, and Google Maps with Street View. With the camera/ Maps combination, it really looks like you’ve jumped inside Street View. Google Lens can do things like identify houses, or even dog breeds, merely by pointing your camera at the object in question. It will also be able to identify text.

Why it’s important: Maps is one of Google’s biggest and most important products. There’s a lot of exhilaration around augmented reality — you can point to phenomena like Pokemon Go — and companies are just starting to scratch the surface of the best use instances for it. Figuring out directions seems like such a natural use lawsuit for a camera, and while it was a bit of a technical accomplishment, it dedicates Google yet another perk for its Maps users to keep them inside the service and not switch over to alternatives. Again, with Google, everything comes back to the data, and it’s able to capture more data if users stick around in its apps.

Google announces a new generation for its TPU machine learning hardware

What Google announced : As the war for creating customized AI hardware heats up, Google said that it is rolling out its third generation of silicon, the Tensor Processor Unit 3.0. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the new TPU is 8x more powerful than last year per pod, with up to 100 petaflops in performance. Google joins pretty much every other major company in looking to create custom silicon in order to handle its machine operations.

Why it’s important: There’s a race to create the best machine learning tools for developers. Whether that’s at the framework level with tools like TensorFlow or PyTorch or at the actual hardware level, the company that’s be permitted to lock developers into its ecosystem will have an advantage over the its competitors. It’s especially important as Google appears to construct its cloud platform, GCP, into a massive business while going up against Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft Azure. Devoting developers — who are already adopting TensorFlow en masse — a way to speed up their operations can help Google continue to woo them into Google’s ecosystem.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA- MAY 08: Google CEO Sundar Pichai delivers the keynote address at the Google I/ O 2018 Conference at Shoreline Amphitheater on May 8, 2018 in Mountain View, California. Google’s two day developer conference operates through Wednesday May 9.( Photo by Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images)

Google News gets an AI-powered redesign

What Google announced : Watch out, Facebook. Google is also planning to leverage AI in a revamped version of Google News. The AI-powered, redesigned news destination app will” allow users to keep up with the news they care about, understand the full narrative, and enjoy and support the publishers they trust .” It will leverage parts found in Google’s digital magazine app, Newsstand and YouTube, and introduces new features like “newscasts” and “full coverage” to help people get a summing-up or a more holistic position of a news story.

Why it’s important : Facebook’s main product is literally called ” News Feed ,” and it serves as a major source of information for a non-trivial section of countries around the world. But Facebook is embroiled in a scandal over personal data of as many as 87 million users ending up in the hands of a political research firm, and there are a lot of questions over Facebook’s algorithms and whether they surface up legitimate information. That’s a huge hole that Google could exploit by offering a better news product and, once again, lock users into its ecosystem.

Google unveils ML Kit, an SDK that constructs it easy to add AI smarts to iOS and Android apps

What Google announced : Google unveiled ML Kit, a new software growth kit for app developers on iOS and Android that allows them to integrate pre-built, Google-provided machine learning models into apps. The models support text recognition, face detecting, barcode scan, image labeling and landmark recognition.

Why it’s important: Machine learning tools have enabled a new wave of use cases that include use examples built on top of image recognition or speech detecting. But even though frameworks like TensorFlow have attained it easier to build applications that tap those tools, it can still take a high level of expertise to get them off the ground and operating. Developers often figure out the best use suits for new tools and devices, and growth kits like ML Kit assist lower the barrier to entry and give developers without a ton of expertise in machine learning a playground to start figuring out interesting use suits for those appliocations.

So when will you be able to actually play with all these new features? The Android P beta is available today, and you can find the upgrade here .

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Rapchat raises $1.6 million to help you make and share your def jams

The first thing to understand about media-sharing app Rapchat is that co-founder Seth Miller is not a rapper and his other co-founder, Pat Gibson, is. Together they created Rapchat, a service for making and sharing raps, and the conjunction of rapper and nerd seems to be really taking off.

Since we last looked at the app in 2016( you can see Tito’s review below ), a lot has changed. The squad has raised $1.6 million in funding from investors out of Oakland and the Midwest. Their app, which is sort of a musical.ly for rap, is a top 50 music app on iOS and Android and made 100 million listens since launch. In short, their little social network/ sharing platform is a” millionaire in the making, boss of[ its] team, bringin home the bacon .”

The pair’s rap bona fide are genuine. Gibson has opened or performed with Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa and Machine Gun Kelly, and he’s sold beats to MTV.” My music has garnered over 20 M+ plays across YouTube, SoundCloud and more ,” he wrote me, boasting in the semi-churlish manner of a rapper with a “beef.” Miller, on the other hand, likes to freestyle.

” I grew up loving to freestyle with friends at OU and I noticed lots of other millennials did this too( even if most suck lol) … at each of the parties at 3am- there would always be a group of people in the corner freestyling ,” he said.” At the same time Snapchat was blowing up on campus and just thought you should be able to do the same exact thing for rap .”

Gibson, on the other hand, find it as a serious tool to help him with his music.

” I spent a lot of day, energy and resources building music ,” he said.” I was producing the beats, writing the songs, recording/ mixing the vocals, mastering the project, then distributing& promoting the music all by myself. With Rapchat, there’s a library of 1,000+ beats from top producers, an instant recording studio in your pocket, and the network to distribute your music worldwide and be discovered …. all from a free app. Rapchat is interrupting the creation, cooperation, distribution,& discovery of music via mobile .”

” We have a much bigger but also more active community than any other music creation app ,” told Miller.

While it’s clear the world needs another sharing platform like it needs a hole in the head, thanks to a rabid fan base and a great notion, the team has ensured that Rapchat is not, as they say, wicka-wicka-whack. That, in the end, is all that matters.

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Several wounded, one dead in shooting at YouTube headquarters

At 12:46 PM, an active shooter was reported in an outdoor patio region at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, California. Police arrived at the scene in accordance with the arrangements of minutes, police chief Ed Barberini confirmed during a brief press conference.

” We have four victims who have all been transported for gunshot related traumata and we have one suspect who is deceased inside the building with a self-inflicted wound ,” Barberini added,” who at this time we believe to be the shooter but we are still following up on that .”

The department confirmed that the individual believed to be the shooter is a female. Two of the four victims were discovered” at an adjacent business .” All of the meanders on the victims are believed to be “treatable.”

Emergency squads speedily evacuated “hundreds” of employees from the facilities, as they continued to search the premises for additional potential shooters, according to police. Google provided employees shelter at its own San Bruno office.

The event, unsurprisingly, was exhaustively documented on various social media platforms. Snap Maps photos captured the large scale evacuations of the office house. In addition to the images of multiple police car, eye witness reports have also noted the presence of the bomb squad and fire trucks at the scene.

Google has issued a statement noting that it is ” coordinating with authorities ,” promising farther updates as information becomes available. The company has also confirmed the locating of the incident through its own Maps app, pinpointing the place and noting nearby road closures.

San Francisco General Hospital, a nearby Level 1 trauma center, has admitted three victims related to the shooting. According to Hospital spokesperson, Bret Andrew, two female victims, aged 27 and 32 are in serious and fair condition, respectively. A third male victim, age 36, is currently in critical condition.

Stanford Health Care Center corroborated with TechCrunch that it has not admitted any patients from the incident. TechCrunch has been in touch with other nearby hospitals.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Google CEO Sundar Pichai issued the following statement addressing the incident to employees.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki afterwards tweeted out her own statement on the day’s events.

We will update this story as we learn more.

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